"Haymitch Abernathy!" I scream stomping into his living room in Victors Village where he is-I presume-passed out on the once lovely cream wool carpet. This doesn't seem to rouse him so I know that he is still pulled under by last night's alcohol intake which I have to admit doesn't surprise me in the slightest. After years of knowing the despicable man I know well enough that screaming won't work in a situation like this so I make my way across his filthy floor, dodging empty liquor bottles by hopping over them which is quite difficult wearing the shoes I am today; that is the price to pay for good fashion which doesn't matter in the slightest in District 12 however.

I eventually reach his kitchen sink which looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a few months at least, let alone the dishes. I scan the pile of dirty dishes for some sort of container and eventually find a glass which is filled with a liquid one can only assume is alcohol and with closer examination I find that I am correct. I turn on the tap and swill out the drink before filling the glass up to the brim with ice cold water, the good thing about District 12 in the winter is that you are guaranteed cold water which comes in handy when dealing with a drunken fool.

I make my way back over to his sleeping figure half slumped on the sofa and brace myself the verbal abuse and cursing that will no doubt follow; I'm used to it now though so it shouldn't affect me too much. I throw the glass over his head and sure enough he sits up, shocked and dripping wet, his angry eyes glaring at me and trying to replay the events over in his mind. "What the hell sweetheart? Ever heard of a polite good morning?" He moans while running a hand through his hair,

"Have you?" I ask while going back into his kitchen to put the glass back on the worktop.

"I could really do without your annoying high pitched screeching this morning, every noise sounds like a bullet…" He says lying back down in his original position and closing his eyes. I roll my eyes and take off my red leather gloves, placing them on the only clean surface I can which is on top of the mantelpiece that is cluttered with an array of letters and pieces of paper from the past 25 years.

"Oh no you don't!" I say snapping my head around "Today is a big, big, big day!" He opens one eye and looks at me blankly as if searching for an answer; I just stare at him back waiting for him to finally catch on. But he doesn't. "How much did you drink last night Haymitch?" I begin getting gradually louder just to annoy him "today is the first day of the Victory Tour!"

"Ahh yes, the wonderful event that has only happened twice in the whole history of District 12 where the tributes who have already endured the most traumatic experience of their entire life," he begins, standing up and walking towards the mantelpiece where I am stood "are paraded around in front of the grieving families of the children they have brutally murdered all for you Capitol lot to enjoy. You mean that?"

"Well you may not have enjoyed yours too much bu-" I am cut off by his sniggering "Understatement of the century, Princess" he retorts as he makes his way over to the stairs.

"I do wish you wouldn't call me that Haymitch," I moan picking up a dry liquor bottle resting against my- very expensive I might add- gold high heels that match perfectly with my wig that I bought especially for the victory tour "and where exactly are you going?"

"I'm going to get dressed princess – unless you want me to catch pneumonia by going outside without weather appropriate clothing." He says while making his way up the stairs only to receive a death glare.

I huff and make my way towards the door. "Haymitch don't be too late!" I shout before slamming the door, knowing exactly how much pain I am most likely causing his head.

I look around me and notice that camera crews from just about every Capitol station are setting up despite the winter chill and a few manage to grab onto each other before slipping on the ice that I myself am finding a rather difficult challenge. I am, however thoroughly enjoying the snow.

Strange as it may seem I rarely actually see snow, besides on the television. The Capitol hardly ever gets snow; it is always fairly warm throughout the year, even in winter months we barely get anything less than 10ºc. I wish we did get more snow because I love it! The way it cascades gracefully down from the sky and lands on anything it touches creating a frosty winter blanket that sparkles whenever the sun comes out. Beautiful.

I decide to cut across Haymitch's lawn (not that he will mind) to get to Peeta's home which, luckily for me, is only one door down. As I come close to his front door something catches my eye. The president. He leaves Katniss' house with a man following closely at his heels before getting into the back of a shiny black car and driving off down the road towards the station. I decide against going to see Katniss now as she isn't really the talkative type at the best of times let alone when the president of Panem has just paid you a visit.

I push the brass door handle down and step inside out of the freezing cold and into the complete anarchy. Peeta is sat in an armchair trying to drink hot chocolate while his prep team fuss around trying to make sure that every inch of him looks perfect and trying to stop him from drinking to prevent spilling all over the light dress pants and blue shirt. Portia is talking to a man who I can only assume is here to take some shots of Peeta's wonderful paintings for his talent. I cannot even begin to contemplate what Katniss has chosen as her talent; she doesn't strike me as the kind to be a professional flower arranger.

