Clark was about to leave for the market, when he heard the doorbell ring. He went over and opened the door to find Tess standing there. He smiled as he stepped back into the house so she could come in. He smiled at her, and she smiled back but Clark could tell that something was troubling her. Tess sat down at the kitchen table, and Clark went and got them both coffee before coming to sit down across from her. Tess sipped at her coffee for a minute, wondering how to tell Clark what had happened. She decided to just say it.

As Tess told Clark what happened his eyes widened, but when she got to the part about Zod hunting Kal-El, he just turned his head in shame. It was his fault that Tess had been hurt, and he told her as much.

"What are you talking about Clark? I mean, I know you're not exactly the average Kansas farmboy but it's not your fault that some nut with a head problem threatened to kill me"

"Actually Tess, it is my fault. This Kal-El he's hunting for... he's me"

Tess looked at Clark as if she wasn't sure that she had heard him correctly, or that he was joking. However, the look on his face told her that neither of those things was true.

"Clark, what do you mean you're Kal-El?" she asked.

"When I told you about my powers, I may not have told you everything. You see, I'm not from Kansas. Hell, I'm not even from this planet"

Clark stopped for a minute to see if Tess was going to say something, but she just stared at him in shock. He was worried that she might think he was a freak but decided that he had already told her too much to stop talking now.

"I'm from a planet called Krypton"

Tess continued to listen to Clark's story as he told her how he had been sent away before his planet exploded, landed in a cornfield in Kansas, was adopted by the Kent's, and began to realize he had powers. It was only when he got to the part about his spaceship being kept in the storm-cellar, that she interrupted him.

"Wait, you have a spaceship in the storm-cellar?" she asked, and he nodded, gesturing for her to get up. She stood up, and followed him out to the barn, and into the storm-cellar. He pulled back a black tarp to reveal a tiny spherical pod that was unmistakably a spaceship. Tess walked around the ship, and bent down to study the symbols engraved in the ship.

"What do these mean?" she asked Clark who was watching her, wondering whether he had done the right thing in showing her his spaceship.

"They say "Kal-El my son you are the last Kryptonian. We have sent you to this planet to be a force for good. Your mother and I love you very much and will be with you always. Your father, Jor-El"

Tess watched as Clark's face began to tear up, as he thought about how alone he truly was. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

"You're not alone Clark. I'm right here"

Clark returned her hug, and then put his hand under her chin. Then he did the one thing he had never expected to do. He kissed her.

Tess kissed him back, opening her mouth to deepen the kiss when they heard a slight chuckle. Tess looked behind her, and found herself staring at Zod.

"Well, well, it seems that the traitorous spawn of Jor-El has found a mate", he said, and his thoughts drifted back to when his wife Faiora and he had been imprisoned in Jor-El's Phantom Zone. They had been put there because they had been deemed traitors by the Krypton Council for attempting to restore order to Krypton. They had been stuck in that hellhole for what felt like millennia when he had found her. Raya, Jor-El's assistant and cousin. She had fought bravely, but Zod subdued her, and tortured her until she told him how to open the gate. From there, it was a simple matter to cut her hand and sprinkle some blood on the stone. He and Faiora had been about to walk through the gate when some of Raya's strength seemed to return. She had lunged at him, but Faiora had stepped in front of him, causing Raya to hit her instead. Zod had decided that he should get out while he could and went through the portal. He soon discovered that he had powers in this world and he began his hunt for Kal-El. Jor-El had been a fool to tell him of his plans for Kal-El. He always had been too damned arrogant for his own good.

"Who are you?" he hears Kal-El ask, and it jerks him back to the present.

"I am the ruler of this planet. I am the one who will destroy you, son of Jor-El. I am Zod"

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