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Summary: Grief and joy are felt in the family yet shadows are rising up. Leo is torn and what roles do Kira and Zankou play? Read to find out what the Halliwells have to face now.

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A little recall as what had happened at least on LB,BB:
Chris managed to kill Gideon with Excalibur and Wyatt was his witness. Meanwhile Victor, Phoebe and Paige helped Piper giving birth to Chris, and Leo went to Chris as Wyatt came down. The father saw his son die and the Shadow helped the birth. There was an exchange of a letter in between while Prue guided Chris to the afterlife.

1. Back to normality?


As Prue arrived with a ghostly Chris in the afterlife, they were greeted by Patty and Penny. The elder women kissed the boy and guided him to a portal which was glowing.

Confused the boy turned around, "What's going on? What are you doing?"

"You're needed at home. Your destiny is waiting," Penny exclaimed and shoved the boy harder.

"Wait. What destiny?"

"You'll see when you are there. And now go! Your family's waiting."

Suddenly Chris grinned at his three relatives and ran through the portal, making the three women sigh in relief. Yet knowing that their living relatives needed them now, Penny, Patty and Prue looked onto them, waiting for any call.


To sum it up: Leo is locked in his own hell, Piper takes care of her boys and tries to reach her husband while Phoebe and Paige just struggle through their lives. If there were any demon on the run, they'd be killed by Wyatt who protects his baby brother, his hero, with all his might.

However, Wyatt was orbing around the house, helping his Daddy with his sadness, his Mommy with his baby brother and himself. It's not that he didn't like it but he's just two years old! Something has to happen – NOW!

Piper knew where Leo was. In the attic, reading a letter their son had written. Died and born on the same day and that was something any human could not combine well. This family, however, must. Taking care of her boys distracted the mother from her pain, because anyone needed her. At least, her Dad was there and helped her dealing when Leo couldn't.

Phoebe and Paige tried to distract themselves with work, yet it seemed to be in vain. Nothing they did helped and the older of the two was getting a headache at home and the younger one was looking for a new job – at Magic School. Mostly, because the pupils there needed a new guide. If the school stayed opened, her nephews could go there too.

And Leo? He didn't even know or realize all this. The father only clutched his son's letter and tears ran over his face. Reading this letter time and again, he didn't know how to feel. Couldn't even face his baby son and Wyatt was the only contact to the outside world. He knew he had to change but was not able to yet. Forcing himself to read the letter a last time, his tears were only running and Leo just sobbed,

Hey Dad,

when you're reading this, you may lost and earned me on my birthday but don't worry. You will see me grow up this time and that's why I'm writing to you now.

Today I was given a glimpse of the future and so I must warn you about the Avatars who are after you. Better your powers but I beg you to refuse. It's not good for you, believe me. What you can do though is to clip your wings, become a mortal and you get old like Mom. As I said, watching Wyatt and me grow up will be enough fun for you two. Believe me, I speak of experience.

Anyway, please listen to me, Dad. Whatever the Avatars will offer you, don't take it! And Dad, don't cut yourself out off our lives. I need you and so do Mom and Wyatt. The whole family. Please, Dad, we all need you. Don't miss so much!

All the best,

your baby boy


P.S. If need be, show the letter to anyone!

Carefully folding the letter and pocketing it, the man finally was on the healing way and could now help his family. And he wanted to see his baby boy! It was time to face the reality. With all the consequences. Yet as typical for the Halliwells, just as something went right, another one did wrong.

The moment Leo joined his surprised family, he took his baby boy from his wife. Cuddling and just holding him, the man could see what he had missed. Giving Piper a kiss on the cheek and Wyatt one on his head, Leo was ready to take over his natural part in the family again.

A jingling sound was heard. It was Roland who looked sadly at the family of four. "I'm sorry to disturb you as you were just starting to heal," the Elder explained. "But Leo is on trial. He needs to come with me now!"

"What for?" Piper asked confused and angrily. "What has he done? And in case you hadn't noticed, my boys need their father!"

"I know and am aware of that fact but I don't have the permission to tell you, though I want to. Please, go with it and Leo returns sooner to his family."

"Okay," she whispered and grabbed Leo's hand for help. "But can we, as the Charmed Ones, see what Leo is on trial for?"

"I'm afraid not, Piper. He has to face this alone but won't be fully. You have friends among the Elders." Roland knew what he was talking about, yet Kevin's latest drawn picture showed a dark future. The Elders had to act quickly!

"I'm going," Leo determined, giving his baby son to his mother and all three of them a kiss. Going over to Roland he said, "I'm ready. We can leave."

