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Narrator's POV

Kiba, Tsume, Toboe and Hige knew that something was on their tail but had no idea where it may be an if it was going to attack them. the wind blew violently as the blizzard raged on. usually they had no problem with whether because they were strong and would run against it, but not this time. The blizzard was strong and beat down hard on them, they couldn't see well at all and their sense of smell as smothered by the snow, even Hige was having a hard time making out sent on the air.

despite the wind fighting against them they fought on, the sense of danger still hanging around them. Tsume who was helping Toboe, the youngest of the group, push through the snow, Hige kept complaining about how cold and hungry he was.

"We have to find shelter somewhere now," Tsume shouted at Kiba. He was right of course but the fact of the matter was that there wasn't place to take shelter. He looked around the surrounding area but it was Toboe who spotted a cave no too far ahead of them.

"Nice one kid," Tsume praised the pup who beamed proudly. Kiba smiled to himself at the sight of them the looked back at Hige who was also smiling. Kiba lead the other three to the cave where they could rest. it wasn't very big but would be able to hold them all and still have plenty of space. it was dry and shielded them from the bitter cold, so it was warmer. Tsume took to a corner and rested on the ground, Toboe waited till the was settled before he snuggled up close to Tsume who sighed at the pup. Hige found his own little spot close to the other two and settled down himself. But before he rested his head he noticed Kiba laying against the wall close to the mouth of the cave staring out into the blizzard, keeping watch.

"Kiba, maybe we should start a fire or something," Hige said, worried that he white wolf would be cold being so far from the others and himself, but the white wolf just shook his head.

"I don't like fire," he whispered mostly to himself but Hige caught it and decided not to bother him anymore, he lowered his head and drifted off to sleep.

The pack awoke to the sound of Kiba's low growls. Tsume was surprised when waking up, he heard the sounds of the machine not far from where they were resting and found it strange that he wasn't also awakened by the sound. He could understand why Hige and the pup didn't sense it, but Tsume is usually just as alert as Kiba was, so why was he caught off guard by the machine's approach?

The rest of the group was up on their feet in an instant taking positions beside Kiba. The damned robot was homing in on anything that was living in the area so it wouldn't be long before it would find them, they had to be ready for anything. Kiba ears perked up when the sounds of thrashing and the squeaking of the gears suddenly stopped. it was only after the sound stopped that Toboe noticed it was light outside and the blizzard died down to soft snow flurries. Kiba and Hige both sniffed at the air. and looked at each another puzzled. Tsume seemed to have had already realized it, it took Toboe a few moments to realize that the smell of metal and machine oil was still there but still there was no sound.

"I'm gonna take a quick look," Kiba stated as he poked his head out the mouth of the cave before anyone could protest. he stepped silently,his white fur making it hard to see him against the snow, but even with that the machine would be able to sense him. but there was something else, Hige noticed. An almost unnoticeable sent hanging on the wind. It took a moment for Hige to realize what the smell was, then it came to him.

"Kiba! there're humans!" Just as Hige shouted the warning did a bullet speed by and hit the ground by the white wolf's feet followed by a shower of more bullets. the white wolf dodged every one of them and charged at the robotic machine and the humans who were hiding. Tsume, who was waiting for a chance, jumped out and rushed to aid the white wolf followed by Hige and the pup Toboe.

Kiba and Tsume both went for the big machine, attacking the exposed wires and shutting down the machine systems in an instant. The machine sparked and caught fire but before it shut down completely it threw off Tsume and Kiba, In a useless effort to get rid of them. The humans did not expect to be attacked themself so they were caught off guard by Hige and Toboe who were quickly rid of them. Toboe was able to trick one of the men to turn his gun on one of his comrades. Hige bit one of the men in the throat, blood squirted from the man's neck and he fell dead on the ground.

"Kiba! Tsume! you two ok?" Hige called as he and Toboe ran to meet the rest of their pack. Tsume and Kiba both took to their human forms and when Hige saw this he followed suet.

"No way any damned Machine would bring me down," Tsume growled. Kiba rolled his eyes at Tsume, but then was alert te others looked at him confused. Just then shots sounded and Kiba pushed Tsume out of the range of fire just as two bullets hit his shoulder and side. Tsume turned around shocked and Hige and Toboe looked terrified as Kiba fell to the ground bleeding.

"KIBA!" Hige yelled and was on the ground in a second with Toboe right by his side. Tsume on the other hand didn't waste any time as he lifted te now bleeding Alpha and started running. Hige and Toboe quick on his heals as they raced out of firing range. More sots sounded but the small pack was already too far out for any gun to reach them. Kiba started to shiver violently on Tsume's back as they ran in their wolf forms. Kiba was losing blood quickly and his body temperature was going down.

"Shit!" Tsume cursed as they ran.

"What is it Tsume? Is Kiba alright? Is he going to make it?" The pup whimpered before Hige could get any of his own questions out. Tsume turned and looked at them. Hige looked worried as he caught on and understood the look in Tsume's eyes.

"I don't know," was all Tsume could as they reached a frost covered forest for cover, carrying their bleeding friend with them.

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