Chapter 11

Just as a warning there is character death a bit of a gruesome scene in here. I tried not to make it too gory but well, Zachariah is an asshat and he refused to be written in any other way.

Apocalypse Begin

A few days later, Harry got off at the bus stop in Elwood, Illinois. While telling the brother's he was going to his church was an excuse, it was also something he needed to do. Sealing his grace again was going to be painful and he was positive that he would be knocked out. So, he needed someone to watch him. Who, other than the angels and the Winchesters, did he trust to do so? Why the head Pastor Jinson, of course! So he had called through the street telephone and knew the Pastor was expecting him. What the wizard wasn't expecting though was the very large welcoming party.


The celebration went on for quite a while until Harry pulled Jinson aside and asked if they could talk later that night.

"And that's everything…"

"So you really are an angel. I'd had a feeling…"


"Harry it is very rare that someone so young becomes a pastor so quickly even with your experience. I pushed for the approval. I knew you were special and when you came back to life it was a miracle. I was right! To learn you're an angel is a blessing that I will keep close to my heart, though, it pains me you must go to such lengths to stay away from your siblings."

"It's only for a little while Jinson. I'll be reunited with them soon…"

"Yes and I will be sad to see you leave. But you deserve your happiness child… though I suppose you're older than I am," he said with a small chuckle and a smile.

Harry laughed softly. "I think… that I will do it tonight… it's been four days since I left the Winchesters and who knows how long I will be knocked out… And they don't even know about my magic so I can't explain that away with grace anymore… So if they call…"

"Everything will be fine. God knows what he's doing."

Does he though, Harry wanted to ask. As Azrael he wouldn't have hesitated to say yes. But now everything was so muddled…

"Well, let's start then. I put my life in your hands Father, treat it well." There was no answer.

If anyone had been at the church he would have heard the most horrific tortured screams coming from the back rooms. They lasted for almost thirty minutes before abruptly cutting off. Jinson walked from his office pale faced with his hands covered in blood. He knew Harry would survive but it was very disconcerting having a seemingly dead body hidden in his private office… He couldn't let anyone find him though, not even the angels.

It was three days later that found Jinson tending to the still unconscious form of his pastor. He definitely was not expecting the body to sit ramrod straight with no warning. Harry's eyes snapped open and glowed the purest of whites that hurt the elderly man's eyes.

"Lucifer… find me…"

Then the body fell, hitting the wooden floor with a dull thud. Jinsen blinked in confusion. Why would Harry want the devil to find him when he did not even want the angels too? Deathly pale skin and bones was his answer. The pastor sighed before righting the body on the floor. He hoped Harry wouldn't form a headache when he woke, that was one painful bump.

When weeks started going by Jinsen was really getting worried so he did the only thing he knew Harry would slightly approve of. He called those Winchester boys that he'd been helping out.


"This is agent.. ah, Denkel was it?"

"Wha- oh! Yes. And this is?"

"Pastor Jinson from the church you visited for Pastor Star."

"That's right. How can I help you?"

Jinson fidgeted. "Harry's in trouble. He told me all about you boys and your hunting. I was hoping you could help me."

"What happened!"

"It's not what happened, son. It's what didn't. Harry got back a few weeks ago. Said he was sealing his grace-"

"You know about-"

"The angels? I do. But Harry hasn't woken up since transferring his grace into this black stone he was wearing on his finger."

"The Stone of Power…"


"Nothing. I'm in California right now. It'll take me a few days to get there. Keep watching him please."

"Of course, son."

The other line dropped and Jinson set his cellphone down with a sigh. He hoped that boy and his brother would get here soon. It was taking a toll on him having to monitor a corpse that wasn't rotting, especially, since it was his favorite boy. Almost like a son to him…

Two days later Jinson stood upon the steps for the church; just having finished making sure Harry's body was still doing okay and was safely hidden behind the bookshelf.

"Hello, sir."

"Oh, hello," Jinson replied glancing at the man next to him. A balding, grey haired man was standing there eyeing the scenery.

"Real nice place you got here. Never been to this church before."

"Ah, thank you. It was founded in the 1920's during the Great Depression."

"Is that so?"

Something about the pudgy man seemed off to him but he really couldn't put a finger on it. It was really starting to bug, though.

"Smart man you are."

"Excuse me?"

"Noticing that I'm different! Not many people can pick an angel out of a crowd you know."

Jinson gulped. This was not what he needed right now.

"See I came here for a reason. Guess I overheard an interesting conversation between you and Sammy. Wanna know what it was about?"

"I am quite sure I know what my own conversations are about Mr. Angel."

"No need for that mud-monkey. The names Zachariah and you have something I want," the angel said turning to Jinson. "I'm sure you know what it is. You're a smart guy right? Just hand him over and everybody's happy."

Jinson shuffled a few steps back. "I'm sorry. You can't have him."

"Now listen you filthy abomination. You don't want me as your enemy! Just hand him over and no one needs to get hurt. It's real simple. All you gotta do is drag him outta that warded room of yours. I'll do the rest."

