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Hestia's POV

Hestia sat staring into the hearth as her champion, Perseus Jackson, or Percy as he liked to be called started on the last quest he needed to complete before he would be given God hood, he didn't know that was the purpose of the quest of course, and as much as Hestia disliked not telling Percy the reason for the different quests he had completed over the last few years she knew that if he realized the purpose was so that the other Olympians would realize it would be better for Olympus for him to be made into a god she knew he would object.

Percy's POV

His latest quest from Hestia was to find Artemis and somehow get her to teach him how to wield a bow, the bow and arrow was the only weapon that he hadn't mastered so far, some of the quests that he had completed over the last three years after he left camp half-blood were hard, others not so much. At the end of each quest he was taught how to wield a new weapon, he was even given a blessing from Athena and Ares after rescuing a daughter of Ares from her mortal family who were beating her and for Athena he simply called in a favour Aphrodite owed him to tell Athena that wisdom was more powerful than love, sadly not only did it cost him the favour Aphrodite owed him but also he had to kiss her while she took a picture as proof that nobody could withstand her.

While normally the blessing Ares gave would have taught him immediately how to wield any weapon he picked up, which ever Olympian was teaching him how to wield the weapon he was mastering they would disable his blessing from Ares, this way after he had learnt how to master the weapon and the blessing was 'activated' once more his skill with the weapon was unreal, still, he thought it would have been easier to try and get Apollo to teach him how to fire a bow, he had told Hestia this but she said that Apollo would most likely take him out to a dance club or sit reading haiku's all day

He was told that Artemis was with her hunters trying to figure out why there was a distinct lack of monsters in Florida, since he was currently in Hoffman forest, North Carolina it wasn't that much of a journey considering some of his other quests but he wasn't even sure where in Florida Artemis and her hunters were. Percy wasn't alone though, he had his trusty pet Mrs O'Leary on this quest, each quest had different rules, some he had to do solo, other he could take one of his pets on and sometimes he was even allowed to take both his pets, of course having his Pegasus with him sped up his quest quite drastically.

After having Mrs O'Leary shadow travel him into Georgia, Oconee National forest to be precise, He had decided that by only travelling in forests then they could make it to their destination quicker, Mrs O'Leary could only shadow travel so far in one day, the fact she was a Hell hound meant she could travel further then Nico but she couldn't shadow travel more than a few hundred miles and so he climbed off Mrs O'Leary to let her rest. The 'jump' they just did then was roughly four hundred miles and so Mrs O'Leary would need to rest for the night before she could shadow travel again, He expected to be in the Florida Everglades National Park in three days time. Tomorrow they were going to shadow travel from Oconee National forest in Georgia to Osceola National Forest in the northern tip of Florida.

The day after they would shadow travel to their final destination, Athena had mentioned that Artemis was going to look around the Everglades national park and so this is where Percy had decided to look first, he could use a piece of clothing of Thalia's he had managed to get the Stoll's to steal for him from Zeus's cabin and get Mrs O'Leary to track down the hunt with Thalia's scent, well at least he hoped it would work.

- As Percy and Mrs O'Leary appear in Everglades National Park -

As soon as they appeared out of the shadows Percy knew something was wrong, firstly the forest felt dark, almost like what he felt like when shadow travelling, secondly he could feel three godly presences, they were all right near each other and so Percy ordered Mrs O'Leary to head to the group.

After travelling for five minutes Percy knew that at least one presence was hostile, no two Olympians were ever together off of Olympus for more than a few minutes, the exception of course being Hestia but Percy knew that Hestia would be on Olympus, so that meant that there was a fight happening with at least one of them being hostile, Percy prayed to his father that only one of the beings were hostile as that meant that that the other two would be friendly and he wouldn't have to fight for his life.

As Percy got within ear-shot of the group he could hear fighting, the tell-tale sound of Thalia shooting bolts of lighting and the twang of bow strings being released, Percy slid of Mrs O'Leary and crept to the edge of the foliage bordering on the clearing, he had learnt not to rush into a clearing where the huntresses were fighting when they shot at him, of course when they realised he was a male some of them did continue shooting at him that one time.

