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If there was one skill Usaida was an expert at, besides sleeping straight in varied kinds of position anywhere at all times, it was snooping easily without getting caught.

He wouldn't really describe what he's doing right now snooping. It's more in the line of observing while pretending to be asleep. Midori, by now, has a created a pool of drool on his apron. But that didn't really concern him at the moment; it was the amusing scene before him that he knew would soon unfold into something worth watching.

The daycare children were playing the typical House game, wherein Kirin as usual dubbed herself as the beautiful, hard-working, 'caring' Mother; Kotarou was appointed the Father of the family without his consent. (He really didn't care whatever his role was anyway.) The twins were left with the role of being the children. And Taka was too busy brooding in the corner to play because he didn't want to play this boring, girly game.

After much hitting from his older brother and some encouragement from Ryuuichi, Taka begrudgingly joined the game and was assigned as the dog of the family by Kirin. (It was supposed to be an insult but he seemed to like the idea of being a dog.)

"Now," Kirin clapped her hands together in a pleased way, turning around to point at the two teenagers. "You two would be ouw newlywed neighbows and you'd come to ouw house because we invited you."



Usaida bit his lower lip to contain the bout of giggle that wanted to explode from his mouth. Hayato seemed unaffected and heedless about the role given to both teenagers, raising a thin eyebrow in a boring manner. It was Ryuuichi who seemed bothered and flustered and wait, was he blushing?

"Ok, it's just a game anyway" Hayato answered, seemingly fine about this whole matter. He turned to Ryuuichi, who deliberately avoided his gaze. "Why is your face so red? Are you ill?"

There was no denying the tone of concern laced in Hayato's voice but he tried to cover it up immediately. "Nah, it must be the weather." He turned his gaze slowly to the window, where the sun was up high and hot.

Ryuuichi spluttered. "B-but we're both males."

Ryuuichi wasn't opposed to the concept of same sex relationships. He just doesn't want anyone, especially Hayato, to know of his little, dumb boy crush on the baseball player. He is so screwed. (But of course, Usaida knows that.)

"Doesn't matter to them," Hayato replied casually. "They're just kids."

"Nii-chan is married to Ryuu-niichan!" Taka looked pleased. "That means Kotarou and me can be playmates all the time."

"No!" Kirin interrupted. "You awe a dog, you can't be playmates with Kotawou!"

Taka looked extremely irked, his face turning bright red from anger and his lower lips quivering. "Shuddup! You are an ugly wife! Kotarou would rather play with me!"

The smack on the back of his head was immediate, and as well were his cries.

Kirin looked smug. "Sewves you wight."

"Kamitani, you didn't have to hit him," Ryuuichi said in a concerned tone, cradling a still sobbing Taka in a motherly way. Very motherly, Hayato noticed.

"It was the only way to shut him up."

"I don't want to be a dog anymore," Taka sniffed in between his sobs.

Ryuuichi rubbed his back comfortingly to hush his cries. "You wouldn't mind if Taka-kun is our child instead?" He suggested, seemingly unaware that he agreed to the role of being the newlywed neighbours.

"You want that brat to be our child?" Hayato asked incredulously. He sighed deeply before saying, "Whatever, like we have a choice."

Usaida might or might not have let out a small giggle from his 'sleeping' position while listening to the conversation between the two teenagers, who were playing once again the role of mommy and daddy like it was a normal occurrence for the both of them. This was so fun to watch. If only he had a popcorn right now.

"You guys, wait hewe while I pwepawe snacks fow all," Kirin beamed, holding a toy spatula and wearing a kiddie apron. "Kotawou, honey, take cawe of ouw guest."

Kotarou just stared at his older brother with pleading glassy, huge eyes. It went unnoticed.

"Do you two kiss like mommy and daddy too?" One of the twins, the braver one, asked. He looked at two males with inquisitive, bold eyes. The other one shied and hid behind his back, quivering.

Ryuuichi felt his mouth hung in shock for a good manner of five seconds and cheeks flaring a bright red before composing himself and answering the question with as much delicacy as he can. "Well. We, Kamitani and I are just frie-"


The abrupt interruption caused the red-haired teen to shot a perplexed, maybe terrified look at the other teen, mouthing in a harsh whisper, "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?"

"Yes, we have kiss like your mommy and daddy," Kamitani clarified in a frank manner, ignoring the red head's flailing gesture for him to stop.

Usaida covered the choked laughter that escaped his lips as a snort. Oh, Hayato loves to tease too.

"Kamitani!" the smaller teen shrieked. "You can't say those kinds of things!" He turned to the twins to correct the lie Hayato said.

"Liar!" Taka pointed a finger at his brother, an evil grin tugging at the corner of his lips and mischief glinting in his eyes. "Nii-chan never kissed Ryuu-niichan before. He only kissed those boring, girly girlfriends he had who never liked me. They think I was annoying."

Hayato spared his brother a warning glance, as if daring him to say something again. Taka closed his mouth.

"I-I thought m-mommies and d-daddies kiss all the time," the shy twin blurted out, covering his face in his brother's back when two pairs of eyes glanced at him.

