Chapter 12

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This is Lucifer's POV~

So a lot of people have trouble understanding that this chapter jumped ahead in time. So to make it easier to understand I'll be cutting out the end of it and reposting that part once we get to the point where it actually happens in the storyline.

Apocalypse Begin

It had happened immediately after being released from his prison. The fallen archangel was bombarded with memories and emotions that weren't his, but most of them matched his. It was a very confusing and disoriented few moments that almost sent him crashing into the paved over earth. Eventually, he had righted himself and pushed those foreign feelings away but he felt them lurking.

As Father introduced the newest angel, Lucifer could not tear his gaze from the slight form. Black hair sat in artful curls around his head (It was actually the shortest he had seen any of the angels' hair but it suited the fledgling) and the liquid green of his eyes were shining in curiosity. He couldn't help but be attracted to the newest of Father's children.

After the introduction Lucifer would have immediately followed the fledgling if he hadn't noticed Michael gazing at him in the same way. That was not going to happen… He would woo the child first. He approached Father slowly, making sure to gain his notice before getting too close. Father only smiled and beckoned Lucifer closer.

"What is it you wish to ask, my child?"

"The newest angel, Father… I cannot help but feel attracted to his presence… I... I wish…"

And for the first time in his long life Lucifer could not find the words to continue. What if Father said no? He could hardly go against his wishes…

"You wish to get closer to him?"

"Yes, Father," Lucifer breathed in relief.

"Hmmm… He is young yet. Wait until he understands more of the world before trying anything like that on him, my son. You are a wily one and I do not wish him to be corrupted so young."

But there was amusement in Father's voice that betrayed his words. Lucifer could only nod and turn to find the precious jewel that had been put in front of him.

Eventually the archangel found Azrael being set upon by Gabriel. Lucifer couldn't help but smirk in amusement. If Father thought he would be a bad influence…

"Already stealing the fledgling, Gabriel?"

Azrael turned and flushed a very fetching red. Gabriel whispered something in the fledgling's ear and the blush only got darker.

Gabriel straightened stuck his tongue out. It was such a childish gesture that Lucifer wrinkled his nose.

"Ever the childish one Gabriel," he said trying not to say something nasty in front of the fledgling.

"And still the most beautiful, eh, Lucifer?"

Azrael looked distracted though. The archangel went to comment on it before the child asked why Gabriel had stuck his tongue out. Lucifer couldn't help but chuckle.

Then Michael came and ruined it but it was still a memory he would keep dear to his heart.

Lucifer grunted. Why were these memories coming back now? He thought he had completely suppressed them! They were too painful to deal with… Oh, Azrael… How Lucifer wished he could have his small mate back within the safety of his arms. But the humans had taken his lover from him and they would pay most dearly in their turn… (AN: Heehee! Harry Potter reference! See who can guess where it's from~)

He flew around one of his potential vessel's house and decided this one would have to do until he could get Sam Winchester to say yes…

Lucifer could see Azrael in the distance but there was another angel and he didn't exactly like the position they were in. Storming over he ripped the offender off and tossed him to the ground.

With a foot upon his brother's chest to hold him down Lucifer asked, "Just what do you think you were doing with the fledgling?"

"Brother he was insulting me!"

"Oh?" The archangel turned his eyes onto the fledgling. He didn't think Azrael would do something like that. Especially intentionally. "And what do you have to say to these accusations Azrael," he purred.

"I-I told him he was being stupid. I couldn't just smack his head like you do Gabriel. So I just told him instead like Gabriel told me to."

Lucifer tsked at the mention of the youngest archangel but asked what Zachariah was being stupid about.

"Um… he was bossing around other angels the same rank and frightening them. That is stupid right?"

"Not quite," Lucifer muttered. "But it is good that this was brought to my attention. I am sure that Michael would love to hear of this, yes," he asked with a malicious grin.Oh yes, Michael would put this stupid angel in his place and then he wouldn't touch Azrael again. His older brother was good for things sometimes…

Wearing Nick was a hassle really. He could already feel the body start to degrade and it had only been two weeks. Two weeks of dealing with those stupid memories! They would not stop. Every moment he spent in Azrael's presence was painfully shoved back into his face. He wished he knew the cause so he could smite it into oblivion but there was nothing…

"Alistair," Lucifer said with a smile. "He ran to you again, hmm? Now where is he hiding?"

Alistair chuckled before pointing at two twisted trees in a grove. Lucifer smirked. He started walking the other direction and then, using what Raphael was teaching him, silently flew over to the hidden space in the trunks. He landed lightly and bent over. There was his lovely one. He was almost three centuries now. Soon he would have him.

"Hello fledgling," he said with a wide grin.

Azrael squeaked.

"Yer a wizard Harry."

"My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy."

"It's not Leviooosa! It's Levisaaa!"

"Troll! Troll in the dungeons!"

"I could bring your parents back, boy."

"Wanna play wizards chess, Harry?"

"Voldemort is my past, present, and future."


"He's a werewolf, Harry! You can't trust him!"




"He is being sent out like a lamb to the slaughter…"

"There will be no freakishness in this house, boy!"

"Thanks, amigo."

"These are thestrals. Only those who have seen death can see them."

"This is a Mimblus Mimbletonia!"


"Go to sleep, Harry."

"Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived come to die. Avada Kedavra!"

Lucifer gasped and clutched his vessel's head in his hands. These memories weren't of Azrael and they were so jumbled and confused! He figured they were of the mage's sacrificial lamb, Harry Potter, but he didn't know why he was getting these memories either.

With a harsh pant he pushed himself from the wall he had been upon. Carthage, Missouri. How close to Carnage it sounded. What a fitting name for a city in which death will rise.

"Who are you?"

"I don't know..."

"I cannot see your soul. What are you?" Castiel's wings flared in a threatening motion.

"I think… I'm an angel."

"What is your name?"

"I told you. I don't know," he nearly sighed.

"How do you not even know your name?"

"I think… I died a long time ago. But I'm here now… with the memories of an angel and I can see you clear as day. But… I don't know my name."

Castiel looked a little less suspicious but there was still a glint in his eyes that said he didn't trust him.

"Please. Don't… don't leave…"

"Show me your wings."

"What?" He was startled. How was he supposed to do that?

"Wish for them to be free. Imagine the wind through your hair, the freedom of flight."

He wanted to the joy and freedom he'd had when Gabriel had taught him to fly. The absolutely euphoric feeling…

A tear sounded through the air followed by a small gaspHis back felt heavier and the ever constant itch was gone. Slowly he allowed the muscles in his back to move and slowly bring one brilliantly white wing into his line of vision. And he knew, just like he knew belief brought God into being, that there were many more invisible wings meant to be brought out for battle. He could feel them though they were weightless. He couldn't remember this feeling from his dreams…

"How can it be? Your wings… you are an angel but even now I cannot feel you. Who…?"

"I really wish I knew. All I know is my title was Angel of Death and my name starts with an 'a'. I was hoping that being in the presence of another angel would bring forth more memories and maybe even my name."

"Is it working?"

"Yes… I can feel them in the back of my mind waiting for me to give in and pay them attention. The longer you are here… the more they gather."

"I have… never heard of the Angel of Death."

"I died before you were born…"

"I see. I will ask around heaven for you then."

"Thank you… brother."

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