Percy slowly crept forward so he could see the fight; his fears were confirmed as he saw one of the walls of the building in the clearing suddenly rupture open with Artemis flying out and into a tree

Thalia's POV - The Previous Day -

The Hunt had yet to discover the reason for the lack of monster attacks in Florida, that was until they stumbled upon an encampment of monster, the fact that a few hundred monsters had created a camp and weren't fighting worried Artemis a little, Thalia new Artemis well enough after all the time she had spent as her lieutenant, admittedly she was one of the newest hunters, in total there were thirty four hunters, eight of them had joined after Zoe's death, but she still spent the most of time with Artemis out of all the hunters at the time, just then Artemis decided to order her hunters into action "Thalia take nine hunters of your choice and flank the far left side of the camp, Phoebe you take nine hunters of your choice and flank the far right side of the camp but make sure you all spread out along the edge of the forest." Immediately Thalia and Phoebe departed, signalling which hunters they wanted to go with them as they walked away.

As soon as everyone was in position Thalia saw Artemis shoot a single silver arrow into the sky above the clearing, since it was around sun-set and the monsters had placed their camp in a clearing that had no defensive positions, there were no patrols, no defences, and so it was astoundingly easy for the hunters to perch in the trees around the clearing and rain down arrows on the camp, by the time the first monster had reached the edge of the camp each hunters had fired at least four arrows, meaning that at least one hundred and fifty of the roughly four hundred monsters were dead.

The only reason that none of the hunters were hurt is that usually the hunters would stay as a group around Artemis and would rain arrows down onto the enemy, the enemy of course decided to charge at Artemis and the hunters around her, meaning the twenty hunters on the left and right flank had very easy shots at the back of the monsters, when the monsters realized that they were under attack from behind most of them span around to try and find this new enemy, only to be slain by the hunters they had charge mere moments before.

After taking out the camp of monsters the hunters created their own camp in a clearing within a few minutes' walk, they kept a few of the hunters in the trees to detect any enemies and let the wolves that travelled with them out of the tent they had been staying in, Artemis would teleport the tent to her palace on Olympus when they travel so that the wolves don't have to be troubled, or the wolves would travel alongside the hunters.

- The Next Morning -

The hunters were doing whatever chores they were assigned that week while those who had the week off relaxed or practiced their archery, most didn't even show any sign of noticing Thalia and Artemis walking by them, even the newest hunter realised that when away from others Artemis wasn't too bothered how they acted, Thalia was wondering how her friends were doing at camp half-blood, she hadn't been to camp in a few months, she knew of course that Percy was fully immortal and spent very little time at camp, Artemis had assured her that Percy wasn't at camp he was safe.

Just as Thalia was about to ask Artemis if they could visit camp soon and take a break from all the hunting they had done over the last few months when she felt two godly presences appear in the clearing where they had destroyed the monster camp, she saw the hunters around her stiffen as they felt the presences as well, they could all feel the almost evil aura from the presences and Artemis ordered them to prepare their weapons.

Thalia was stood by Artemis as they surveyed the clearing, where once stood the empty enemy camp now stood a massive palace, the architecture of it was distinctly not Greek or Roman, the external walls were made of a dark dull grey rock that almost seemed to absorb the light, some of the walls had cracks running through them and the statue on the right hand side of the main entrance was missing its right arm, it generally seemed to be in a state of neglect.

"As much as I don't want to do this Thalia take three hunter with you and scout just inside the entrance of whatever that building is supposed to be" Artemis looked to be debating internally about how wise it was to risk her hunters so Thalia decided to ease her mistresses mental burden "Don't worry Artemis, Maybe the beings we can sense are just Athena and Apollo, Athena spends a lot of her time looking at old buildings and this one looks really old, and Apollo is generally around us and doing something that is irritating" Thalia smiled as Artemis laughed.

Artemis's POV

All the hunters were anxious as Thalia, Phoebe, a hunter who had joined just before Thalia called Emily and a hunter who had joined during the sixteenth century named Elizabeth entered the strange looking building, Thalia signalled that the entrance area was clear and so the rest of the hunters slowly crept towards the doorway, as the first four original hunters inspected the only rooms visible at this stretch of the corridor the rest of the hunters stood inside the doorway but not moving forward, as Thalia slowly edged her way round the end of the corridor which ended in a 'T' junction the rest of the hunters slowly made their way to the corner, each of them constantly looking over their shoulders, wary of this strange place.

