Let me confess. I am a yaoi fangirl, but I'm also obsessed with genderbender. And because this has been flying around in my head, I want to write a Megaten genderbender fic.

Warning: Just a heads up. Yes, the character that will be genderbended is the main character. The pairing will be YamaHiro and I will (or try to) add some other pairings, as well. Since I'm not very good with character, there might be some (or a lot) OOCness going on. Also, the story will be similar to the play of the game.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.


Springtime. What a wonderful time it was. The flowers woke up gently to the sun shining on them. The children played with their toys and scattered whenever an adult approached them. The air was chill, yet warmed a bit for every passing day. The only problem Chihiro Kageyama had with it is that she has her entrance exams. Luckily, she studied.

The bell rang, making the end of the morning exams. The girl stretched and gathered her things into her bag until the door opened. A brown-haired, wearing a yellow scarf and a gray school uniform, peaked into the room and spotted her.

Chihiro was easy to find. She was the only one that wore a white hoodie with bunny ears, a blue-and-white-striped turtleneck, denim miniskirt with a ruffled edge, and white thigh-highs and blue high-tops on her feet. Her long, black, wavy hair in twin ponytails, coupled with her light blue eyes made her more noticeable.

The brunette closed the door and walked towards her. He gave a big grin. The blue-eyed girl smiled back.

"Hi, Daichi," she said.

"Hey, Chihiro. Glad that's over," said the boy, "How'd you do on the exam?"

"Okay, I guess." The door opened again and a proctor appeared. He held an orange cell phone and a sheet of paper.

"Mr. Shijima, you left your cell phone and ticket on your desk," said the proctor.

"Crap, I forgot my stuff!" The girl softly giggled as the proctor lectured the brunette.

"You should be more careful about your things."

"I'm sorry. This won't happen again." The boy smoothed back his hair and bowed. He came back with his phone and ticket in hand. "God, that was awful. My parents would've flipped if I'd lost them. Oh! I want to show you something that will blow your mind. Give me your cell phone."

The ponytailed girl took out her blue phone and handed it to the boy. He pressed in a few and handed it back to its owner. The girl checked the screen. Instead of seeing the usual background, she saw a black and blue backdrop and the word Nicaea written on the display. She turned and faced Daichi.

"What's Nicaea?" Chihiro asked.

"Nicaea is a website that delivers images of death. It shows you clips of friends and family dying. I just signed up last week. Your mind blown yet?"

"In a way." She entered the site and registered her information. Then two AI's, a chivalrous man in a suit and an energetic woman in a sexy bunny outfit walked onto the display. She chose the man and he became enlarged on the screen.

"Thank you for visiting Nicaea. I'm your curator, Tico," said the man. The AI's presense felt unreal. Stress must be getting to her. The scarf-wearing boy peaked over her shoulder.

"So you're going with him? Let me guess: your type of guy." The girl blushed and turned her head to hide it. "Aw, c'mon. No need to be embarassed."

"Daichi..." she warned.

"Ok, ok. Since we don't have any more tests today, let's go shopping."

"Sure, why not." The girl pocketed her phone and grabbed her bag. She followed Daichi out the door and into the hallway.


It was the middle of the day and the streets were swarmed with people. Daichi and Chihiro exited the shopping center.

"We bought a lot!" said Daichi. He laughed and the girl rolled her eyes.

"We sure did," the black-haired girl said.

"I'll have lots of fun wearing this shirt from Aberzombie. Oh! And I finally got my driver's license." The brunette pulled out the laminated card and showed it to her.

"Cool." The boy blushed a bit.

"I know, right? Can't wait to use it." They stepped into the entrance of the subway and made their way to the booth. The teens purchased their tickets and waited.

"He actually said that?"

"Yeah. I was really shocked when he mentioned it. It was a real bummer." Daichi sighed. "Well, can't let that get me done. Did you hear about that new game that was coming out?..."

