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Chapter 4: Surviving

"Shit," was all I was able to get out before the window at the front of the cabin was smashed and a smoke bomb went off. We covered out faces quickly, I covered Toboe and Kiba's heads as shots rang out and hit the wall right above us.

That sniper that shot Kiba and went free must've gotten backup, they found us. We were under attack with one of us down for the count.

We were so screwed.

Toboe's POV

I was so not expecting that, Tsume must've sensed those guys coming cause I went into shock when Tsume suddenly covered me and the bullets rang out. I was still in my human form but both Hige and Tsume had already dropped their illusions by the time I looked up, I followed suet after them.

the bullets still shot through the house, probably all dipped in poison like the ones that hit Kiba, guess they couldn't risk us getting away, as if the guns weren't already a clear sign, these guys really wanted us dead. we kept out heads low, Tsume grabbed onto the scruff of Kiba's neck and pulling him from the line of fire, me and Hige following. Behind the protection of a wall Tsume, in one quick motion pulled kiba onto his back. Kiba cried out a bit making me want to cry too.

"What're we gonna do?" I asked trying, unsuccessfully, to keep my voice from shaking. Tsume turned to me, annoyance glinting in his eyes and growled.

"What the hell do you think?" Tsume asked and turned and ran through the door, being as careful with Kiba as he could. Me and Hige followed closely as the stream of bullets seemed to follow us as we ran for the abandoned cabin. The thick forest gave us cover, there was no way they would be able to get a clear shot at us with all the trees surrounding still, It was time like these that I wished that I had white fur like Kiba, so that I could blend in with the snow.

we ran for what felt like hours but was probably a lot less time, kiba had been quiet the whole time. We finally found a dry cave to stay for the night and as we settled down for the night Kiba began to cry out. He whimpered and whined and even growled softly from the pain in a very un-Kiba like way. His fever was spiking and he shivered from the cold. Me and Hige both pressed out bodies to Kiba, trying to share our warmth with him. It was almost night and if we were still being hunted then Kiba's cries would probably give us away, even I knew that. Tsume sat at the mouth of the cave as a wolf. Kiba let out another loud cry and Tsume growled.

"There has to be something we can do to make him well," Tsume muttered. Kiba whimpered softly this time, as if he felt guilty for making a lot of noise and making Tsume upset. I knew tat despite his angry voice that Tsume was worried sick about Kiba. I guess he just wasn't used to caring for some one.

"Either we get a docter, which is not happening, or we get the antidote, which we don't know if there is one, or he fights the poison and survives it, or..." Hige trailed off, I was surprised, he thought through all our options, he always seemed lazy, you couldn't help but think his thoughts were lazy too.

"Or what?" Tsume snapped before I could ask the same thing. Hige hadn't moved from Kiba's side as he spoke, he stayed pressed to one side of the white wolf's body while I pressed on the other. He lifted his head, and you could see the shadow cast over his eyes, even in his wolf form.

"Or he dies, but you already knew that," Hige said softly. He was right Tsume knew that, Hige knew that, and I knew that. Either we get an antidote or we wait out the poison and pray for the best. Our options are not looking too good. Tsume fell silent and Hige dropped his head back down. There were no sounds except Kibas ragged breathing and shivering. I licked Kiba's ear, trying to comfort him as best I could. Kiba was so cold and shivering violently. It's only been about a day since he got poisoned and it was really hitting him hard.

I couldn't help but think what it would be like if Kiba didn't make it. I might only be a pup but I Knew that Kiba was the thin thread holding us together. If he were gone then there would be nothing to keep us together. I would be all alone again and I would lose the few friends I had. Tsume and Hige would go back to the way they were before they met each other, they would be alone too, they would suffer had to do something, there had to be some way that we could help him, at least some way we could take his pain away.

Kiba let out another ragged, pain filled breath. Tsume who had been standing silently sighed, he looked at me and nudged me making me move back a little. When I had moved Tsume quietly moved so that he was also laying pressed against Kiba. I was surprised, I knew Tsume cared about kiba, but i never would of thought he would be so out right in showing his emotions. Hige also looked surprised but since he didn't make a smart remark on it I thought better that saying anything myself. Kiba, who had been shivering violently now seemed to be calming down now. Our body heat was finally through the chill the poison caused.

We all laid there in silence, none of us want to break the spell that had us all together. Time passed, and I slowly started to drift off pressing closer to Kiba trying to share more of my body heat, trying tho share the warmth of the pack.

I woke up when I felt someone shift. After everything that happened I was exhausted by the time I had drifted off, now I was groggy and still in the grips of sleep when it slowly dawned on me. As I looked around everyone was standing in their human forms. Hige was smiling like a nut and Tsume had smirk on his face. When I followed their gaze, my jaw dropped.

"KIBA!" I shouted. There he was smiling at our reactions as he stood leaning in the doorway in his human form. He was still pale and I knew he was probably still in pain, but he was up, he was standing, and he looked so much better. I jumped and ran to him, hugging he. I was trying not to knock him over, i was surprised he didn't push me away, and even more happily surprised that he started laughing.

"Sorry for makeing you worry Toboe," he said, patting my head. His voice was so much stronger, and when I pulled away he was looking at the others. Hige walked over and clapsed his shoulder.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Kiba. You had us worried there for a while," Hige said smiling at Kiba. "You know, just a little."

"Well now that your back on your feet, what do you suppose we do next, do you want revenge for what those humans did? Cause I sure do," Tsume growled. Even though he was happy that Kiba was better I could feel anger ath the humans that hurt Kiba rolling off him like waves, it made me scared of him a bit. I looked at Kiba who was grinning, the look of hunger and hate in his eyes. His smile was even more scary than Tsume mad, and I knew what he was going to say.

" Oh I want pay back, and I'll make sure they get it."