Ariel's School for People with Abnormal Abilities

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Ch. 4

Aisha's POV

"More El has been stolen!"

"What?! More El has been stolen?!" The students were all in a panic.

"Everyone, remain calm! The teachers are already conducting investigations. Every student is going in for questioning. You will be called in one by one over the intercom, so please study or read a book. Since I'm nice, you can talk, but don't let the teachers hear you, or else I'll get in trouble!" The girl ran off to some other classroom, most likely to spread the news.

I wasn't that panicked. "Hey, Elsword, what happens if all the El disappears?"

"I'm not sure. Chung?"

"The teachers told us. All life will slowly wither away. And the sad thing is, you won't die. You just sort of… watch. You can't move, you can't feel pain, and you don't die. It's weird, I don't know how to explain it. It wasn't very clear even when the teachers said it. It's probably because no one has experienced it and lived to tell the tale."

"Oh. I'm a little more panicked now," I said. Feeling nothing, huh? I'd rather experience pain.

Elsword laughed. "Don't worry. The teachers are taking care of it, and they might need to call in a few advanced students to kill some demons. No biggie."

"Elsword's right. But you do want to start panicking if we lose at least half the El in the El Tree."

"But that probably isn't going to happen, right?" I asked. "Isn't there a lot of El?"

"Yeah, there is a lot, and it probably isn't going to happen. You're right. But you can't be too careful when it comes to the El." Chung responded.

"I bet their going to end this class early, and possibly the next class." Elsword said, looking bored. "I mean, we have nothing to do."

Just then, the bell rang to end class.


"See you later, then!" I smiled. Oh, wait. Where is my class? Why don't they give us a schedule? It's not that hard to make… I had to memorize my class names, but they didn't tell me where. Merg. "Uh, hey, Elsword?"

Both he and Chung turned since they were walking side by side. "Yes?"

"Um… do you know where my Battle Training class is?"

Elsword and Chung looked at each other. "Wasn't it next to the exercise room last year?" Elsword asked Chung.

"I think so." Chung said, trying to remember.

"Well, then, let's try there, shall we?" All three of us walked there.

"Excuse me, is this where Magicians are trained?"


"Thanks, Elsword and Chung." I smiled and walked into class.

They smiled back and waved. I'm so glad they're here… Why does it feel like I know them?

You don't.

Oh, well, okay. "Hi. I'm Aisha, a new student here. Please take care of me."

"Aisha, you may sit anywhere you like." The teacher said. I guess the teachers' meeting is over.

"Aisha! Come sit next to me!" One girl said.

"Uh, okay." I sat in the empty seat next to her.

"I'm Eilyn. It's nice to meet you! Will you be my friend?"

"Yeah, sure." That was really straightforward…

"Yay!" She hugged (squeezed the life out of me) me.

"Listen up, kids! As you've probably heard, some more El was stolen earlier today. The teachers had a meeting, but they let the Battle Training class teachers leave early. We need to train you now more than ever. I'm sorry, but Battle Training classes will go on after school. So the people that are in Battle Training earlier than us will train a little in class, and then some more after school. We are sending you on missions earlier than usual. We originally said six weeks, but now it's only three. Feel free to use the Virtual Training Room anytime you like. Today, we will be going over good battle strategies. Tomorrow, we will practice basic moves in the Virtual Training Room. Please pay attention to these battle strategies, they may save your life one day."

"Hey, Naes, don't you think the new girl's cute?" The guy near me whispered to his friend behind him.

"Yeah. Too bad she's flat-chested."

"Eilyn," I whispered to my new friend," that guy is suicidal."

"How can you tell?"

"He said I was flat-chested."

"Yea, he's gonna die sometime soon. Make sure you don't leave any evidence!" We both giggled quietly.

"I think she's okay flat-chested. She's still cute."

"Yeah, but cute isn't the same as sexy."

Eilyn and I exchanged glances. How often do they talk about this?!

"Naes! Rhys! Stop talking! What were we talking about, Rhys?"

"Uh… Forgive me teacher. I don't know what we were talking about, and I won't talk again."

"Yeah, sure." Eilyn and I giggled again.

"Aisha!" Miss Ariel looked angry. And cute…

"Yes, ma'am?"

"What were we talking about?"

Hmm… Wouldn't people normally learn about the pincer movement first? It's basic and useful… "The pincer movement."

"Wow, very good! That's not what I was calling it, but it's the formal name for it! Where did you learn that?"

"Uh… A book… I think…?" I don't remember…

"Nice! Please come up and explain it. It doesn't look like I'm a good teacher, nobody is getting what I say…" Miss Ariel looked flustered. I walked to the chalkboard.

"It's really simple. This is a great battle tactic for when the enemy is in a small concentrated area, or in their camp. Basically, you have one or two rows of soldiers who sneak around and surround the area, and slowly close in and attack. Kind of like the pincers on crabs."

"Oh, that's what she meant!"

"I get it now…"

"Aisha's good!"

"Aisha, you should be our teacher!"

I was taken aback. "But I'm just a new student… I don't know that much about fighting, and we just happened to learn about something I know."

"Thank you, Aisha. Please return to your seat."

"Wow, that was good!" Eilyn exclaimed quietly as I sat down.

"Oh, thank you."

She looked at me. "You look lost in thought. Is something bothering you?"

"No." There was one thing…

When I walked into this classroom…

And wondered if I knew Elsword and Chung…

I heard a voice…

Who said I didn't know them?

It wasn't me…


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