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Chapter 1.

"You're wearing a black skirt. Very professional on the outside. Hem just above your knee. Quite proper, but I know you're naked underneath. You enjoy the silky feel on your skin don't you?"

Bella Swan gulped as she read the words on the computer screen.

"I do," she typed before hitting send.

"You step further into my office and close the door behind you, with a soft click. Those gorgeous lips curve up, and that smile makes everything else disappear. Your body leans into the door and those big expressive brown eyes look at me. Eyes that reveal your every thought. Today, those eyes tell me you want me.

"Do you want me Angel?"

"Yes," she typed. Oh yes.

"I want you too, baby. I've always wanted you."

She shivered.

"I pat my hand on the desk and you start to stroll over, those hips that have been driving me crazy since the day we met, swaying to their own rhythm. You're taking your time, teasing me, making me wait.

You sit on the edge of my desk, feet coming up to rest on the arms of my chair, spreading those sexy legs for me. Legs I've wanted to reach out and touch so many times. Can I touch them Angel?"

"Please," she typed.

"My fingers grasp your ankles and travel slowly up your calves, you tremble at my touch. Your skin is soft. Like satin. You've been waiting too haven't you? "

"Yes," she breathed barely remembering to type the words.

"I brush my fingers against your curls and groan when I feel the heat between your legs. You're so wet. Thinking about me, hmm? Your scent is driving me to the brink and I can't resist a taste."

Oh. My.

"My tongue is gliding over you, circling your flesh. You like that baby?"

Bella bit on her lips to keep the moan from escaping. "Yes," she typed.

"You're so slick and ready. You want to go over the edge don't you?"

Bella's hand trembled. Her toes curled up inside her fuzzy purple slippers. CountryBoy was coming on strong tonight, and after a busy day at the agency, she could use the extra heat.

With fingers stiff and shaken, she forced herself to type, "Yes."

"I'm going to tease you."

What? No. Don't tease.

"My tongue is barely touching you. Your back is arched and you're pulling yourself toward me, whimpering, begging for more. You want to get closer, but my fingers dig into your thighs and hold you firmly, making you wait. Through long, ragged breaths, I hear you whisper, 'Please."

She swallowed hard, her body pulsed. She was aching to be touched, but she knew her cyber lover was far from the end.

"My tongue slides along that spot, the spot that sends you over. Light strokes become firmer, faster, until you explode in my mouth. Your teeth are worrying your lips to keep in the scream, you have to be quiet. Your eyes slide shut as the orgasm takes you.

You quiver against my tongue. It feels...like heaven. I'm so hard for you baby. Everything in me cries to be inside you, now. I need to plunge inside until you beg for me to come."

Bella's mouth went dry. She shifted in her seat, wanting to reach down and touch herself to relieve the tension between her legs.

"Can I take you now?" CountryBoy asked.

Had she been coherent enough she would've scoffed at him. She barely had the energy to reach up and type "Yes."

"I rise from my chair. You're open for me, so beautiful. Your eyes are heavy and sated. The bulge in my pants however was straining against the material for release."

She bit down on her lip, swearing this time she broke the skin. So intense was the throbbing between her thighs. 'Hurry,' she pleaded silently.

"I unzip my pants and position myself to your center. You're squirming, wanting more. Patience is not your strong point hmm? I brush the tip across your pulsating clit, and your eyes are begging for completion of the act."

Dammitalltohell. Hurry up dammit.

"In one quick stroke, I thrust inside and your mouth slams shut, suspending the groan in your throat."

That was it. Bella gave up fighting the urge to touch herself. She gave complete control to CountryBoy. Sliding a hand between her thighs, she began a slow stroke.

"I'm harder than I've ever been before and you're so tight. Your eyes roll back and close as quick breaths escape your barely parted lips. You smile, letting me know you like it. You need more. We've wanted this for so long."

Forever, she thought as her fingers swept between her folds.

"I nibble at your neck as I push deeper. You're salty from sweat. You smell like lavender. I have to go deeper."


"You're so tight. You're releasing small mewling sounds and I change position slightly, you gasp. That's the spot. I can feel another climax building."

Bella gulped in air as the image he painted with his words, took form in her mind. The room was hot, her breath coming in short bursts as she neared orgasm.

