Ariel's School for People with Abnormal Abilities

A/N: Hello, again! I was really bored in school last week, and so I decided to start writing an Elsword fanfic. And then I forgot about it until I was looking through my fanfic binder that I have early this morning and saw it. I didn't see very many Elsword fanfics, so I thought, 'Hey, why not increase the number by one?' Anyway, here it is!

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Note: All the characters in this chapter are the way they are before any job changes

Ch. 1

Aisha's POV: Flashback

I was seven at the time. Raven, Chung, Eve, and I were playing in an empty field, bored of waiting for Elsword and Rena. After a while, we got worried and decided to split up and look for them. We went to the village, and I assigned everyone areas to look around. "And meet back at the square whether you found them or not." I went near a group of shops and saw…

Rena kissing Elsword.

I was unfazed, of course, I was only little and didn't love him at the time. But I still walked up to them with an angry face.

"So you guys think didn't play with us so that you could do stupid grown-up stuff? That's not nice and very rude!" I scolded them.

Elsword widened his eyes and looked at me as Rena pulled away. He opened his mouth to say something, but Rena beat him to it.

"Uh, Elsword doesn't want to play with you anymore, so, uh…" She grabbed Elsword and started to run off.

"That's very rude! Elsword, you meanie, I thought we were friends!" I called. I thought he was my friend… I ran back to the square. I knew they would be there by now.

And there was Elsword and Rena with Chung and the others. They were all laughing except for Elsword, who was just standing there, and Chung who looked angry. I had to admit, Chung was the only one who made sense around here. But it still hurt, because they were all in on it. I started crying. Elsword saw me, and he started running towards me.

I ran home, crying, trying to outrun him. Even though the space between us was growing, I knew that he knew where I was going.

Finally, I arrived home and slammed the door shut.

"Mom! Mom, Elsword and Rena were being mean!" I called. Whenever I fought with someone, she was always there to comfort me. Don't get me wrong; I'm not spoiled. She would tell me where they went wrong, and then where I went wrong. Once she calmed me down, I would go and apologize. After they apologized first, of course.

"Mom!" Where was she? "Dad? Agni?" What's going on? Why isn't anyone answering? Especially brother… "Agni? Agni! Hello?"

I walked into the kitchen. My eyes widened, and I started trembling.

No, I thought, Nononononono! My mind went into overdrive.

My parents and beloved brother were dead on the floor. Their limbs were torn off and there was a deep gash on their neck. There was blood everywhere, it's reaching up, it's drowning me. Getitoffgetitoffgetitoffgeti toff! NONONONONONO-!

I scream, then black out.