Chapter 1

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Apocalypse Begin

"Don't…your eyes! Az****! Don't… eyes… please…eave me… love you…Please…!"

Harry gasped and shot up in bed. Another dream… He'd started having them ever since fifth year and they kept getting clearer and clearer. That one felt scarily real… As if his life had been draining away…

The wizard shivered and rubbed his arms trying to warm himself from the sudden cold. For some reason, after every dream he would wake to a cold tower in Hogwarts. It was like the castle itself didn't like his dreams but that wasn't possible so he pushed the thought away and focused on getting out of bed and ready for his graduation day.

After the war all students who missed the year was able to go through a crash course over the remaining school year, especially the seventh years. To not have NEWTs in the Wizarding world was like committing a career suicide… not good. So he forced himself to go through them and the only factor that helped him through the year was Hermione.

If she hadn't been her wonderful bossy self, Harry was quite sure he and Ron would have dropped out. But the Golden Trio had made it together as they always had.

Except Harry wasn't going to be in the trio any longer. After today he was going to disappear into America where it was next to impossible to track a wizard or witch down. Harry Potter would exist only in the fairytales the Wizarding world already had of him. Harden 'Harry' Star would be born.

"Mate… what are ya doin up so early?"

Harry blinked over at Seamus' bed and caught his face peeking through his curtain.


"Ah. Try ta be a bit quieter Harry. You might be able to function on less than five hours a sleep every day but it's not as easy for all us mortal folk yeah?"

Harry snorted causing the pyromaniacs lip to twitch in a semblance of a smile before he fell back behind his curtains to sleep.

Ten hours later and Harry was officially out of Britain's territory and over the great ocean on his way to a, hopefully, happier life.

"Oh, sorry!"

Harry blinked up at the giant that had knocked him and his groceries to the floor. The man was handsome in a puppyish sort of way. His brown hair was a bit long, covering his ears, and was brushed away from his eyes which were a light hazel brownish green and rounded from surprise. His lips were slightly parted and his nose was straight and the nostrils just a bit wide. All in all, he looked like a puppy that just had a terrible shock and couldn't quite figure out what to do next.

"It's fine, really. I should have been watching where I was going," Harry replied as he gathered his fallen bags and heaved himself off the floor. During that process he could have sworn the giant man muttered 'christo' but why would he do that?

"Oh…" Did the man seem disappointed?

"Um… well I'm sorry I have to be getting back to the church before I give my sermon-"

"You're pastor Star?"

"Um, yes?"

"Oh! Good. I'm sorry. I'm with the FBI," It was then that he pulled a badge from his jacket and that Harry noticed he was wearing a business suit that looked really delicious on him, "and I had some questions about the recent murder."

Harry's face fell. "Yes… Karyn was such a sweet little girl. Her death was completely out of nowhere. I don't know how someone could do that… especially to a little girl as special and bright as her."

Harry wasn't lying. Karyn had only been ten years old but she was such a special child. Such talent in everything and there was no way you couldn't like her. It just wasn't possible. So he was puzzled about what happened (he was sure the death hadn't been some normal murderer but he had put down his wand months ago and wasn't planning to pick it up anytime soon).

"I'm sorry for your loss." It sounded so sincere…

Harry smiled slightly. "Thank you. Why don't we have this interrogation at the church yeah?"

"Oh of course! I-I can just follow behind…"


"So how did you become a priest at such a young age?"

Huh? "Oh well… a couple months ago I came to this town hoping for some peace. I had always gone to church and I know the bible like the back of my hand! My relatives made sure of that… Anyway, I found this quaint little town and settled here. When the head pastor found how much I love Him and his religion… well he kept me on board and I eventually got permission to become a pastor… just last month actually."

"How close were you to Karyn?"

"Well… she was almost like a little sister to me. To almost everyone in this church actually… I still don't understand why it happened," he huffed.

"Did you know these attacks started a week after you came?"

Poison green eyes narrowed dangerously on the agent in front of him. "Are you accusing of me of murdering Karyn and all those other people in my church? What did you say your name was again?"

"Samuel Denkel, sir. And I have to cover all the leads."

Sam shivered on the inside at how cold the kid's voice had gotten. It was like looking at two ice chips for eyes and trying not to be stabbed with them. He had expected the new priest to be the demon. All the signs fit. The attacks started after he arrived, he was always connected to the crime scene with something, and all five of the victims were people who had approached afterwards and talked to Star after his second sermon.

