Author: Nanako.

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me except those went straight to what I've been using brains.

Author's Note: What do you want me to tell you? Except, perhaps, that this is the first time I write a fiction about Black Cat. And history, I write from episode 12. I hope you enjoy this O.S!

Happy reading ;)

The cat is revealed.

The scene semblai happen at idle before his eyes. They looked fallen. They listened yelled terrors.

He should help. He had to rescue them. It should jump into the void and do everything to be able to loose before they crash to the ground like common insects. It should ...

However, it does not move. His weapon is always pointed towards the head of Creed. His face did not face him, he is back.

He looks. He listens.

His body does not move. Why? Why?! Therefore, the body does not move?! He had to help! They had ... They focused rescues him when he was injured, paid him to eat, helped her to have a normal life, they ...

Doshte ... (= Why)

His gaze left the bodies of his friends to look around him. His gaze swept around him without taking into account the people around him. That about? That voice ... The voice seemed familiar ...? Iie! (= Not) Impossible!

Doshte ...

Do shte...? How does doshte!? Who owns that voice?! He was lost! Who speaks?! And why is it here to worry about that instead of the saved!? He had saved them before ... before ...

Before ...


Doshte? Why do you want them saved?

But because ... because ...


Because ... it's ... it's ... his friends ... ... Here! This is because they are his friends! That's why he had to be saved!

You're friends? Onto? (= Really) As are you really sure?

Of course yes! What are you-

And who owns that voice? Why, she asks all these questions without head or tail?! He did not understand anything!

Think! Who are you really? How could you believe that? Why do you have to continuously you warped face? Yet how long will this circus? For whom are you doing this? When will you decide finally to drop? Why?! When?! Who?! Answers to all these questions!

But ... what ... what ... that voice spoke to him? He did not understand anything! He was lost! He does not know! He does not know!

Who? When? Why?

But ... finally! What is the question? It makes no sense! He knows who he is! He was not stupid!

In this case, who are you?

Who was he? Who he was! The voice mocked him?! It is Train Heartnet, 18, bounty hunter! That was it!


In this burst of voice, he jumped. His weapon fell from his hands before the bewildered eyes of members of the Apostles of the Star and the Chronos Numbers. But this he paid no attention. Voice ... his voice ... screaming. Her screams seemed to echo in her mind giving the impression of having a song of battle in his head.


He did not believe it. One week had passed since talked with his voice, his voice. In fact, he was happy. Thanks to his conscience, he was himself again. He no longer hid. This mask he wore for years was falling. This mask he began so many years to build, it was without weakening it realizes. He chuckled in retrospect. It was the best, was not observed. Pathetic. But he did not care now. He got rid of the skin that clung to the skin, this mask was not eventually take on its true him. His true desires. His true feelings.

What joy he had felt! When his mask is falling to the ground breaking into a thousand piece as if it were glass, he had felt. Yes, he had felt. The excitement was winning her body. Spreading through his veins like a good fresh although silting provides after much effort. His body was shaking the whole happiness to feel again that the drugs travel through. A smile of pure sadism, worthy of the greatest psychopath and Creed, had appeared on his lips when a chuckle escaped his throat. His ears buzzed enjoy listening to his sounds he had not heard him escape. His iris was two slots become dangerous when the fun, excitement, sadism, cruelty and envy of blood danced so sensual, provocative and dangerous reminiscent of the "Danse Macabre".

The screams of terror of his "friends" was nothing more than a sweet symphony ears. More insane laughter Creed, seeing that he had returned to Him, covered. After that, he had recovered his Hades and they fought against the member of Chronos. A sigh escaped him filled with fun remembering the pleasure he had felt in the fighting.

A kiss, full of sweetness on her bare shoulder, brought him back to reality was just as pleasant as her memories. A small smile formed on his lips to grab before they are all in a kiss as sweet as before by Creed, partner and lover. He was happy here. He had a brother, a mother hen, a mad doctor, a big brother and a little sister loves him. They were a family. The apostles of the star is a family before a bunch of psychopaths completely ravaged brain.

The cat was released and received a great reward.

Voili voilou! I hope this little story you would please! Frankly, I wish at the end of episode 12 Train joins the apostles rather than stay with his bounty hunter morons but good!

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