"I am sorry Mr. Zachariah but I can't. That boy is like a son to me and I-"

"Bah! No one wants to hear about your sentimentalities. How about level four lung cancer?"

Jinson gasped as his airways restricted. He looked pleadingly to the people walking slowly by.

"Oh. They're not going to help you. Can't see us. So how bout it, you give the boy and I'll give you your wonderful life expectancy back."

"I refuse," the pastor rasped gasping air heavily.

"Alright. Maybe a little more incentive… Oh I have the perfect way!"

With that the angel hauled the man off his feet and they both disappeared only to reappear in the church by the cross Zachariah grinned and the smooth metal started forming into a very large golden spear, more of a pike though.

"You know what you mud-monkeys used to do in the old day? As punishment they would drop people onto theses lovely babies and watch them scream," the angel said relishing Jinson's cries as he did just that. "Now you're going to go lower and lower on that pike and as long as it's in your body it'll staunch most off the blood flow. You give me Azrael and I'll take you off and heal your ailments. How bout it?"

But still the man refused to budge.

"Tough nugget then are you? Fine I'll remember this when you die. I'll be right here to send your soul straight to hell!"

The tortured cries lasted for far longer than Harry's did…

"Oh! Mr. Denkel wasn't it? Are you here about the case?"

"Mrs. Thomas right?"

The women seemed horribly subdued. She nodded miserably.

"Would you like to tell me what happened," Sam asked looking at the yellow taped church.

"Oh! Oh it's horrible," the women cried bursting into fresh tears, marring her already puffy red face. "Pastor Jinson! They just found him this morning…. Ohh! Who would do such a horrible thing to such a nice man!?"

"Nobody can know what another is thinking Mrs. Thomas."

"I bet," she whispered. "I bet it was those demons come into our town again. Our holy cross defiled in such a way…"

Sam nodded and forced his way onto the crime scene with his badge. Thinking ahead and coming as the agent was a good idea then… Though he'd been in this town far too many times as Samuel Denkel…

Walking into the church he was utterly horrified to see the kindly old man speared straight through his body, the pike only barely coming out of the top of his head. The blood that had formed into a large puddle around the podium was undisturbed. Whatever it was that had gone after him had obviously done so with a sick and twisted gusto. Harry!

What had happened to Harry's body? He had to be here somewhere… And thus lead to the churchwide search ending with Sam standing in Jinson's private office. The angel wards meant that the pastor had been hiding something in here that he didn't want found. Hopefully that something was Harry. Now, where could one stash a body in here?

An hour later Sam had to leave the crime scene empty handed. He'd have to come back later tonight… The visit unintentionally spread into a two week stay and just when Sam was ready to admit defeat he, in anger, smashed his fist right through the back of the bookshelf… where there was empty space, space that shouldn't have been there!

He'd finally found it and damn Jinson for having such a good hiding place… Now, how to go about opening it? Destroying the bookcase wasn't an option so there must be a hidden lever or button to open it. It wasn't any books because all of Jinson's personal effects had been removed… What else?

Another week was spent with Sam spending his nights digging around in the office. On his way out his jacket caught on a loose nail, jerking it. The bookshelf rumbled and rolled to the side. Sam gaped incredulously. A loose nail in the window? That was the trigger? It was genius!

Cautiously, the hunter approached the hidden space and found Harry lying within. It might only look like he was asleep if his lips weren't blue and his complexion deathly pale. Sam sighed with relief. He'd found him… Now he had to be careful about moving the body. Whoever killed Jinson could still be after his friend.

"Damn," he muttered.

What if it was angels? It would explain the warding symbols that had been scratched into the wood and walls. They could be constantly monitoring the church. So far he'd been lucky that another hadn't moved into the office yet but that could happen anytime and then he wouldn't have access. If he moved him now though he ran the risk of Harry being taken away.

Sam decided to ponder on this later. He would come back for Harry tomorrow when dawn wasn't approaching. With a last glance to the body, Sam jerked the nail back into place and watched as the bookshelf rumbled close.

A month had passed slowly For Sam Winchester. He had successfully spirited Harry's body away but the pastor still had yet to wake. In some ways he feared that waking… How would he tell him about Jinson? Could he tell him?

Sam tried to push that out of his mind and focus on driving. After picking Harry up he had traveled around searching for cases that he could do easily so as not to be away from the body long. And it was still weird taking care of his friends body no matter which way he looked at it. It was a corpse but it never rotted and it was just a disconcerting experience all around.

Out of nowhere his phone rang.

"Dean," Sam asked. "What!?"

He needed to meet his brother now! Though he may not be happy that Sam was lugging Harry around … again (even if it wasn't the Impala).

After their slightly heartfelt reunion Sam turned back to his vehicle and Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Ah, I've been carrying this guy around with me for a while," Sam said in response to the stare. With a grunt he hauled the body from the car and Dean gaped. "I'm pretty sure the angels are after him but he has a warded amulet that I carved. It's not perfect but as long as w don't stay in place to long they won't be able to pin him down."

