The rain and wind whipped the windows and then the raindrops fell one by one smashing off the delicate window ledge. The grayness overwhelmed the small dainty figure sitting next to the window. Caught by its overwhelming sadness she removed herself and began to walk from one end of the room to the other. The echoes of her shoes made it sound like there were hundreds of people circling her, walking with her. Often she looked up as if to catch these people in the act but as her eyes leapt forward she was met with nothing and they sank forcefully down to her feet.

A black car, invisible to those around, raced through the dark bleak streets upon a large hill where it was greeted with howling, a curious silence and coldness. As it approached the iron gates the masked man inside looked out of the window to see the many lights littering the building, in doing so he missed the sign that he could have drawn from heart himself, "Arkham Asylum."

"Sir," he was greeted by the master of the prison, the head guard himself who walked so carefully that each footstep could he heard as a singular important noise as if it was a looming threat to all those hidden behind the walls.

The tall masked figure pushed forward a cowering, scowling man with superlative cuffs restraining his long skinny arms. The man had a pale face that was brighter than any light in the room yet his bright rouge lips, black shadowed eyes broke this blank feature and his hair was so black it could be disguised with darkness.

"You have done it again sir," the head guard said and the masked figure nodded and with a crippling firmness pushed forward the clowned man.

"Goodbye Joker," the figure muttered and then disappeared into the whirlpool of the dark corridor, hidden by shadows. The car without noise or light ran back into the hills, which it had appeared from.

Yet with all the news downstairs the figure still paced her room. The cell door opened forcefully, slapping the side of the wall and where the door used to form a barrier now was a guard dressed in a dark blue uniform with silver badges glittering from his chest and hat. With this appearance the figure did nothing but turn away back toward the window, taking in the little light and illusion of air she could.

"I'm busy bell boy," the delicate figure finally said as she held both of her hands to her hips trying to reveal to this glittering man that once she was like him, respected and feared. Yet, this concept was lost as the cell provided nothing but degradation as the guard cuffed the suspecting girl and led her away, without much effort on her part.

The girl was pressed into the bright dawning room and a woman in a long white coat stood from behind the grayish blue desk. The room was one of the brightest in the building, like a sun the light shined down on the figure causing her to squint her eyes. The books on the shelves set off a smell of pages and laminated paper, all mixed with the lavender that haunted the woman in the coat, whom the figure knew as Dr Finsol.

"Good morning, Miss Quinn," Dr Finsol said softly while offering a seat to the still figure, "How did you sleep?"

The figure sat gracefully, taking her large blue eyes up to Dr Finsol's eyes in order to shrug her shoulders at the question, "It was alright." Dr Finsol stood still for a moment. Amazed at how Quinn could carry herself so fragilely and yet her voice was filled with defiance and her unruly accent. If it were not for her now broken appearance she would have reinserted that the subject was not ready to leave but the battle had been ominous and had won.

She tapped her nails on the table as her eyes followed Harley's blonde golden hair, which had been put up in two ponytails for what seems like most of her life. Her pale skin could only reminded her of how long Harley had already been in these halls, yet to keep her in here seemed better than letting a venomous creature free.

"I want to talk about your release Miss Quinn, I know that you know you are up for probation in a few days," at this Dr Finsol bit her lower lip, "and I'm still concerned that your psychological development is not as sound as it could be."

Quinn's eyes suddenly shone like two moons opening for the first time. They contrasted so bitterly with her grey prison jumpsuit and Dr Finsol noted how she would often stroke the name stitched on her left shoulder, "Harley Quinn."

"But Mistah J is back in here, what could I do without him? Anyways I did my time a whole six months of my time!" Harley shouted while shooting up from the chair then as if she had gripped herself finally she covered her hand with her mouth, "Sorry Dr," she exclaimed as she batted her black eyelashes, "Guess I'm just exited that's all."

She sat back down while the silence in the room ran along as if bouncing off the walls and condensing itself so tightly that it suffocated both of them.

"It's OK that you're exited Harley, I do understand but there has been many times where you have been released and ended back here in days. If this happens again well I doubt that any judge in Gotham is going to give you a lenient sentence. You don't want to spend your life in here, so I think I am going to overlook your file one last time," Dr Finsol said while Harley did her best not to have another outburst but her hands were shaking. Her eyes went sullen and dark and she nodded slightly.

"You can take her back now,' Dr Finsol said to the guard standing by the door. He nodded then somewhat gently lent Harley a hand from the seat to guide her to her cell. He ignored her shaking hands and the way her eyes dragged on the floor as if she were trying to block out the cells that she passed. Finally to even his own dismay he opened the cell door and Harley Quinn walked into it, her eyes draping over the small size, the steel walls and the bare bed that was the only furniture. Then her eyes went back to the window and just as she caught its gaze she turned in time to see the door slam in her face.

Broken meant nothing to her but destroyed hit alarming bells, she was becoming so hardened so depressed all the time that even the soft laughter of the guards gave her hope.

The black car once again raced up the hill and the masked figure inside swept out quickly into the Asylum greeted this time not by the head guard but by Dr Finsol.

The masked figure made her stand back at first but once he emerged into the light room her eyes tread over his gleaming black cape, the mask that left his chin bare and the bat symbol upon his sculpted chest.

"Batman, I'm sorry for disturbing you I know how busy you are, but you did ask for notification if I felt a subject was being released before they were ready," she said portraying he self as infinitely dominant to the still figure she had been before.

The dark Night examined her face that was filled with apprehension carefully, "I understand" he said in his rough compelling voice, "which one is it Dr?"

"It's Harley Quinn, she is set to be released in just a few days yet I do fear that she is not emotionally ready."

Batman narrowed his eyes, "I thought she had shown great improvement? All the physiatrists-"

"I know, that's what worries me. She was one of them, she knows how to manipulate them and I just feel that that's what it is. A manipulation in order to get out and lead more rampage on the city, with or without the joker." Dr Finsol stepped toward the dark night, "Yet I don't think she can manipulate you, if you were willing to speak to her of course."

He turned away from her to pick up a book that had lying on the shelf and he set it back carefully upright. While still turned from the woman he spoke, "I do not make it my job to become emotionally invested in the people I fight."

"I understand, but please, you could save the town without leaving the building!" she exclaimed her eyes now wide with frustration and worry.

He turned back to the woman, "If she is fine will you let her leave," he asked carefully examining the woman's expressions.

"Of course," she said forcefully.

"I will talk to her then," he agreed his eyes now lost in what he was going to see, a new woman or a lost dangerous girl.

"I will have a guard take you there-"

"Don't bother," he said, "I already know the way." He left instantly with his cape flashing behind him in his sweeping stride.

"Of course you do," Dr Finsol said quietly to herself.