Elwood, Illinois wasn't a small town but it wasn't that big either. There was a park nearby the church (where all the murders occurred) and Brown cemetery not even twenty minutes away. It seemed like the perfect place for supernatural happenstances to occur. But it was also a sleepy town and the murder had everyone on edge, just like the black haired male sitting stiffly not two feet away.

The man (if he could even be called a man at seventeen years old) shifted and seemed to consider something before reluctantly nodding his understanding.

"Yes… I did know. If that was all?"

"Of course. If you know something please don't hesitate to call."

Sam swiftly handed a card with his current number over and left. Well, that lead was a bust.

Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose trying to relieve the growing pressure behind his eyes. The last person who had talked to him after his sermon had been found dangling from his intestines in Erickson Park. It was a truly gruesome sight, reminiscent of the War in more ways than one.

The wizard was positive whatever (he was quite sure it wasn't a whoever) was killing these people were targeting them for contacting him. The question was why? What was the motive? And who would it go after next?

The headache turned into a full-blown migraine as his head started pounding and blurring his vision, even with the contacts in. He stumbled to the desk of his somewhat new office and pulled some pain relief medicine from a drawer and downing it quickly with some water from his Arrowhead bottle.

The pastor slumped into his comfortable chair and leaned his head back with his eyes closed. For a while, all he could hear was his shallow breathing but a small creak had his head snapping up in the direction of the office door.


"Pastor Star?"

The moment he laid eyes on the seven year old Michael Thomas he knew something was wrong. He shouldn't be here so late at night.

"Michael! Hey, where's your mom little dude?"

"S-she sent me to get you."

"Michael did your mom look any different?"

There was a shaky nod and a muttered 'black eyes' that had Harry letting out a heavy breath. A demon? That was why the FBI agent had said Christo. He had believed Harry to be possessed!

"Kid, I want you to stay in my office, okay? Your mom won't be able to get in here so you'll be safe. Don't come out no matter what you hear, do you understand?"

Another shaky nod.

"Good. I'll be back soon," and with that he slipped out the door and headed to the main chamber where the entrance was.

No one was there. "Hello? Mrs. Thomas? Your son sent me to get you. Is there something wrong? Mrs. Thomas?"

It really wasn't smart to be out here with no protection but maybe he could lure it to his office and then think of something. No one can say he wasn't a Gryffindor… He turned with a frown trying to ignore the silence. Still no one, another turn back to the entrance had him stifling a flinch. It didn't work so instead he put his hand over his heart. "Goodness gracious Mrs. Thomas. You scared the living daylights outta me! I hope you don't mind but I told Michael to stay in my office. Not safe you know? I was really surprised when he asked me to come out for you. I thought you knew where my new office was."

There was absolutely no reaction from the woman other than her eyes turning black.

"Oh dear."

The wizard turned sharply to head back to his office where sigils were discreetly carved to keep demons from entering. Unfortunately there was another woman with black eyes blocking the path.

The women in front smiled nastily. "Look what we've found Jenny~ An angel! Doesn't even know what he is! Heehee~ This is perfect! We're going to enjoy killing you!"

Figuring there was no point in arguing he asked a question he really, really wanted to know the answer to, "Why did you kill all those people? It was meaningless."

"Meaningless, but oh so fun," whispered a voice from right behind him.

He stumbled to the side to get away. "Hmph! That's not going to help!"

And quite abruptly Harry found himself crashing into the wall and being held there by an invisible energy. Well, invisible to everyone else. He could quite clearly see the oozing black smoke restraining his limbs.

"You know, I was just passing through town when I happened to feel your burst of grace. At first I thought I needed to get the hell out of dodge but nothing came to gank me. So you can understand how curiosity got the best of me. I investigated and found you. Betcha it was your first time setting foot in a church for, hm, I'd say a year! If you hadn't had that burst I never woulda known. It worked out so wonderfully for me you know? The perfect opportunity…"

The demon possessing Mrs. Thomas nonchalantly approached holding a wickedly gleaming blade with a deranged smile spread across the slightly plump face. It looked so familiar…

Let go!

"So you're… that wants to kill…huh? The…of de…Well now it's…turn…! See… feels…suffer! Die!"

His voice was blocked! Why? He could not escape! The sharp bite of steel slide through his vessel and straight into his soul. It hurt. Why did it hurt so much?

