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Finlay (A Week Later):

"We need you to do some propos." Plutarch Heavensbee says when I open the door.

"Why me? I ask. To be honest, I would rather just sit here in a bad mood all day.

"Because you're the son of Finnick Odair. People will listen to whatever you have to tell them. Now, come on. We're behind schedule." Plutarch grabs my elbow and pulls me out of my room. I share it with my mother, but she's been in the hospital for a few nights now. The doctors are making sure that she takes her medication and that she's okay. Plutarch pulls me through various corridors. We see Lillia, laughing at something Michael says to her. I frown slightly and pretend I haven't seen her when she waves. She's not a bad person, I just don't like Michael. He didn't do anything wrong, but she loves him. It shouldn't bother me but it just does, okay?

"So, Finlay." Plutarch says, pulling me into a large room filled with cameras. He gestures to the couch and I take a seat. "What kind of propos would you feel comfortable doing?"

"Anything, really. As long as it helps the cause." I answer honestly.

"Well, why don't tell the people about what happened to you in the cavern? And about what happened to your father?" He asks. I nod at him and he tells the camera man to start filming.

"My name is Finlay Odair." I say, improvising. "Some of you may know my father, Finnick. He was forced into prostitution by President Snow. As if that wasn't bad enough, Snow faked my father's death. He also faked old Victors and tributes deaths. Whoever he thought he could use against the rebels were spared. I, along with Lillia Everdeen, Katniss Everdeen, Johanna Mason and Trent Felt, tried to rescue them but we were captured. We were forced to train with guns and run miles every day. Why? Because the Capitol wanted us to fight for them. We were held in an underground cavern against our will. Lydia, Michael Hawthorne and one of the tributes from the last Games, Straw, were rescued not too long ago. I have a question for you. Do you really want to side with somebody who's been keeping people underground against their will for years?" I ask. Plutarch mouths 'Cato and Clove' at me.

"Some of you may remember Cato and Clove, the tributes from District Two in the 74th Hunger Games. Well they're alive. They've been kept in that cavern for decades. Is Snow really the man you want to side with?" I glare into the camera. The man stops filming and Plutarch shoots me thumbs up.

"That was great, Finlay. Come down to the commands room at four o'clock and you can watch us air it over a popular Capitol soap opera." He says.

"Okay, great." I say. Lillia walks into the room and I smile at her.

"Hey, Finlay. How's your mother?" She asks, smiling back.

"Oh, she's good. How's yours?" I ask as she pulls her hair into a bun.

"I don't know. The Capitol mole hasn't mentioned her." She frowns in response.

"I'm sorry. We'll get her back, I promise." I squeeze her hand reassuringly. Michael burst through the doors and smiles at me.

"Hey, Finlay. Do well with your propo?" He asks. He steps closer and slips his arm around Lillia's shoulders.

"Yeah, thanks. Think I'll watch yours, now." I grin and take a seat as they both step in front of the camera.

"My name is Lillia Everdeen. You may recognize me as the Victor of the 98th Hunger Games." Lillia says, her voice oozing confidence that only the Mockingjay's daughter could have.

"You might also recognize me, Michael Hawthorne. I placed second. Like the other previous tributes, I was kept under lock and key. I promise you, it was the worst thing I have ever been through. I didn't know if I'd ever see light. I didn't know if I'd see my family ever again. I didn't know if I'd see Lillia again." Michael adds.

"They captured me and some others, but Finlay, Michael, Straw and I escaped. They have my mother. My father. My aunt. My grandmother. My godfather. My best friend. The list could go on and on. They've had people in there since the 74th Hunger Games." Lillia says, closing her eyes tightly.

"Do you really want to fight for a side that does this to its citizens? A side that locks people away for years, decades even, whether they're loyal or not? Join the rebels and you'll be free. The citizens of the Districts won't have to worry about The Hunger Games again. Capitol citizens won't have to worry about angering Snow, or keeping up with the crazy fashion trends." Michael says.

"With or without your help, we will not fail. Not ever again. We just can't afford too. We will win this war, for us and for you. The Capitol had miss-treated us for far too long. We will start a war so big that they will never be able to recover. Help us and you will be rewarded. Stand against and…Well, you'll see. Because we won't lose. Not now. Not ever." Lillia finishes. The camera clicks off.

"Perfect." Plutarch Heavensbee whispers.

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