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10. Teaching & Leading


Leo was up early. For once had beaten his wife but two little boys were not easy to handle. Thus, the pupils in Magic School were not matured either. Sighing, he drank his coffee and waited for the rest of the clan to stand up.

"Hey," Piper greeted him kissing. "What's up? You couldn't sleep well, could you?"

"Nah, I'm fine. Where are the boys?"

"Still sleeping, I hope. Why are you asking?" She laid a hand on his arm. "You worry too much since the last incident with Zankou. And the attack on Chris."

"It seems that there has been a shift. With the Shadow, Chris and Wyatt and all around them. I mean the Avatars, Kira and Zankou." He sighed. "I just feel so helpless."

"You're not the only one." At that moment the baby monitor came to life and let the parents know that they were needed. "Let me go! You'll go to work." Piper went back to the nursery, to her boys.

Leo sighed. She'd never understand what he felt when Chris died and now the recent attacks. He'd need to ask the Elders for advice if they were going to answer. Still, his work needed to be done and Magic School didn't lead itself.

Meanwhile Piper had reached her boys but the view in the nursery made her stop … and smiling. Wyatt was trying to comfort his baby brother but didn't know the cause.

Sensing his Mommy, the elder boy turned to her for help. "Mama. Kwis!"

Piper went to them. "It's okay. C'mon, time for breakfast! And then to Dada."

The boys grinned at her as she took them to the kitchen where she fed them with their usual breakfast. Though one ate well as not knowing otherwise and the other one refusing. It tested Piper's patience but the mother was used to it by now.

An hour later, Piper was ready to leave for her own job at her club P3 and therefore she brought the boys to their Daddy in their own room. Quickly the eldest Charmed One made her way to the club where she brought everything right in place.


Leo was sitting at his desk, studying the next schedules for the upcoming weeks. Soon his sons were brought to their room by his wife who kissed him briefly before hurrying away. Watching his boys always made him happy.

"Leo," Ben interrupted unfortunately. "Sorry to disturb you but we have a little problem."

"What kind?" Wyatt's orbs entertained Chris again and also their version of hide-and-seek.

"Well." Ben swallowed hard. "Queen Elizabeth I."

"What!" Leo jumped up furiously and his hands were on his desk. "That can change history more than anything before! Let's go!"

"What about the boys?" Ben wanted to know curiously, knowing the man well enough.

"Look after them!" the father demanded. "I'll solve this hopefully soon." And Leo was gone.

Ben sighed and turned to the kids who looked at him in pure innocence. Not good.


Leo stormed into the classroom, startling anyone as he slammed the door angrily. "Alright, I see what's going on." Meaning the confused woman in their midst. "What I want to know is who did it. NOW!"

Slowly a hand came up. "It was me, Sir," Duncan said and swallowed hard. "But it was by accident, I swear. It's the second time, actually."

"Wonderful. I take it your hormones took over." All pupils blushed instantly. "Anyway, someone guides her with respect, and you, Duncan, write a spell to send her back. We don't want to change history that much. I've been through this already!" He was about to walk out when a feeling stopped him. "Someone else is here."

"Who, Sir?" one asked bewildered.

"Could be Lord Drake," the Queen said, standing up. "Thanks for saving me though."

"No problem. Lord Drake is known well enough."

"True. But where am I? This looks ancient but nice. What's going on?"

"You don't wanna know, believe me. A lot has changed since your century. Though I can't understand why they called you." Leo stopped suddenly blushing.

"Must be because I'm a virgin?" the Queen said knowingly.

"So true." He ran to the classroom. "Hormones and teenagers!"


"Yep. Lord Drake!" Leo looked around. "Duncan, you've got the spell?" His pupil nodded. "Well, then say it!"

Duncan cleared his throat and recited,

A time for everything,

And everything in place,

Return what's been moved

Through time and space.

Instantly the real woman and ghostly man vanished into the book which Duncan had read before. All sighed in relief and turned to their new leader in awe.

"That was nothing. It'll be usual for my boys. And now excuse me." Leo finally walked back to his office where a mess was waiting for him. A shocked gasp was heard.


Zankou thought it was time to form his inner circle. Laygan was already in but the rest? It was clear he needed help but always better to do it himself.

"Laygan, my friend. I could need your help."

Wanted demon shimmered in front of his Master. "What for? What are you planning, Zankou?"

"As you know I found out that the little baby, Chris, is the key to the Shadow. Or the Nexus which is what I want."

"I'll get that but what do you need me for?"

"Well, I'd need some distractions for the family, the complete family. And their friends, naturally and that means Kira included, because the baby needs to be alone – to get him."

"How long shall this go if you don't mind my question, Zankou?" Laygan asked a bit afraid. You never know with Zankou's temper.

Zankou smiled at his friend. "You don't have to worry, Laygan and it will take as long as necessary. Days, weeks, months."

Laygan began nervously. "Not to be negative or anything, Zankou, but I don't think most demons would appreciate a long wait. They don't have the patience like you do."