It was almost half an hour of slowly making progress into the building that the hunters found the tow godly beings, in the middle of a what once must have been a ballroom stood Gration, peering at the hunters and specifically Artemis lustfully, to the right of Gration leaning against a column meant to support the ceiling was Porphyrion, the hunters and Artemis slowly walked forward into the room, wary of traps or monsters ambushing them.

"Don't worry your pretty little heads, the only people in this room are who you can see Me, Porphyrion and you ladies" Gration called across the room to the hunters "But we really don't need anything else do we? Not to sound arrogant of course, but I am the giant made to defeat Artemis, and since all you little hunters are miniature mortal versions of Artemis I really don't have anything to fear do I?"

Artemis drew her bow, the hunters copied, Porphyrion stood up and glared at Artemis, he slapped Gration round the back of the head, not caring as Gration stumbled forward "Silence fool, you take care of the immortal hunters and I'll go grab Artemis, The hunters started firing arrows at Gration as he stood up and drew a shield similar to the ones a roman soldier would use, it covered his whole body apart from his feet and his head, to counteract this Gration was wearing a large thick celestial bronze helmet with thicker than usual bronze boots, he had a phalanx spear instead of a sword.

Porphyrion was wearing a kite-shield, he had a long sword in his right hand and was walking to the right of the hunters to get to Artemis, Thalia shot an arrow at Porphyrion, trying to draw his attention from Artemis, all he did was send a bolt of lightning down his sword and sent it at Thalia, Thalia attempted to absorb the bolt but not only did it contain far too much raw power but the charge was different to the electricity used by her father and so she was unable to absorb the bolt, so she was simply flung across the room into a pillar where she collapsed onto the floor,

Artemis, watched Thalia fly across the room and forgot that Porphyrion was targeting her, she only realized when he back-handed her across the room and she was sent through the wall, appearing behind the structure as the ballroom was on the very opposite side of the building to the main entrance.

Percy's POV - Present Time -

As Porphyrion climbed out of the whole created by Artemis's sudden departure Percy saw Thalia on the ground unconscious and the hunters fighting Gration, He saw the semi-fast running river maybe one and half meters wide by two meters deep to his left, he commanded the water to slowly makes its way through the soil and to condense around Artemis's feet, just as Artemis started sinking into the mud Percy created, Porphyrion sent a bolt of lightning at her, almost double in size to the one sent at Thalia.

Artemis was trying to climb out of the mud when Percy remembered something Annabeth had told him before she had broken up with him pure water does not conduct electricity! he split his attention to two points, the water above the river which he was making evaporate to get rid of all the impurities and the mud he was slowly forming around Porphyrion and Artemis, Artemis first so that the bolts were grounded and none of them could hurt her too severely and Porphyrion because Percy realised that just before Porphyrion launch a bolt of electricity it seemed to travel across his skin, if he could get Porphyrion stuck in the mud he wouldn't be able to launch electricity, making it amazingly easy for Artemis to defeat him.

Percy then used the pure water he had formed and coated both of Porphyrions hands in it, so when he got out of the mud he still couldn't conduct the electricity to his blade, Percy then saw the hunters, they were being beaten around by Gration, unluckily Artemis saw this at the same time and charged back into the building, Percy decided this would be a good way to complete his quest and charged in after Artemis, just as he jumped over the small wall that was left in the whole from Artemis's abrupt exit earlier he saw the hunters slowly retreating down a corridor he suspected they had entered from, just as the slower hunters that were injured and just able to walk rounded the first corner Porphyrion entered the building again and Gration held up his hand, the wall seemed to fix itself immediately.

The only thing standing between Percy, the hunters and the giants was Artemis, until Porphyrion grabbed her arms and Gration used a dagger sheathed in his belt to cut from the bottom of her neck to almost her belly button, the wound wasn't too deep, maybe two centimetres, but it did cut up her top, which Gration then yanked off, almost breaking Artemis's arms in the process, the hunters stood in shock and fear as their leader was man-handled by the two giants, Percy realised that they couldn't attack either giant with Artemis so close.