The door shuts with an unexpected bang making me jump and everyone else stop what they are doing and look towards the source of the noise. I mouth a sorry and they all go back to what they were doing originally.

I make my way over to Peeta who is currently having his hair fussed over by an anxious woman with bright purple locks fashioned into the shape of a flower on top of her head. "Hello Peeta, how are you?" I coo bending down and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Yes, fine thank you," he smiles being given a mirror to look at his hair in before nodding to the man on his left "And yourself?"

"Oh yes fine, a little busy, but well thank you." I smile at how lovely and polite the young man sat before me is, despite the utter hatred he should probably have against the Capitol. "I'm just going over to see Katniss and check on the arrangements." I say and Peeta gives me a small smile before going back to his hot chocolate. I clamber my way across his floor that is filled with a multitude of wires, boxes, clothes hangers and goodness knows what else. As I push open the door again I am greeted by the frosty nip of winter. I don't know how everyone here in district 12 keeps warm, especially without heating or warm clothes, I really do feel for them all.

I decide to walk across the path this time as Peeta's garden is considerably better than Haymitch's (though it doesn't take much) and it really does look lovely, even in the winter. I am almost at Katniss' door when my foot hits a patch of ice and before I have time to grab anything I am falling to the ground. I land on my backside and wonder if I will be able sit down for the next week; I grimace when I try to stand and realise that will probably be the case. "Dammit!" I shout rather loudly as a stabbing pain shoots up my spine, risking the rest of the district hearing.

"Whoa! Princess has a mouth on her!" Haymitch laughs from behind me. I turn my head to face him and see that he is indeed laughing at me. I spin round on the floor, my legs getting rather cold, "can you please stop laughing at me and help me up?" I ask outstretching an arm, my patience with him wearing extremely thin today. "Haymitch!" I shout when he still doesn't move. He contemplates this for a moment before grabbing my wrist and yanking me from the ground "word of advice, sweetheart. Next time you come to district 12 when it's cold," He says, looking me up and down "wear something more weather appropriate."

And with that he turns and walks towards Peeta's house stepping over the small green hedgerow separating the two houses.

I purse my lips and before I know what I'm doing I pick up a handful of snow and send it hurtling in his direction hitting him right in the back of the head. I bite my lip, suppressing a laugh as he stops in his tracks and turns round showing a look, a compilation of amusement, shock and anger. I smile at him and turn round, carefully dodging the ice, and making my way towards Katniss' house but as I do so I am hit in the back of the neck with something cold. I turn round to the direction in which it came and see Haymitch stood with his hands in his pockets looking round innocently which unfortunately backfires as he is the only person stood outside now. "Haymitch Abernathy!" I yell stomping towards him "Effie Trinket!" He shouts just as loud in a mock Capitol accent. I walk right up to him and try to stare him square in the eye but even with high heels on he is still about a foot taller than me so any attempt at anger usually ends with him insulting my height in some way. "Why in Gods name did you do that?" I say lowering my voice a little as to not attract attention

"What! You started it!"

"You sound like a child..." I say folding my arms and looking away

"You act like one..." he says with a smirk and I unfold my arms and look right back into his steel grey eyes. I slap him on the arm but his smile just widens. "Excuse me, but what is so funny?" I say genuinely annoyed

"You're just cute when you're angry." Wait. What? Cute?

"Cute wasn't really the look I was going for..." I say a little peeved. "Oh and what was that exactly?" he says cocking his head to the side "Capitol clown? Or maybe-" he draws out the 'e' and pauses for a moment "Effie the red-nosed escort?"

"I do not have a red nose!" I snap almost immediately but he's to busy laughing to notice "oh yes you do!"

What? I begin to rummage through my purse to find my compact mirror, I take it out and flip it open examining my face. To my dismay I discover that he is indeed right. I woke up this morning with a bit of a snuffle and I suspect the cold weather can't be helping. I close down the lid and purse my lips glancing around me. "Is it-"

"Yes, it is."

"You don't even know what I was going to say-"

"Yes I do. You were going to say 'is it that noticeable' and my reply is yes, it is." He says obviously satisfied "maybe you should go powder your nose again or whatever Capitol crap you use to make yourself look completely in-human." I scowl at him and bend down, my fingers dig into a pile of snow by the side of the path and I curse myself instantly for not picking my gloves back up off the mantelpiece.

I get a good two fistfuls and standing back up, dump them straight on top of Haymitch's head. He glares at me but I just smile and walk away completely satisfied. "Not very ladylike!" He shouts after me but I just roll my eyes and walk into Katniss' house.