Chapter 18: Epilogue

Some people think that there shouldn't be an ending because it ended so well last chapter. I'm flattered. Really! You all make me blush! 0/0 But there are so many more who want an epilogue that I will still write one. And I was requested to give the whole lemon scene between Lucifer and Azrael. When I do, it will be posted separate from this story… just in case FF . net is still taking down stories.

Apocalypse End

Azrael hummed his agreement, laying a soft kiss against his lips that left the younger's lips blue.

"Come back to Heaven? Come home with me?"


"Dean~! Sam~! Adam~!"

Both hunters glanced up from the heavy tome they were reading at Bobby's and gave startled grunts as Adam flew past them. There was only one reason their little brother would do that. Exchanging happy looks they both got up and headed out the front door. As expected, Adam had attached himself to Harry in a hug and they were both smiling.

"So, you made it out alive, midget? Good to know!"

"Harry, I'm so glad you're alright. What happened?"

The man laughed happily while peeling the youngest Winchester off. "I stopped the apocalypse, that's what happened."


"Long story short, I met Lucifer, saved Gabriel, and now we are all a happy family again."

"As if," a voice snorted.

"Loki," Dean sniffed haughtily. Harry blinked. He didn't even know that Dean could pull that expression off. "Your video was a fail, considering you're alive."

The archangel gave a startled laugh and shifted closer to Harry. "I forgot I even gave that to you! I guess it wasn't needed as reckless over here put himself in the way of Lucy's sword. Michael wasn't too happy about that. He's still chewing Lucy out up there."

Harry grimaced. "Michael can be very loud. It's why I decided it was time to visit you again."

Sam, who had been shuffling closer through the whole conversation, stared in shock at the not pale complexion of his friend. "What happened," he blurted.


"I assume you mean the fledging's healthiness, after being stuck like a pig" Gabriel said with a smirk.

"Well that too, but the body doesn't look like a corpse anymore..."

"Now that you mention it," Dean mumbled stepping closer, pushing Adam out of the way.

"Hey!" Adam shoved right back, making Dean stumble awkwardly.

"No fighting please, else I'll just go find somewhere else to hang while Michael finishes."

"Sorry, Harry… but if you're back with your family what about us," the researcher murmured worriedly.

"I'll visit every now and then. Gabriel helped me make my own vessel."


"Hush, Adam. These are your brothers and they will protect you with their life. Never doubt that. They protected me, even when they didn't have to. And I've still yet to thank you guys for it," said Harry as he turned his attention to the two other brothers.

"No need for thanks," Sam smiled.

"Speak for yourself, bitch! I want compensation!"

Harry smiled as they broke into petty name calling. He had missed them for the short time he was away.

"If you ever have need of me, just call. I'll be but a wing beat away."

"Really," Adam exclaimed excitedly, turning away from the elder Winchesters.

"Of course. You all helped me. The least I could do is return the favor. Just don't call me for stupid stuff like opening a jar of jam," he joked.

"That goes for me as well," Gabriel pitched in. "You helped my little brother and even kept Castiel safe when he was vulnerable. I'm sure Uriel and Raphael wouldn't mind coming as well…just don't call Mike or Lucy. They don't like you very much."

"Thank you," the tallest said with a sigh.

"Oh, yes. Father has assigned Castiel as your Guardian Angel. I'm sure you'll be needing his help," Harry said joyfully.

"Wait! GOD did that," Dean yelped.

"Oh, yes," Gabriel grinned. "Father has come home to attend to matters that he couldn't while he was away."

"So God actually exists," Sam muttered happily.

Dean snorted and stalked back inside. Harry gave Sam a worried glance but the hunter only waved him off and took off after his brother.

"I guess we'll eventually have to explain that Father isn't all that great," Harry sighed.

"He's not?"

Both angels jumped and turned to Adam who had situated himself on a beat up car.

"Um, no."

And so Harry and Gabriel explained the events that lead to the end of the apocalypse with Adam as an avid listener. They spent hours out there chatting and giving explanations when asked. Eventually Dean and Sam joined them again. The researcher gave them both a tongue lashing and proceeded to recite the epic tale while the angels watched on in amusement.

"Michael! I can't… breathe!"

"Sorry fledling," the eldest angel replied as he dropped Azrael from his embrace. "You disappeared again down on Earth and I was worried!"

"I was just visiting the Winchester's. I wasn't too keen on listening to you yell at my mate for hours on end," he said while rubbing his arms to ease the ache from the death hug.