Roland nodded and mouthed to Piper only 'Paige' and both men orbed 'Up There', leaving a mother with her two boys behind.

Instantly the woman yelled for her littlest sister, "Paige! Bring Phoebe with! You're both needed! Pronto!" Seeing how Wyatt held his hands over Chris's little ears made her smile. "Sorry, boys! Mommy just needs some help from your aunts."

As if on cue, Paige with Phoebe orbed in. "What's up, Piper? We were kinda busy, you know."

"Leo is on trial and we're not allowed, so Paige, you already have good contacts in Magic School, right?" Piper wanted to know, playing with her boys. She just wanted Leo back.

Briefly the younger sisters looked at each other confused. Phoebe comforted her older sister while Paige answered, "I do have but what for?"

"Finding out what's going on 'Up There'. What else."

Paige nodded and orbed away while Phoebe took Wyatt in her arms. "So Leo's back?" Her sister nodded, holding her baby tight. "Don't worry. He'll be back, because Leo knows what's at risk here."

Piper accepted nodding and cuddled her boys from time to time. Both sisters occupied their new members and waited for anything to happen. Soon Paige joined and all three sisters only waited.


There was a coming and going in the Seer's lair and this was slowly getting on her nerves. It seemed as if half of the underworld knew Zankou was out in the open now. Great, and any demon wanted something from her. Wonderful, would she ever have a life again?

"You can if you help us," a voice said and all of a sudden, everything was quiet in the woman's lair. "So Kira, will you?"

"Oh, it's you. I was wondering when you'd show up. I'd expected you earlier, you know," the woman explained with crossed arms over her chest. "What do you want, Alpha?"

"As a Seer I thought you knew." The Avatar smirked at her. "By the way, have you seen the present Zankou?"

Kira began to pace. "What if I knew? Anyway, I do know who you are really after. By testing the boy's power you've changed your mind. So Gideon played fully into your hands, just not the way as intended."

"We didn't give the boy the vision for nothing, did we? You know us." Alpha looked at her curiously. "Have you had any guests from 'Up There' here, woman?"

"As if I tell you." The woman went with her fingers over the man's black shirt. "I know what you want to achieve but I doubt the sisters would ever leave their baby alone."

"We'll see, Kira. We'll see." Alpha pushed the woman away. "So, where's Zankou? He's here, isn't he? His future self left him in your care, afraid of his partners back then."

"When you all know, why are you here, Alpha?"

The leading Avatar now circled the Seer. "We may need your services, just like Zankou did. And we may fulfill your inner wishes, Kira. Like to become a human."

Kira looked shocked at the Avatars. "How do you know that?" Silence. "But I'd beg you to give me some time to think about it, okay? I'm sure you also have other things to do."

Again a smirk. "You are right. Are two weeks enough for you?"

"Make it one month and we'll have a deal."

Alpha bowed slightly and the group of Avatars left the place unseen. Instantly the noises were back and Kira sighed relieved. What should she do now? There had to be a solution. Freeing Zankou was out of question – for now?!


As Leo with Roland reformed, he was instantly reminded of Chris's Tribunal but now he was on trial for whatever reason. The father had a wild guess but could wait for the moment. He only wished to be there for his sons. Even now.

"Leo Wyatt, you are here for letting a fellow Elder, your mentor Gideon, die. Though not by your hands, yet you offered the idea. Therefore you are put on trial," one Elder explained calmly, looking at his former colleague. "What do you have to say for your defense, Leo?"

Leo closed his eyes and sighed. "I was only trying to protect my family. Gideon was a threat to my boys and that from the start as you know. What is wrong with that?"

"It was an Elder, one of us and so are you. Since Chris is out of reach, someone has to pay. Besides, we feel a new threat and could really use your help for defending this." All Elders hoped for a wise decision but that was completely uncertain.

Another sigh. "I can't promise you anything since I'm on trial and I'd really like to know what you'll have to say. No matter what, I'll stay to my promise – to my boys."

Roland suddenly smiled. "I take it you'll need a lawyer, preferably Cole Turner if possible, right? I'll see what can be arranged."

Leo nodded. "Thanks, Roland. And yep, you read my mind correctly. If Chris could manage it, why should I not? Anyway, what about the girls and my boys?"

"If Paige goes to Magic School next time, she'll find something useful." Roland twinkled his eye. Someone cleared their throat behind them. "What is it now, Zola?"

"The Tribunal is ready. We can go."

The three Elders only shared a look, saying nothing to each other before orbing away. Just in the moment they were gone, Kevin came out running – with drawn a picture in his hand. Obviously there was only one choice left, because this was kinda important. Their future depended on this.