"I know." Zankou looked at his man. "But they'd only attack once whether they succeed or not. In general, they'd be guinea pigs for me. And with every step, I'd get to know the Halliwells more and better."

"True," Laygan agreed. "Still, demons don't like to be sold out like that. Though the Charmed Ones are always a challenge for any demon. As well as the Twice-Blessed."

"Wait a second." Zankou stopped his walk. "Wyatt is the Twice-Blessed, because his mother is Charmed and his father was a whitelighter. As far as I know, Leo was an Elder when Chris was concieved and doesn't that make him Twice-Blessed too?"

Laygan shrugged. "No idea. Philosophy is not my thing. If you go above again, you can find out." He took a deep breath and explained, "I'm sure there are some demons who would like to please you, Zankou, and attack the Charmed Ones and their family."

"That's all I wanted to hear," Zankou said smiling. "Go and find those who want." Laygan nodded and shimmered away. Zankou sat down and smiled. "The Halliwells won't know what hit them. And the Shadow will be mine."

His laughter echoed through the cave. He was sure that in the end he'd be the winner.


Leo couldn't stop the gasp as he stood in the door of his office. Half of it was a mess and so was Ben who looked up in pure innocence. "Okay, what did I miss here?" Behind him, all pupils gathered and laughed quietly.

Ben stood up. "I swear I didn't do anything! But your boys know their powers well, though they are only babies. Damn it!"

"Can we hear the story, please?" Duncan asked curiously. "By the way, you look good, Ben."

"Very funny," Ben tried to get his dirt away but it wouldn't work. "Don't you have enough problems on your own, Duncan?"

"True," Leo stepped in and the attention was on him again. "Duncan, we're going to talk about your conjuring soon and now Ben, tell us what had happened here."

Ben sighed and dusted himself. Looking at the boys and then at the people around him, especially Leo, he began his story, "You see the moment you were gone, your little devils here saw obviously a new toy in me …"


Ben looked after the fleeing man and then turned to the boys who looked up at him with grins. "Alright, what do you want to play?"

The answer was several conjured balls and toys for the baby. Sitting down, he rolled the little balls in Wyatt and Chris's direction which instantly came back to him, making him smile.

"What else?" he asked and promptly the boys orbed onto him. "Whoa. Your daddy didn't tell me that you already orb. Uff, what are you doing?"

Colors appeared on his face and the little hands spread those around his body and more his face. Soon, Ben looked like a spotted bird. Trying to get up again was not working, only the boys' laughter was heard.

Then Wyatt and Chris started to hit the young man with their toys and hands. Sensing their Dad come back, both boys immediately orbed back to their previous place and looked completely innocent.


"… And that's the situation you found me in. I swear these boys will give grey hair, Leo. For you and Piper, I promise," Ben explained sighing. "More?"

"If there is." Leo was curious, naturally.

Ben turned to the boys who just continued to play with their toys. "Well, all know that Wyatt can orb but did you know that Chris could too?"

"What?" Leo was shocked. This couldn't be true, could it? Looking at his youngest boy, he tried to get him to orb. "Hey Chris, you wanna come to Daddy?"

First Chris turned to his big brother, asking him silently for permission but Wyatt just shrugged. So he simply orbed to his Daddy, snuggling into his chest. The boy was getting tired anyway.

The father caught his son quickly. "Whoa." He kissed Chris on his head and heard him sigh in return what made him smile. "You could have told me that you have your powers, eh?"

"See, I was telling the truth," Ben pointed out like a child. He felt that way since all pupils were making fun of him.

"Anyway," Leo cut in. "I think the boys need their nap right now while some of you clean this mess up, clear? Wyatt, c'mon, time to sleep!" His son took his hand and the father brought them to their cribs, laying them down.

Duncan, Ben and the other pupils, however, cleaned the mess in Leo's office up. It was done so quick that it even astonished them and even Leo when he returned from the next room.

"Thanks guys," Leo said in grate. "All of you can go now, except Duncan and Ben. We're in need of talk right now and you know why." The two swallowed hard while the others ran away.

Closing the door, Leo was doing his best to scold these two, though Ben was graduating soon.


Zankou grinned happily. Laygan was showing him demons who were very eager to please him. Even if it meant dying, though all demons knew that going against the Charmed Ones mean suicide.

Laygan looked at Zankou and saw his smile. That meant his work was good. "I take it you like my choice, don't you? I asked and they all came."

"My name's still feared, I see. You did well, Laygan. Let them know I will call each when I need him or them. I want to know about the history of the Halliwells first. All of it, you know."

"But I thought you already knew, Sir," Laygan said afraid. "Though I do my best to tell you all I know."

"Do that but it'd be best to find it out first bound. From the sisters themselves, especially Piper," Zankou mused, deep in thoughts. "Anyway, give me a cliff note version of the history."

