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Chapter Three

"Agree with what?" Emma had just entered the apartment and heard the end of their conversation.

Mary Margaret froze in her position on the sofa, not one single muscle moved in her body as she felt her entire surroundings tense around her. She looked over at David who had the same expression on his face.

"Emma, hey" David smiled with his likeable grin, handing over the mug that had fresh steam exploding out of the top and the smell of tea alluring Emma to drink it's content. She nodded with s a small smile before accepting the cup and walking over to sit on the sofa opposite Mary.

David had got Mary Margaret's and his cups balanced in each hand as he walked over, and handed a cup to her before holding tightly onto his own as he sat down next to her.

"So what am I missing out?" Emma asked simply, drinking the tea provided in front of her. Being her usual self she just expected them to say they were willing to try again, or something along those lines. Even Emma realised they were meant to be, and they seemed so fond of each other.

"Well, Emma" David began, he could see how difficult it was for Mary Margaret, her eyes showing her full emotions as if they were laid out on the coffee table in front of them.

"Emma, what we're trying to say is that" Mary went to suggest it, seeing Emma's eyes beginning to almost terrified. She now didn't have a clue where this conversation was going. Mary Margaret was her only friend, the only person in her life right now she could trust.

"Mary Margaret, please don't tell me you're ill, oh no, nothing serious is it?" Her breathing began picking up speed, and her hands began slightly shaking as she thought of the possibility of her only friend not being there.

"Oh my god, no, Emma" Mary Margaret instantly leap over to the over sofa, to hold onto her friends hands and ensure her breathing returned to normal. The thought of her thinking she was ill sickened her.

"It's just that I'm pregnant" She smiled softly at her friend. She expected a comment, a noise, a sound or something but all she got in return was dead silence and a strange look of confusion upon her face.

"Emma, say something?" Mary Margaret sat there, she wanted her friend to say something, anything in that moment would have been just a relief. All Emma did in response was nod slowly.

"How long has this been going on?" She asked, staring constantly at Mary Margaret then back to David. By this point she had moved back to her seat next to David, Emma honoured the way David gently slipped his hand into hers as support. So far he was already winning her approval.

"Well," David began, holding onto Mary Margaret's hand gently as he took the over speaking, he could see the strain on her face and knew it would most likely come better if he spoke to Emma. "We've been on and off for a while now, but we only found today that well Mary Margaret was pregnant" They both nodded in response to the last comment.

Emma once again just nodded and took several sips of her tea. "What about Katherine?" She asked, they both looked at each other, a small amount of worry taking to their eyes.

"David and Katherine have split up...however she doesn't know that I'm pregnant" Mary Margaret felt her body sink into her comfit of the sofa, the pillows around her feeling like they were swallowing her up. She didn't like the idea of most likely the Mayor informing her of their love affair and secret baby. She knew it would make them as a couple seem cheap and everything that they didn't want people around them to see them as.

"Well, have you guys discussed how you're going to make this work?" Emma suggested, it was the first thing she said which gave Mary Margaret some sense of hope that maybe her only friend wasn't completely angry at her for her decisions.

They both turned to each other, they're eyes were fully connected and they had a soft smile that reflected in unison. Mary Margaret held onto David hands tighter, as they both knew deep down they would work it out. Something from the first moment determined they would end up together, that they would always be happy and that good would always win over bad. Slowly but surely this was proving correct and they knew that as long as they were together they could do anything.

"Well, I don't know if David agrees, well actually I think I know he does" She grinned lightly and saw his smile beam back. "But, we're going to make this work, we're not going to rush anything. David will be here for me, for the baby, and for sometimes you Emma. We're not going to get married straight away, hopefully in the future sometime it would be a possibility but right now, we're happy and we know that we belong together" She smiled as she felt David's arms go around her shoulders and her pull her gently into his chest.

"Well, I can't argue against that really" She smiled, leaning forward towards Mary Margaret, grabbing one of her free remaining hands. "I'm happy for you, I really mean that" She smiled and let her knew she meant what she said. Emma had the sense of where she could tell if people were lying or deceiving her, and yet when David and Mary Margaret were together she sensed no lies, nothing of the sort just a pure love that she always dreamed of having.

"However, I do have one condition..." Emma sneakily added in...leaving the couple sat opposite her slightly on the edge of the sofa as they thought the questions had stopped. they both looked towards each other then at Emma and waited for her condition.

"If David, does happen to sleep over, which I assume he will do time to time...could he possibly please not use my toothbrush again?" she part giggled at the end of the sentence. the look on both David and Mary Margaret's face before she mentioned the word toothbrush was irreplaceable to which they in the end both began laughing and returning back to an normal colour in their face.

"Just for you Emma" David laughed in response. "Now, I feel a good takeaway is in order...and it's on me"