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Full Summary: Reunited with the boy she thought she had lost, Lillia-Primrose Everdeen is about to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the figurehead of a rebellion. Killing Snow is her main goal. She is determined that he will die by her hand, but who will she lose and what we will she sacrifice to get to that position?


Two months. Two months I have been stuck underneath President Snow's mansion. We leave this place twice a day. Once in the morning for Capitol weapons training and once in the afternoon for a six mile run. I have learnt from Michael that the people being kept in the underground cavern are the only ones being forced to train for the Capitol's army, so it's pointless to try and save the rest. The occasional overheard conversation is the only thing we hear of the outside world, but from what I overhear I can tell that all of the Districts are uprising except for 7, 8 and 5. When we get out of here, it shouldn't take long to sway them.

"You okay?" Michael asks me. We are outside for our run and he is running on my right, Finlay is on my left.

"I'm fine." I respond, managing a smile.

"How's the leg?" Finlay asks. I stopped using my cane over a month ago, and now my leg only aches when it rains.

"I'm fine." I say again, more firmly this time. They both worry about me too much. I am a big girl; I can take care of myself. I survived the Hunger Games, didn't I?

"You three in the middle!" One of the guards barks at us. "Hush! In fact, come with me now!"

"Ah, shit." Michael mutters, but I catch the glint in the guards' eye as we turn and follow him. He winks at me, and I know who it is.

"It's okay. It's Plutarch Heavensbee." I whisper, and we start to run after him. As soon as we are out of view he pulls his hat off.

"Keep your heads down and follow me. We're breaking you three out of here." He grins.

"I can't leave my mother!" I protest.

"You're going to have too. It'll be fine; we can come back for her and the others later. Now come on, we have to leave." He starts running again and we follow him until we reach a hovercraft, marked with the Capitol seal. When we are all inside, Plutarch makes his way to the cockpit and Finlay goes with him. Michael and I take a seat on one of the couches. Johanna's hovercraft wasn't like this. Hers was filled with animal bones and pelts, but it hadn't really bothered me. This one is a lot fancier, but I find I don't feel as comfortable in it.

"I still don't understand how the Capitol made each death look so real. Did you even get stabbed?" I ask Michael when nobody is around. He turns so that his back is facing me and lifts up his shirt slightly. My fingers trace the scar that should've been in my back. But it wasn't, and I can never repay him for that.

"Thank you." I say when he turns around again.

"For what? It was my choice to take the knife." He frowns, confused.

"You shouldn't have. You could have won, and then you wouldn't have had to live in that cavern for six months."

"And you would have. But don't think about it like that. It just means that we're ready for the war. The Capitol has trained us up nicely, only we're not fighting for them." He says, smiling. I try to think about it from his point of view. He has been training with weapons and running six miles a day for eight months now. He must be in an amazing physical condition. But it's his mental condition I'm worried about. Eight months stuck underground? It would turn me crazy. I look up as someone enters the room, and cannot believe my eyes.

"Hey, guys. What's up?" She says, cheeky grin in place.

"Straw? How did you get here? Weren't you stuck with the rest of us?" I ask, shocked that she is here.

"Course I was. What, you really think I didn't know how to escape?" Before I can answer her, the hovercraft lands with a thud. Plutarch and Finlay appear in the doorway.

"This is our first stop. Finlay, Lillia, I think you should go and get your missing family members." Plutarch says, and I mentally kick myself. How could I have forgotten about Mitch?

"I'm coming, too." Michael says.

"No, boy. You stay here. We don't want more people than needed getting off of this hovercraft. Lillia, Finlay, now please." Finlay and I make our way off of the hovercraft, and into Johanna's cabin.

"Mitch?" I call out. He comes thundering down the stairs and launches himself into my arms.

"God Lillia, where have you been?" He says. He has grown since I last saw him two months ago. Now he comes up to my chin. He has lost some wait too, but that hardly surprises me.

"I'll explain it to you on the hovercraft. Let's go." I say when Annie joins us.

"Where's Finnick?" She asks.

"We'll explain it to you both soon." Finlay takes her by the arm and gently pulls her out of the cabin. We board the hovercraft and the ramp closes as it takes off again. I sit down next to Michael again and Mitch sits at my feet. Annie and Finlay sit opposite us. It takes us a while, but we explain everything to them. Annie starts crying softly and Finlay has to take her into another room to calm her down. Mitch jumps onto the couch in between me and Michael. Straw is nowhere to be seen, but I suspect she is throwing knives somewhere.

"Dude, you look like my mother." He says to Michael. I cannot help but laugh at Michael's face, despite the sadness I was feeling. Mitch is no longer my little brother, the one I could carry when he got to tired or comfort when the other boys his age where doing things he could not. He is now my younger brother, who can fend for himself.

"Um…Thank you?"

"He means you look like you're from the Seam. Mitch, be nice." I say and punch him softly in the shoulder. He responds by punching me much harder in the stomach.

"My father was from the Seam." Michael tells him. Before Mitch can answer, Finlay enters the room again. He closes the door quietly.

"Annie's sleeping." He says, and sits on the opposite couch again.

"Did she have one of her…Moments?" I ask.

"Not this time. But watch what you say around her, she's feeling a bit vulnerable. She'll be fine once my father's back." He responds. We sit in silence for a few more minutes until the hovercraft lands again. The doors open and a ramp extends again.

"Come on." Plutarch says, exiting the cockpit and making his way down the ramp. "Let's get you lot to our hideout."

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