Gwen always had a place in my heart. Ever since I worked so hard that one year to get her the present she deserved, and to show Santa would never forget her. I know she saw me, that Christmas day. Her small brown eyes lit up, but then she looked away and I disappeared.

I waited for her letter every year. Hers was always the nicest, and I always responded to it. She asked how the elves were, they were fine I said, how the reindeer's were, eating lots of carrots I assured, and then how I was. I was fine, as always, and looking forward to Christmas. I made sure she got everything on her list, even though her list was never big. She always said she didn't want to trouble me. She even told me about her new baby sister. And every night on Christmas, I would go to her house, and find her asleep on the couch. I never woke her, neither did the elves, but I always left a merry Christmas note under her arm.

But then, one year, a terrible thing happened. I knew it was bound to happen, it happens to everyone, but I was hoping against hope it wouldn't happen to her. Gwen always wrote to me, and often told me how her friends thought it was stupid and that I didn't exist. But every December, there would be a letter. Until the year she turned sixteen. I didn't get a letter from her. I shuffled through the piles and piles of letters, but there was none from Gwen. I felt terrible. The one little girl who had once believed in me heart and soul, now thinks I'm nothing more than a rumour. I couldn't have that.

That Christmas I left lots of presents for her little sister. Then, before we left, I left a little box, wrapped in gold paper with a red bow, under the tree for Gwen. It had a note, and a small silver locket. The note read;

Dear Gwen,

I didn't receive a letter from you this year. Please don't stop believing.

- Santa

When you opened the locket, it read believe.


A year passed, another Christmas is on its way. I didn't get a letter from Gwen, but she's seventeen, what should I have expected. But I did get a letter from her ten-year old sister, demanding lots of presents.

I'm kneeling beside under the tree, the elves have already left and I'm just putting the finishing touches. Then I hear a small noise, a gasp. I jump, and there stands seventeen year old Gwen. She's tall now, her hair has grown down to her elbows, but it's as curly as it was when she was younger. Her brown eyes are wide in shock... and the locket's clasped around her neck.

"Hello, Gwen." I whisper.

"Hello, old friend." she whispers.

After that year, Gwen always believed. That little girl, my old friend, knows not to stay awake for me, but I know that she believes, and she'll always believe. And in this harsh world, believing in something like Santa Claus and Christmas magic is sometimes the best thing you can do, because everyone needs a little magic.

Hello :) I'm in a very Christmas-y mood today, and I watched Arthur Christmas last night, and I really wanted to write this. Reviews would be lovely :)