Wyatt entertained his baby brother with orbs and touched the baby from time to time, to show him he was there. Mommy and the aunties were also there and watched them, he knew but only one could help here: their Daddy.

Piper, however, saw this and begged silently her baby sister, "Can you orb to Magic School again and see if anything has changed, please? I'd like to have some good news at the moment."

Paige took her older sister's hand. "Don't worry, I'll orb over. Besides, I don't think these two will need us at the moment."

"Just go, Paige," Phoebe said and elbowed her baby sister to hurry. "I'll watch over these three. We need information at first. You are our best choice."

"I know. See you soon." The youngest Charmed One orbed away...and returned just as quickly with a note in her hand, it seemed. "Guys, I found this at Magic School. For all of us."

"Dada," Wyatt offered and his little brother grinned, better squealed excitedly.

"What do you mean?" Piper couldn't help but ask her son who only shrugged. "Paige, read the note, please! It's the only way to find out."

Paige nodded and opened the small note but was irritated as the letters seemed to be false. "I can't read this. Whoever wrote this was crazy." She handed the note to her older sisters.

Phoebe took it and looked at her nephews, again. "Maybe it's not for us to read, or is but only with the boys' help. It'd make sense," she suggested. "It's worth a shot, don't you think?"

"Okay," Piper agreed and took the note from her younger sister. After this, she took her boys into her lap and instantly the letters became words. "Oh, cool. You're good, Pheebs but the Elders' words make no sense. With the Shadow is the Light and with that a way to Heaven. It's quite strange."

The youngest sister was deep in thought. "Wait. Didn't you all see a Shadow right before Chris was born? Like our Shadow in the house, you know."

Unnoticed, the mentioned Shadow had slowly gone into Wyatt, making him speak for itself. "Don't worry, Charmed Ones," the two-year-old said in a deep voice and the three sisters turned to the boy shocked. "I need someone to speak with you!"

"Oh." Piper looked at her baby and saw black eyes and Chris was quiet...and trusting. "Can I ask you why you chose my baby?"

"I make it simple: Chris will once be able to control me. A special power. It could have been before but it didn't happen and that's why I took my chance now."

"Okay," Paige said and gestured to the note in Piper's hands. "In this note, the Elders suggest that you could help us to go to Leo who's on trial."

The boy grinned suddenly. "No problem. Just link your hands and I'll send you above. Don't worry, you won't be seen. I'll keep waiting here."

Stunned the three sisters looked at each other before doing as told. In an unhuman speed the little family reached the Tribunal chamber where they'd been before. It was quiet and they could see that Leo was crying and held a letter in his hand.

Placing Wyatt with Chris down on the floor, Piper wanted to run to her husband but her sisters held her back, because they would be out in the open then. Though seeing Leo this sad, they wondered what had happened.

Soon the trial went on and all three were confronted with their past, especially the recent one with adult Chris. Everything circled around Gideon and the hate was immediately back but there was nothing they could do. Tears were running down their cheeks.


The Seer was pacing around a statue with bees over it. She hated her situation at the moment and what the Avatars offered was kinda crazy, in her eyes. Also their plan to get a Halliwell.

"You know you brought me into a delicate situation here. All kinds of demons want you and I don't want you to be freed. What will happen to me then?"

The woman rubbed her temples. She wanted to live more than anything but Zankou's letter could be helpful, or not. Again, all was in change and all circled around the Halliwells, and especially the new baby. Damn!

"Is there someone who could help me?! I just don't know what to do." A deep sigh went out and she heard a faint, unknown sound, making her turn to the source. "Who are you?"

"That doesn't matter. I know you are torn inside. On the one side you want to help but on the other side your 'services' are needed by anyone, be they good or evil. And Zankou didn't help either. You know your fate, don't you?"

Kira could only nod. Who was this to know her inner wishes? "You are also torn, I can feel but you don't work for the Avatars, do you? Because Alpha also knows this." She groaned. "Wonderful. I really don't know whom to believe anymore."

"Don't worry, Kira. All will come in time." And the being was gone.

Truth to be old, the Seer was more confused than ever. This 'being' was definitely not the Nexus, what she would have felt, but what was it? Maybe the Shadow of the Manor or a different being who knows anything and anyone. Well, it was getting interesting more and more. For both sides.

Going through her long hair, Kira really needed to sit down for a moment. Seemingly bad beings want her to be good, and stay this way and well, the good guys do the opposite. Great, this world couldn't get more confused. It seemed as if the whole cosmos were thrown out of joint.

However, the Seer was still torn. The Avatars, Zankou, all these people want something from her but what does she want for real?


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