"Your hands come up and rest against my chest. You feel so good baby, and I need all of you. I need to feel every inch of your body against mine. I thrust deeper, my face buried in your neck. You're crying out softly now, expressing your pleasure. What do you want most Angel? What are your dreams?"

Bella stared at the computer screen. She was flustered, primed for climax and CountryBoy wanted to know her dreams? No man had ever asked her a question like that. None had ever cared.

And he was just a cyberpartner.

The site had promised something different in cybersex. The promise of more, and so far it seemed to be going pretty well.

CountryBoy was good. Really good.

The words repeated on the screen.

"What are your dreams Angel?"

She lifted a hand to the keyboard. "I want," she typed, then clicked Send. Unsure of how to finish the sentence.

"Angel, I'm aching for you. Honey, tell me your dreams. I want to know your dreams baby."

Oh crap.

"I want...love," she typed and sent.

"Then love is what I'll give you, sweetheart. A fantasy love that only we can share.

I can't hold on much longer baby. You're so warm and tight. I can't look at your beauty and keep a reign on my control. Come with me.

Your body clamps hard around me, fisting my shaft in yet another searing climax. You start to cry out, but we have to be quiet. I close my mouth over yours and drink in your cries as I lose myself inside you."

And with that she lost control. Her legs stiffened, her back coiled and a soft cry escaped from her mouth. The climax ripped through her, making every muscle in her body tense up, then relax as the soft wave pulsed between her legs, in soothing warmth.

There was a long pause and Bella used this time to let her body come back to this plain. Her heart finally calming, eyes closed and she sighed deeply. Finally a message popped up on the screen.

"How do you feel, Angel?"

Her weak fingers could only muster, "Good."

"Me too."

There was another long pause as Bella tried to regain composure. To recover.

"I..." she started to type, letting him know she'd reply shortly.

"No, Angel. Tonight's about you. Just crawl into bed now. Curl up and think of me. Think of your dreams as you sleep peacefully."

She stared at the screen. The session still vivid, and echoing through her mind.

"I will," she typed.

"Good night Angel. And remember honey, I'm only a click away. Whenever you need me."

Unable to move, she watched the screen till the little message popped up letting her know that CountryBoy had logged off. She glanced around her bedroom suddenly realizing she had no idea what time it was. When they had begun their chat, their was still light outside, now the room was shrouded in darkness. The only light came from the computer screen.

She shook herself and saved the chat. She saved all of CountryBoy's chats. They were too good to toss into cyberspace, so she held onto them as memories of the man on the other end.

Whoever he was.

Bella's brain told her he was probably some overweight married man, or some sex starved computer geek. But in her fantasies, she knew exactly who he was.

Jasper Whitlock.

Jasper had been the object of her fantasies since she started working at the record label he and his brothers had started three years ago. And for three years he'd ruined every man that crossed her path. In Bella's mind, no one could stand up to Jasper and his piercing hazel-green eyes. She often wondered what secrets he kept locked away in those bottomless pools.

But she;d never be the one to find out. Not only was Jasper her boss, but rumor had it, the man went through women like water. After his wife had died, it seemed his playboy side came out. He dated, frequently, showing no signs however of settling down again. And if the general consensus around the office was true, he only dated the flighty, want to be actress type. And she, Bella Swan, most definitely did not fit that criteria.

For more than two years she had tried ignoring her infatuation with Jasper. She'd continued dating, hoping that somewhere along the line Mr. Right would come along and help her forget about the tall, chiseled man who filled her dreams. Yeah. Right. She soon realized that the whole exercise was pointless. No man would be a worthy substitute for Jasper Whitlock.

At least, not in the flesh.

That's when she had happened upon and found the perfect solution. She could meet the ideal partner and carry out her sexual fantasies online, with no physical contact to remind her that man feeding her cravings was someone other than Jasper. She could use the man's words and use Jasper's image and come up with the ideal mate.

For the time being.

Of course she knew that one day she'd have to move on. She couldn't spend the rest of her life clinging to someone who didn't exist. And she had no intention of doing so.

Her fantasies about Jasper and her account on would only take her through the next few months, when she completed her ad campaign which would be the jewel on her r sum to help her land a high paying job elsewhere.

Just a few months of fantasies, and Bella Swan would forget about Jasper Whitlock and move on with her life.

At least, that was the plan.