"Ah… I apologize. Now come! Uriel and Raphael are waiting in my rooms. Father has decided now is the time for his chat with Lucifer. None of us want to hear that talk…"

"But what about Gabriel?"

"I'm sure he'll find his way to the rooms eventually. Either that or he'll find somewhere to hide. None of the angels want to hear Father's tone while he lectures."

Michael grabbed Azrael's arm and dragged the smaller one throughout Heaven to where his ivy covered doors lay. Once they were through, Michael tossed Azrael through the air into his older brother who caught him with ease.

"Oi! This is manhandling! Put me down," Azrael whined.

"Oh no. See you ran off last time fledging. This time, you're not going anywhere," Raphael hummed as Uriel and he dropped their cargo on the large bed.

"This isn't fair!"

"According to the humans, life isn't fair," Uriel whispered amused.

"Yeah? Well… I have no comment to that…"

"Good," Michael exclaimed striding to the bed. "Be quiet then. This is a time for rest."

"But I can't sleep while Lucifer is out there being lectured!"

"I'm positive you can. No matter how awake you are, preening your wings has always made you drowsy," Raphael stated as he climbed onto the bed right behind Azrael.

"Now you're all ganging up on me," the angel of death whined.

"Of course. This is the first time you have been in Heaven without a vessel in millennia. It is time for you to relax," the eldest purred.

"Lucifer will be here soon brother. Do not worry," Uriel said soothingly as he started running his hands through Azrael's wings.

"No fair," he muttered quietly before giving into the wonderful feeling of soft hands fixing his feathers.

"Alistair," he squealed happily. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, Lucifer is waiting for you but that isn't the reason I came. I think you might want to see this."

"See what?"

"Just come on."

"Alright, alright. Jeez," he sulked following after his best friend.

It only took a few moments traveling through the white pillars of Heaven and some human sections that they came upon a horde of angels surrounding someone.

"What is this?"

"This is Zachariah's punishment. Michael had been holding him, deciding what to do until Father came home. When most of the Fallen decided to come back, Father put his punishment in our capable hands. I know that a lot of your misery had to do with him so I wanted you to see it. Be warned though… it's gruesome."

Azrael pursed his lips. Did he really want to see this? This angel had caused the downfall of his life resulting in Lucifer rebelling. Yes. He needed to see this.

Pushing through the crowd, Azrael made his way to the front and paused at the sight that greeted him. Zachariah was trussed up to a cross that looked eerily similar to the one Jesus was killed on. Angel swords pierced his hands and feet and he was covered in long bloody gashes.

The Fallen said nothing to the man as he wailed and struggled. They only threw more daggers covered in what looked like oil. Azrael only watched until a dagger was handed to him and the eyes of the angels fell to him. This was his decision, those eyes said. It was his right whether to end it or let him suffer.

Azrael grinned. Even if he killed him his suffering would not end. Angels normally ceased to exist when killed but he had already marked this one. This soul would go straight to death.

With precise aim and a grin on his face, Azrael launched the dagger right into Zachariah's sternum.

"There was holy oil on those blades," he asked Alistair quietly.


"Light him up."

The cross went up in flames.

"Lucifer, are you okay?"

"I am fine beloved."

"You don't seem that way. I know Father's lectures are unsettling but-"

"It is not that little one," Lucifer sighed, pushing his hand through his golden strands. His white (newly fixed) wings shifted restlessly on his back and Azrael frowned. Something wasn't right…

"Then tell me!"

"Father… he has appointed me-us, to be the rulers of Hell."


The disbelieving tone of his voice made the morning star smile. He stretched an arm out and snatched Azrael's middle, pulling the angel securely into his arms his head tucked into Lucifer's neck.

"As penance for what I have wrought I have to fix what I have destroyed. The demons on the surface I can do nothing about but the ones in Hell I can change or destroy."

"But to put you back into the place you have been trapped for so long…"

"There will be no cage, beloved. Instead there shall be a grand throne. One deserving of you and I. We know the sins of humanity and can judge them accordingly. In fact, it is a great privilege to be given what we have. Control over how long a soul must be punished before they are put into the stream of rebirth. And the rest of the Fallen will be there with us."

"Are you sure this is-"

"I will be fine Azrael. You will be with me, won't you?"

"Until the end of time," he muttered into his mate's warm skin.

AN: I know it's really short but there really wasn't anything else I wanted to do except have closure for the loose ends. I hope you all liked it.