Title:The True Sky


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Summary: AU. The mafia has chased Tsuna since he was seven. He was told that he is the descendant of Vongola Primo by the Primo himself in a dream. Since that time, Tsuna was trained by Primo through dreams. But, one day, Reborn came and said that Atsuki, Tsuna's younger twin, will be the Tenth. But Primo doesn't agree with that. So, what will happen to them?

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Chapter 1

A 7-year-old brunet was currently hiding from a group of men wearing suits. They were chasing him for no reason, well, that's what the brunet thought.

Why? Why were such scary men chasing him? Had he done something wrong?

After a while of searching for the crafty brunet, the men gave up. Sighing in relief, the boy squeezed out of his hiding place and headed for home

Arriving at his house, he went straight to his room, not even stopping to say "hi" to his younger twin or to his mother.

In the kitchen, the brunet's mom saw him head straight to his room. She made a confused face. Why would her older son be in such a hurry?

The younger twin didn't really care about his older brother. He just stood right beside his mom, impatiently waiting for a snack.

In his room, the brunet thought about the day's events. He still asked himself why he was chased earlier. But he knew no answer would come if he only asked himself.

Eventually, he grew tired. He rubbed his eyes and lay down on his plushy bed, falling asleep. That's when he dreamed about a man who looked almost exactly like him except for the fact that the man was older, had ocean-blue eyes, and messier hair of the color blond. In that dream, the man told him why the scary men had chased him.

The blond explained that the men who chased him before were from the mafia. The mafia was chasing him because his father was the second-in-command to the strongest famiglia in the world. Furthermore, the Sawada family is descended from the man in the brunet's dream. And that man was the first boss of the same underground mafia famiglia. The man also told him the original purpose of the famiglia when he first created it, and how it changed into the mafia famiglia it is today.

Since that dream, the boy secretly trained with the blond who acted as his he trained in his dreams and other times, he trained at a secluded spot near Namimori. No one knew that he trained to become stronger in order to protect his mother and his younger brother.

Mafioso who thought he was Sawada Iemitsu's kid constantly chased him. Of course, they always failed because every time the brunet hid from them, it would almost be as if he disappeared, making them think that it was an illusion or even an ordinary kid that looked like the brunet.

And the brunet, in order to stay away from the mafia -or more likely to avoid any attention- acts like a no good kid, almost failed every test and acts like he is bad at sport, even though he is actually the opposite of it…

7 years later,Namimori, Japan

In the morning, a baby sporting a black fedora was spying on a house from a nearby was currently on a mission on the orders of a certain man. His mission was to train the heir of the Sawada Atsuki, to become the Vongola's tenth boss.

In the given data, it said that Sawada Atsuki, a 14-year-old boy, is the second son of Sawada Iemitsu. He has good grades—well, the grades weren't very satisfying when it comes to the baby's standards—and he is also good in sports. He is popular at his school.

Apparently, Sawada Atsuki has an older twin brother named Sawada Tsunayoshi. So along with the data on Atsuki, there was another file on Tsunayoshi.

Sawada Tsunayoshi is a 14-year-old boyand also the older twin of Sawada Atsuki. He gets low grades and is terrible at sports. People, including teachers, usually call him Dame-Tsuna.

The baby frowned. The current Vongola boss and his OutsideAdvisor, Sawada Iemitsu, told him to never tell Sawada Tsunayoshi and Sawada Nana about the mafia. Of course, the baby knew that sooner or later they would find out and get involved only because only because of their connections with the CEDEF leader and the next heir to the Vongola. In the baby's opinion, he should also train the older twin, even if it is only basic fighting.

As he spied on their house, the door opened, revealing Sawada Tsunayoshi. The older twin suspiciously looked around at his surroundings. It was almost as if he had noticed the baby's presence, yet he couldn't pinpoint his position.

The baby smirked. If the older twin, who was supposedly weaker than the younger twin, could already utilize his Hyper Intuition this far, then maybe the younger one's Hyper Intuition was stronger.

But what surprised the baby even more was what the brunet said,

"I know someone is there. Get out of the tree and reveal yourself."

Reborn smirked again in amusement. The older twin actually located his position, how interesting.

Reborn jumped off of the tree branch he was on and landed in front of Tsuna who looked stunned for a moment due to the startling appearance of the assassin. Instead of a fully-grown man, it was a baby… wearing a fedora and suit… with a chameleon sitting atop the fedora.

'That baby is the Sun Arcobaleno, also known as the Number One Hitman in the world, Decimo.'A man's voice told him who the baby was.

'Primo, I told you not to call me Decimo. We can't be sure that I was the chosen one.'Tsuna replied to the man who he called Primo.

Focusing his attention back on the baby, Reborn, Tsuna asked him a question. "U-um… a-are you l-lost?"

Reborn shook his head. "My name is Reborn, I just delivered a flyer for you. I put it in the mailbox. Well then, I need to deliver the other flyer, ciao." And with that, Reborn walked away.