Percy turned around "Hunters, I know you despise males but if you don't listen to my plan then we may not be able to free Artemis" the hunters, too worried about Artemis to care about arguing with the boy who Thalia considered a brother, Percy knew they were ignoring him but carried on anyway "all but two of you need to escape back to your camp, I will force the giants to release Artemis, then the two hunters carry her to your camp and then I will slowly withdraw, once outside we can call to Olympus for aide, since Artemis is injured then no ancient laws will be broken, and even if they were, I think Zeus will let it slide if it saves Artemis"

The hunters were hesitant to leave so Percy used the last excuse he could think of "if you don't leave, when Artemis gets outside and realizes that some of her hunters were in danger she will come back in here, and there is no chance my plan will work twice" the hunters realised that the boy was right, so they left behind the two least injured hunters and quickly withdrew, the giants had simply ignored the hunters and Percy as soon as they had Artemis at their mercy, they were arguing over who should get to torture her first,

Percy put his plan to action, he forced the water in the air to condense into little string of water and lightly wrapped them around Grations limbs, he then connected the other end of the water - non-pure water - to various places on Porphyrion, he then walked up behind Porphyrion and stabbed him behind the knee, the sharp pain surprised Porphyrion and caused him to release a rather powerful charge of electricity, which travelled down the water into Gration, since Artemis was unconscious from losing so much ichor she didn't feel the shock, Gration dropped Artemis onto Porphyrion, who fell back not expecting to take the burden so suddenly and then fell forward, dropping Artemis,

The two hunters ran forward and grabbed their mistress and ran down the corridor, Percy was just about to follow the hunters when he realized that there was a chance Gration could force the entrance to close from here, so he turned around and charged Gration, stabbing him wherever he could, Percy managed to keep this up for roughly twenty minutes before Porphyrion swatted at his back and sent him flying across the room into a column, Gration raised his hand again with a cruel smirk on his face,

After roughly five seconds Gration got really angry and turned to Percy "It's your fault they escaped, since we can't torture Artemis I guess we will have to practice on you"

Thalia's POV

All Thalia remembered was being shocked then blackness, as she awoke she realised they were outside, it was the middle of the afternoon and the hunters looked anxious, she called out to Phoebe "What's wrong? Where's Lady Artemis?" Phoebe walked over from where she had been pacing in a line "Artemis was knocked outside by the big electric guy, a few minutes after Artemis charged back into the room with Perseus Jackson, the big electric guy walked back inside through the whole and then Gration made it fix itself, a few of the injured hunters were slowly retreating when Percy told everyone he had a plan, we finally agreed so everyone but Sarah and Mary retreated.." just as Phoebe finished talking the hunters starting shouting and so Thalia rose up from the floor to see Sarah and Mary running out of the building carrying Artemis just as the large doors slammed shut.

Thalia ran over to the two hunters and realized that Artemis's top had been removed meaning her upper half was bare and their as a wound thirty five centimetres long down her chest, as she was in her eighteen year old form, and it was roughly two centimetres deep, she was covered in ichor, she called for Apollo "Lord Apollo come now it's an emergency, Artemis is injured" there was a bright flash as the hunters averted their eyes and when they looked back they were shocked, Apollo was known for being carefree and for spouting annoying Haiku's, at that moment the hunters thought he looked scarier than Ares.

"What happened?" Apollo demanded as he started looking over Artemis's wound, "we were checking out this old looking building, it was empty apart from Gration and Porphyrion, there was a fight, Artemis was caught by them and they cut her down the chest" Mary timidly informed Apollo "That's not the worst part" everybody around Artemis glared at Sarah, "How isn't this the worst part?" Apollo growled out Sarah looked warily around the group "Well how is Poseidon going to take the news that one of his two sons, a son he loves very much I might add, has been kidnapped by two Giants, all because he saved Artemis?" a few of the hunters paled as they realised how angry Poseidon could get over what another person might consider a trivial matter, they feared to imagine how angry he would be now.

- On Olympus -

The hunters sat at the feet of Artemis's throne, the throne was empty as Artemis was in her palace on bed rest, Thalia was stood in the middle of the throne room reporting to the Olympians what had happened, when she concluded with the fact that Percy had been kidnapped by two giants who they believed wanted to torture Artemis and may torture Percy as he ensured Artemis made it out of the building, she looked around at the various expressions of the Olympians, Zeus looked to be contemplating something, Poseidon looked shocked and then flashed out of the room, Hestia looked like she was about to cry, Apollo looked relieved that Artemis was safe, Ares simply had a respectful look on his face, Aphrodite's face had paled slightly and the rest of the Olympians looked either worried or shocked.

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