"Dude… this is so wrong. I really hope he doesn't start singing about him eating our brains any moment."

"Dean," Sam sighed in exasperation. "Nothing I've done has been able to wake him up. Maybe an angel can but he's not on their good side right now."

"What is he like Anna now?" Sam could just see that Dean wanted to say 'I told you so'.

"I don't know. All I do know is that someone gored pastor Jinson looking for Harry after the man called me."

Dean winced in sympathy. "Well, throw him in the back. As long as he doesn't leak fluids it's all okay."

"Gross man!"

After the Leshi case Dean and Sam headed to Elk Creek, Nebraska where some poor girl had literally scratched her brains out. Leaving Harry's body in the, now, warded room they set off to solve their newest case.

Later they came back stupefied. There was a boy who would believe something and it just came true. The hell?

Closing the motel door Sam glanced at Harry's still prone body and a light bulb flashed. "No way," he breathed.


"Maybe Jesse would be able to wake Harry up! You know if he just believed?"

"How you gunna go about pulling that one off?"

"Just ask," shrugged Sam.


"Come on Dean! Aren't you getting tired of angel proofing every motel room and lugging his body around."

To Sam having the boy just wake up would be great, but he had to play to his brother's sensibilities. Dean took in a deep breath.

"Alright fine!"

So they went back to the house. Jesse was still alone and he frowned upon seeing them.

"Why are you guys back?"

"I had a quick question for you," Sam started. "If you believed hard enough do you think someone who's been asleep for a long time would wake up?"

"What does this have to do with your earlier visit?" The boy sounded more suspicious. Dean and Sam traded a glance.

"There's something we forgot to ask. Have you heard about the recent cases in town?"

"No. Why?"

"Well we originally came here to talk to your parents but I think you might be able to answer this. There's a man that we have right now who won't wake up no matter what we do. What do you suggest?"

"Throw water on him," the boy replied in a tone that suggested the agents were stupid. "That always wakes people up."

Sam grinned and Dean snorted in amusement.

"We'll make sure to do that then."

"So was that the question?"

"A little weird, I know," laughed Sam. "But we believe he has important information about some cases that we need to know and nobody could wake him. We thought your parents might be able to help us. You did instead though. Thank you."

And they left again.

Dean sighed as he filled one of his empty flasks with water. It wasn't the best way to dump water on someone but it should do, right? Finishing it off, the Winchester walked back into the room and stood by one of the beds watching as Sammy still researched on the computer.

"Done yet?"

"Yah, actually. Ready?" Sam got up and went to the other side of the bed, expectant.

Dean only saluted with the flask before promptly pouring it all over the corpse's face.

The body jerked and dull green eyes snapped open followed by a raspy breath of air.

"Sam? Dean," Harry croaked wearily.


"Welcome to the Land of the Living oh mighty Zombie King."

Harry just scrunched his nose and Dean before aiming a smile at the younger Winchester.

"So what exactly is Dean doing," Harry whispered from his burrow of blankets on the motel bed.

"He's talking to Jesse's mom."

"And Jesse is the kid that believes stuff and it comes true?"


"Sounds eerily familiar for some reason…"

Sam frowned at the pile of blankets. He could only barely make out the tip of Harry's nose sticking out. The boy had said he was freezing and empty, probably something to do with his lost grace. He wondered for a moment what it must have been like for Anna who had who her grace removed unwillingly. Worse than Hell could ever be probably…

"Dude!" Dean burst in the door.

Sam jumped and almost drew his gun but relaxed when he saw his brother. The Harry blankets snorted in amusement.

"He's still under there?"

"Yeah. Hasn't moved since you left."

Dean stared for a moment before shaking his head. "Anyway! The chick knew about demons, was possessed actually. But the weird thing is she was pregnant during the whole thing."

"The father?"

"That's the other thing. She's still a virgin."

The pile on the bed exploded outwards and Harry tumbled to the floor shivering. "The anti-christ!"

"What," they asked in unison.

Before they could answer there was a knock on the door. Sam glanced at it warily but Dean looked happy. The magic that still clung to the corpse Harry was residing in swirled in agitation. There was an angel.

"Are you crazy," Harry hissed.

"What?" Dean paused with his hand on the door handle.

"There's an angel out there isn't there! I told you Michael wasn't happy with me. If that angel lets him know where I am…"

Dean looked a little sheepish before his expression cleared. "It's just Cas. He won't tell." And with that he crossed out the angel warding mark on the door with a red marker he pulled out of his jacket and swung the door open.

Harry hissed again and dove back into his blankets, burrowing in.

AN: Harry just did not want to wake up again jeez…. Finally Jesse came along. Well tell me what you think! I also just recently posted a oneshot called Living Doll if you want to check it out. Most everything other than the actual situation is left to your imagination~!