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No more.

She couldn't fight on anymore, both her spiritual and physical strength had been all used up and her body ached fiercely, but her will couldn't help but to still defy her captor.

"W-what... what do you want?" Kagome panted, as she was forced to her knees when the man pulled on the chain that was attached the reiryouku-draining collar that he had placed around her neck, "W-what's the point of all this?"

The man observed her with cold eyes that honestly scared the hell out of her, even more so than Sesshoumaru when he got angry, "You're one of a kind now," The male said, "You are the only Miko left in existence."

Kagome grit her teeth when she was forced to sit on the floor between his spread legs, "What's your point?" She spat, trying to move away from his fingers as he caressed her bloodied cheek, "You Quincies are completely different from what I am."

"That's partly true," He said, "We can completely destroy Hollows as you can, but you can also purify the Shinigami out of existence. We cannot do that."

"What do Shinigami have to do with this?" Kagome asked, closing her eyes as his hand moved to her blood-soaked hair, stroking the strands like one would a pet cat.

"The Shinigami sought to wipe out the Quincy species long ago," The Quincy leader stated and Kagome could no longer hold her head up and was forced to rest it on his leg, much to her disgust, "I simply want to return the favour."

"I have nothing to do with this!" Kagome snapped, "Let me go before my companions find out that you took me." It was a horrible thought, but she wanted to see Sesshoumaru rip this arrogant man to pieces.

"Your dog will not be able to find you here in Hueco Mundo," The male smirked, "He will have no way of getting here," His large hand tightened around her throat and she suddenly found it very hard to even breathe, "Little Miko, you are now a part of the Vandenreich!"

'No,' Kagome thought, not bothering to deny his words because it would be pointless, 'No.' She had to save her strength and figure out a way to escape.

This Juhabach would regret ever kidnapping her.

She was no pet.