Father help…

Harry closed his eyes. At least Michael would be safe until the head pastor showed up in the morning…



A Latin chant started to build and Harry was able to understand it was a sort of exorcism. He opened his eyes just in time to catch two columns of black smoke leave the women and was unceremoniously dropped to the ground. Well… that was convenient.

"Are you okay?"

And suddenly his vision was filled with a puppy face of concern. He blinked but nodded. There was a sigh of relief and then Samuel checked on the two crumpled forms and nodded to himself.

"Great job, Sam."

"Ruby," the man said in acknowledgement.

He didn't like her. Harry didn't know why but he really didn't like this Ruby chick. She kept eyeing his ring which held the Resurrection stone and he was fighting the urge to just whack her… That probably wouldn't go over too well though…

So he focused on getting a disoriented Mrs. Thomas to his office. Samuel or Sam as he was called followed along with the other woman who was thankfully still alive. Upon reaching his office, Michael jumped up and raced to help Harry sit his mother down. Sam set the other one (he really should get her name) down just as the wards on his office door flared.

Ruby was standing there with a frown and peering in but not going any further. A demon then… Harry didn't have anything he could use against the abomination right now. He never thought he'd ever have problems with demons even though he knew America was crawling with them. He should probably put Constant Vigilance to more use…


The wizard stared hard at Sam. Did he know?

"Sorry Sam. Can't get in."

The man turned his head to look at Harry who was still watching the thing with narrowed eyes.

"You know how to exorcise the right," Harry asked. "Then do it quickly before it gets away."

When nothing happened the pastor turned and frowned at Sam. "Well?"

"Um, you see. Ruby's helping me exorcise and destroy these demons. She's good. I can't do that to her…"

"Oh you've got to be joking me! There are no good demons!"

"Of course there are pastor. There's one standing right at your door," the bitch pitched in. "I'm helping Sam try to get his brother out of Hell. It's only fair considering the man went in for Sammy."


Harry snorted. "So you would trust a demon! Pit spawn! The whole bloody lot of them deserve purification! Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you when she turns around and betrays your arse."

Sam just blinked. Ruby looked smug. Michael looked confused. Harry was just furious.

Sam sighed as he reached the motel in Pontiac where he was staying with Ruby. That case was strange and thinking about it gave him a headache but he couldn't help it. The pastor, Harden Star, was different. There was like a feeling of purity that surrounded him like a blanket when he got upset… and then there were the demons that targeted him. They must have been quite strong to enter a church and there was no reason for them to target the kid.

Sure he was the youngest pastor he had ever seen but… the demons were targeting people who met him and then the kid himself… it was like they had a grudge… but what for?

Sam groaned loudly and Ruby glanced up. "Sam?"

"I'm fine. I just don't understand why they went after the guy as if they had a grudge…"

"Well demons don't need a reason Sam."

"I know."

"But…" Sam looked over with a raised brow, "Well he had the Stone of Power on his finger."

"What?" Stone of Power… didn't sound familiar.

"The Stone of Power is… well it's like a container. No one knows how much energy it can hold but it's rumored to be infinite. All you have to do is keep storing power there and you have a battery for when you run out later…"

"Why would he have something like that," Sam queried with furrowed eyebrows.

"Well… I'm not sure he knows what it is. He noticed me looking at it and seemed protective but not… eh, I'm positive he doesn't know exactly what it is."

"So should we get it from him?"

Ruby shook her head. "We'll leave it with him. But if we ever do need it, we know exactly where its at."


HP – Supernatural Crossover Challenge

HP as Lucifer's mate (slash)

'Harry' (angelic name) was Lucifer's mate in heaven

Since Lucifer was the most beautiful of the archangels, many other angels were jealous of 'Harry'

They decided to lure 'Harry' away from Lucifer down to earth, where some humans with angel-blades helped kill him

Lucifer drowns in despair of having lost his loved one, he kills the angels responsible for his lover's death and goes on a killing spree on earth, he turns one of the responsible humans into the first demon Lilith

Michael has no other chance than to seal Lucifer into the cage in hell

Two thousand years later 'Harry' is reborn and lives as Harry James Potter

After Voldemort's defeat Harry decides to leave the magical world and Britain generally and travels to America

Harry is confused, he always dreams about a special man and events that had not occurred to him

Harry is Master of Death, so he does not really age

Some years later Lucifer was freed from his cage and gets vision/dreams from his beloved

They meet

Apocalypse or not (can be chosen)

By CashyHoray1.00