Tsuna watched the baby retreat. When he was no longer in sight, Tsuna went to the mailbox and look at the flyer. He chuckled quietly as he read the words; it seemed like his younger brother would inherit the title 'Vongola Decimo.'

He actually wanted nothing to do with the mafia, and he didn't want his younger brother to be involved with the mafia either. But he knew that it couldn't happen since one of them must take over the Vongola, especially after the death of Vongola Nono's sons, and the disappearance of his other son, the boss of the Varia. It's either him, or his younger brother.

Tsuna sighed and brought the flyer inside to show to his mom. Scanning it rapidly, she quickly grabbed her phone and called the number on the flyer. Tsuna left her to her own devices and went back to his room, glancing at his younger brother's room before he entered. He hoped that it wasn't his brother who was chosen.

Giving one last glance, Tsuna entered his room to quickly take a bath and to change into his school uniform.

After Tsuna finished changing, he went downstairs to eat breakfast. His mother's food is delicious, even more so than any 5 star chefs' cooking that he'd ever known. And he knew a lot.

"A-kun! Wake up~ or else you'll be late!" Nana called her youngest son.

About 10 minutes later, Tsuna's younger twin, Atsuki, came down with a grumpy face. It seemed like he was enjoying his sleep until 10 minutes ago. Atsuki glanced at Tsuna, surprised that Tsuna's actually awake faster than him.

"Oh, Dame-Tsuna, you woke up fast today. What a surprise." Atsuki said sarcastically

Tsuna just ignored him and continued to eat. Silence hung over the family until Nana broke the silence by telling Atsuki about the flyer.

"Ne, ne, A-kun! Tsu-kun found an interesting flyer in the mail today!" She began cheerily, casting the dark moods away. Tsuna just looked at his food, knowing that if his mom really did hire the tutor, he or Atsuki will become Decimo. Of course, he didn't say anything and continued to eat.

"It was about a home tutor. I gave him a call when Tsu-kun was taking a bath and when you were still asleep." Nana continued.

"It said: 'I will train your child to become the next leader of the new generation. Grade and subject doesn't matter, Reborn.'" Nana read the flyer for them.

"Ha, maybe that tutor can help Tsuna so he can get higher scores and stop embarrassing me in school!" Atsuki said mockingly. Tsuna just smiled a little and finished his breakfast. He quickly took his bag and opened the front door to leave.

"Ciaossu." greeted the baby, Reborn, when he opened the door.


"Hah, an infant?" asked Atsuki "Who are you? Are you lost? If yes, then…" Atsuki tapped his chin thoughtfully."Dame-Tsuna, how about you send him home?" Atsuki asked in a commanding voice.

"I'm the home tutor, Reborn." Reborn introduced himself.

Atsuki laughed "Haha! You suit Dame-Tsuna perfectly! Isn't that right, Dame-Tsuna?"

'Atsuki, put a cap on your insults before Reborn shoots you.'Tsuna thought. He didn't voice them out loud so he didn't catch Reborn's attention. Tsuna then went out and closed the door, leaving Atsuki and Reborn alone. But instead of leaving for school, Tsuna pressed his ear to the door to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"My true line of work is a hitman." Reborn said, making Atsuki stop laughing. "I was sent here to train you to become the tenth boss of the Vongola Famiglia, the strongest mafia famiglia in the world."

'Damn, as I thought, dad probably choose Atsuki as the heir since mom always told dad that I get bad marks!'Tsuna thought.

'That's why I told you to just show what you can do, don't hide it.'Primo replied.

'I know, but I don't want to be the center of attention.'said Tsuna ashamedly.

Thinking that he had heard enough, Tsuna left the house and quickly went to school before got bitten to death by Nami-chuu's demonic prefect, Hibari Kyoya. Actually, he was quite confident that he could beat Hibari, but just like he said before, he didn't want to be the center of attention… andbeatingthe demon of Namimori would gather attention—too much attention in Tsuna's opinion.

Later that day, Tsuna heard that Atsuki was running around in his boxers and confessed to their school's idol, Sasagawa Kyoko. Not long after did Mochida challenge him to a kendo match with Kyoko being the prize.

When the challenge started, Tsuna watched his younger brother fight Mochida with his Dying Will… in only his boxers. Tsuna assumed that Reborn shot a Dying Will bullet at Atsuki.

'He still has a long way to go until he reaches Hyper Dying Will Mode.'Primo told Tsuna, trying to hold in his laughter when he saw Atsuki crazily fighting in his boxers.

'Yeah…'Tsuna answered.

'You know, I still want you to be the Decimo. My Hyper Intuition says that if he becomes Decimo, Vongola will never turn back into its original state.'Primo murmured softly.

Tsuna just remained silent but he did agree with Primo. He needed to change his little brother's attitude before he became the person Primo wanted. If not, Tsuna would be forced to fight his brother for the position.


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