Laygan nodded. "Well, in 1998 the three sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell reunited again after their Grandma's death. They fought many demons, even Barbas who attacked them several times after this. Leo Wyatt was there from the start but was only allowed to marry Piper two years later. Cole Turner appeared as well but Prue died at the end by the hand of Shax."

"Interesting. And then they found Paige, their youngest sister."

"True. Paige's the daughter of their mother Patty but with her whitelighter Sam. Anyway, they killed the Source and the Triad and later on, Piper got pregnant. The baby showed its powers early and all said it'd be the Twice-Blessed. It was born on a special day and turned out to be a boy, going by the name Wyatt. At his blessing, Chris then stepped in who turned out to be Wyatt's baby brother and well, you know the rest."

"Thank you, Laygan. Your work is very appreciated and tell the demons to wait for my call, okay?" The demon nodded and shimmered away. Zankou was pleased. Time would be on his side, because he was patient. The Nexus, Shadow and Chris would be his.


Leo came home late this night, with Wyatt at his hand and Chris already sleeping and drooling on his shoulder. Though he was tired himself but at least he'd been warned in advance. By Ben and this confirmed his theory about Wyatt and Chris being little devils.

"Hey Leo, what took you so long today?" Piper asked friendly but gasped at his state. "Wow, you look tired. What has happened at Magic School?"

"Let's bring those two to bed and then I'll explain it to you, okay?"

His wife nodded and took their eldest son into her arms where he fell asleep immediately. Together they brought their kids to the nursery and put them into their cribs. They were sleeping like stones.

Walking back to the kitchen, both parents sat down and Leo instantly grabbed a cup of coffee for himself. Piper raised an eyebrow at his action but said nothing. For now. She'd let it tell him in his own words – if she can wait that long.

Looking up, Leo could read his wife's look well. "I can see you want to know but at the moment I only can tell you that there's a lot of trouble ahead for us. Believe me."

"You're making me even more curious now, Leo," Piper said calmly, though her curiosity got the best of her. "Tell me, please, please."

Leo laughed at her. "And here I thought you'd react on the word 'trouble'." His laughter increased until his wife silenced him with her patented glare. "Alright, both your sons can orb now and they decided to play their little pranks on Ben and later on me."

Piper nodded before the words finally registered in her brains. "Wait. Chris can orb too?!" Her husband nodded. "Wow, that's cool. Must be, because you were an Elder this time." She was amazed. "Wow."

"Just wait till they'll play their tricks on you. Your kitchen could be a mess, especially since Chris takes after you in more than one way," Leo explained kind of curiously. He really looked forward to this day.

"They wouldn't do that!" Piper protested angrily. "If both my kids don't want to be grounded for life!" However, the thought still amused her but didn't show it. Hopefully.

Still, Leo found this amusing and couldn't hide his laughter from time to time. His wife's glare he simply ignored this time.

Looking at the watch, Piper noticed the time finally. "I think we should go to bed as well. It's already late and we both have had long days."

Leo yawned as if to confirm. "You are right. I'd still like to know if our kitchen is a mess tomorrow."

Piper shook her head amused before dragging lovingly her husband to their bedroom. While Leo changed himself, Piper once again checked on their sons and taking the baby monitor with her. In the night, the Charmed One felt happy in Leo's arms. It was so right.


Orbs flittered through the air, waking the sleeping parents. Looking up, they only saw Wyatt what made them sit up in concern. However, it was useless since Chris followed his brother, like always and the baby giggled.

"Okay," Piper said. "You were right, I admit. Chris can orb too. I think we are officially in trouble then."

"Mommy hungwy," Wyatt called out all whiny but his little brother only giggled and squealed in his Daddy's lap happily. "Kwissie too."

"Right. I know I'm only wax." She sighed and looked at her husband and kids. "Why in God's name did I end up with boys?"

Leo just kissed his wife as an answer. He was glad his boys couldn't understand this. Yet. "Don't worry about that. Besides, it's all settled with Grams and the rest of the clan. Anyway, I think it was high time for male witches in the Halliwell family."

"Well, I'm happy you think this way." In her grew the need to kiss him back. Long and forever.

"Mommy! Hungwy!"

"Oh sorry, my babies." Piper kissed her sons lovingly. "Mommy is getting dressed quickly and then we're having breakfast, okay? Leo?" He nodded and she stood up, getting dressed and taking then Chris in her arms and Wyatt by the hand. "We'll be in the kitchen."

Ten minutes later Leo joined his family. He kissed his wife once more and then helped Chris mostly with his meal as Wyatt tried to eat bravely on his own, making anyone smile.

About ten minutes after that, Phoebe and Paige finally decided to join their family at breakfast. Paige drank coffee to come alive and Phoebe, well, just ate some of the large breakfast.


Zankou had taken Kira's pool as his own. He'd find out how it worked but he knew time would be on his side. Chris and the Shadow were on his targets and the family would not know what hit them. Zankou could be patient all the time.


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