Ryuuichi had the strong urge to cover his reddening face. This was just supposed to be a game.

"What is happening hewe?" Kirin didn't like the idea of being left out. No one answered her though.

"Nii-chan is a coward! Ha!" Taka gave his brother a smug smile.

"Shut up, you brat!"

"Maybe we should play another game," Ryuuichi suggested softly.

"No!" Kirin complained. "I like this game!"

"Yeah," Taka shockingly agreed.

"You didn't even what to play this game in the first place, you brat."

"I like this game too!" One of the twins said happily.

"M-me too," the other supplied shyly.

"Sorry," Hayato said to Ryuuichi, looking at him intently which made the smaller teen duck his head a little. "The brats still want to play this stupid game and I don't really get why."

"So, hewe awe youw snacks," Kirin began passing plastic plates filled toy foods. "How awe you two? Was the honeymoon nice?"

Ryuuichi had no idea were a little girl like Kirin knew about such words. Then he remembered Kirin's boisterous dad.

"There was no honeymoon," Hayato answered casually.

Kirin's smile turned into a frown. "Oh." Then, "Do you go on dates a lot?"

Again, Ryuuichi assumed that Kirin learned about dating from her father. It really didn't surprise Ryuuichi, but it alarmed him that a little girl like Kirin already knows something about those kinds of things.

This time, he wanted to answer the question, but "We never go on dates," Hayato replied in a boring tone.

There was a frown on her face again. But her face lit up when she said, "I'm suwe you give each othew gifts."

"Nope, not at all."

Kirin's pout this time was bigger than before. She opened her mouth again to inquiry, when a hand was clamped over her mouth.

"Stop!" Taka cried. "Nii-chan is not playing properly!"

"Is there even a proper way to play this stupid game?"


"Taka-kun is wight!" She pointed a finger at the taller teen. "You should act like a loving husband to Wyuu-niichan, ow Wyuu-niichan would feel sad and cwy."

"Eh..? W-what?" Ryuuichi tried not to fidget at the stares everyone was giving him.

"Say sowwy!"




Kotarou just nodded amidst the noises his playmates made.

From what it looks like, Kamatani was just a second away from hitting everyone, an apparent vein throbbing angrily on his forehead.

"A-ah! Everyone, it's fine! Don't worry about it!"

Hayato stared at him and Ryuuichi tried to ignore the heated stare the other boy was giving him. He tried to fight the blush rising from his neck up to his ears.

"I'm sorry."

The smaller teen looked up slowly and gave the taller teen a shy smile. "You didn't need to say sorry. It's just a game." Hayato flashed him a rare but genuine smile.

Usaida noted that they were looking at each other far too long for 'just friends'.

"That's not enough!" Kirin interrupted, causing the teens to abruptly glance away from each other, both sporting a tiny blush. Although Ryuuichi 's face was a shade darker.

"What do you want me to do?" Hayato gritted, his tone greatly dripping with annoyance. Usaida assumed that his vexation was caused by the little girl's interruption of their 'eye-fucking'.

"You should pwove that you weally wove him!"

"What the hell then do you want me to do?" Hayato tiredly rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers, forgetting that he was around children and shouldn't swear.

"Kiss him!" Taka shouted too eagerly. The other kids followed suit immediately, even Kotarou.

"Yes, kiss him!"


"Uhm, k-kiss..."

"Nii-chan kiss."

This time, Usaida didn't bother covering up the soft laugh that trickled from his mouth. Ryuuichi appeared to be seconds away from passing out, face redder than Usaida had ever seen before. He failed for the first time to get the children -who kept on chanting vigorously -under control. Hayato, however, had never looked murderous than he looked now, but there is no denying the small blush creeping across his cheekbones. He would be hitting anyone anytime now.

"Fuck," Hayato breathed harshly, making sure he was the only who could hear it. "Will you all shut up if I do what you told me?"

The look of abject horror crossed quickly on Ryuuichi's face and it got worse when the children simultaneously affirmed Hayato's question with so much glee and excitement.

"W-wait, e-everyone-" he might have let out a small 'eeep', when he felt a pair of lips against his own, a shiver of pleasure raking his body.

Without realizing it, both the teenagers gradually melted into the kiss, forgetting everything around them at the moment. Ryuuichi soon relaxed and Hayato possessively snaked an arm around his waist, pulling him closer than ever.

Usaida cracked an eye open and was torn between breaking the two or not because their kiss was in no way near sweet and innocent anymore. He could have sworn he caught Hayato's tongue shoving its way down Ryuuichi's throat.

And that might have been the reason why the redhead was the first one to break the kiss, finally aware of their audience, who stared dumbstruck at them, mouth hanging in silence.

Ryuuichi took their silence badly, attempting to construct a reasonable explanation for what happened. He was instead reduced into incoherency, his face redder than his hair, and lips deliciously red and swollen.

Hayato didn't bother hiding the smug look on his face. "That shut you up."

A heavy, deafening silence hung in the room, before Taka shouted in an angry, confused tone, "That wasn't a kiss!"

Everyone whipped their heads at the spot where Usaida's bark of laughter could be heard.

I'm still indecisive, but there is a possibility that this might be a two-shots.