"…Daichi?" The bunny girl looked at her friend. He was completely mesmerized as his eyes were slightly glazed over. She then followed his gaze to a girl in their school's uniform with brown, bobbed hair. And a huge rack. The train she walked off of left. She glanced at a pink cell phone in her hand, looked around and looked at the phone again. Her star blue eyes twinkled and the bunny-eared girl stepped in front of the male brunette. "She's kinda cute. Mind telling me who she is?"

"How can you not know?! That's Io Nitta, the most popular girl in our grade! She's cute, smart, nice, innocent, and gentle… Man, they don't make them like her anymore." He gazed at Io again with the same dreamy look.

"And what am I? What do you think of me, Daichi?" The girl inched closer to him. The boy stuttered and back up with a flush. He turned away from the wide staring blue orbs, the small, delicate nose and full lips of his childhood friend. He didn't want to talk her, not in a subway station with the brown-haired girl around.

"H-huh? W-well, uh, ahem. Urm, you're a pretty cute girl yourself a-and…" Chihiro giggled as the boy tried to justify himself.

Meters away, Io looked up from her phone once again and spotted a boy wearing her school's uniform and a girl who wore a white hoodie with what looked like rabbit ears coming from it. They appeared rather close and friendly with each other. Dating, maybe? The brunette stood, and then decided to go up to the two teens.

"I'm just teasing you, Daichi. I know I can't compare to Io. I'm not that much to look at," said Chihiro. She placed her hands on her hips and laughed at the blushing brunette.

"Uhh, yeah, not much," said Daichi. He gulped as his brown pupils stared at his friend's body, from the small yet well-rounded chest to the slender waist and the curved hips, and the long, slim legs. Okay, he lied. The ponytailed girl possessed a great body, even if it's not as filled out as their institute's most popular girl.

"Um, excuse me," said a docile voice.

"Can't you see I'm…fantasizing…" The scarf-wearing boy lost his train of thought when he realized who he was talking to. In front of them was their school's it girl, Io Nitta.

"O-oh. I'm sorry. You were just wearing my school's outfit and I thought you came here for the exams."

"Yeah. Yeah, we are! We just got back from the morning exams, actually. They're doing the afternoon exams soon, too." The teenaged boy smoothed his hair back and chuckled nervously. Now, he has two super cute girls in his company. Must be his lucky day!


"Ah! Daichi, Daichi Shijima. And this girl here is-"

"You already know who I am." Daichi stared at his friend, shocked.

"What- No, she doesn't! I'm sorry. She doesn't know what she's talking about." The boy bowed low. Io turned to Chihiro and smiled.

"I heard of you. You're Chihiro Kageyama, right?" Daichi looked up at the bob haired girl, wide eyed.

"Told you so."

"Oh, be quiet." The girls laughed as the boy blushed and shoved his hands into his pockets. Then, the trio heard their phones go off then. "Ah! What the hell?!"

"Huh?" They drew out their devices. On the screen was a message from Nicaea. A clip, to be exact. They looked at each other.

"Oh, my god. Didn't expect it to be today." They all opened the video at once. The hoodie wearing girl suddenly felt sick, like something horrible washed over her. She tried concentrating on the clip, but was distracted as Io mumbled to herself.

"This is creepy. Will this really happen?" Chihiro inched closer to the brunette and peaked over her shoulder. The clip viewed images of the train and the patrons, including her. The bob haired turned to her. Her face was white.

"What the heck!? I thought the videos were supposed to be all glitchy! Look, Chihiro! There's you!" The black-haired girl replayed the clip. Indeed, it was her, crushed under the weight of the train.

"I think you're in it, too, Daichi." Io viewed the clip to the boy. In the mini film, his body laid close to the wreckage, unmoving.

"This has to be a prank. The train's almost here, anyway." The three teens stood as the locomotive neared the station. Suddenly, the environment shook. Many of the patrons were knocked off their feet. The concrete cracked and few ran for their lives.


"Craaaaaaaaaap, the train!" The teens didn't get far as they stumbled to the ground.

The train came and hit a loose railing. Part of it was pushed up and held in the air as the three watched. Chihiro felt the blood drain from her face. She wanted to move, but she sat, paralyzed. The train tipped over and fell onto the teens. The black-haired girl's life flashed before her eyes seconds before the vehicle took her life.


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