Gotham City.

The joker had disappeared from the prison taking with him his henchmen. While commissioners send men to hound the city one doctor realizes that Miss Harley Quinn has been visiting the outside of his cell often, not unusual for the obsessed lover. But it did emphasize the question, why did her not take Harley Quinn.

In her cell she lay on her stomach on the bed her hair in ponytails and chewing strawberry gum. Only a couple of times an hour would her blue big eyes look up to the clock and then to the carvings on the prison wall. 134, the days she had been in that cell.

Suddenly a burst like no other came from her door and she looked around seeing batman watching her intently with both curiosity and fury in his eyes.

"Miss Quinn," he said formally though to Harley this seemed a little strange considering he had thrown her in this cell personally.

"B-man," she replied looking back to clock.

"I have a proposal for you Quinn," Batman said after a moment of letting her be.

"Let me guess," she said bringing out the strong Brooklyn accent to the point where Batman had to listen more intently, "You want me to rat out mistah J just cause he left me here to rot."

"Quinn," batman says more firmly, "this is a one time offer, you come or you can rot in here. Your choice kid"

Batman turns to leave and opens the cell door before turning to Quinn again, "this little love of yours with the joker will cost you your life Quinn."

The door slams shut.

Harley looks back to the clock, "Oh puddin when you gonna get me out of this place?"

Batman turns up at the batcave just as Robin finishes his training.

"Bruce?" he questions, "I thought you were getting blondie out?"

Bruce turns to the computer and types in Harleys full name, the one she herself had long forgotten.

"She won't come, not until we can offer her something she can't refuse," Bruce muttered just loud enough for Robin to hear. He went to Bruce's side to peer on the computer screen. That's when upon the screen the picture of Dr Harley Quinzell came up. Like a picture that connected to a past they stood quite silent. Not unusual for batman however Robin took a step toward the screen.

"That's not Harley!" he said almost awe struck.

It couldn't be. The girl upon the screen was just that a girl. Blonde with a sun kissed glow, the same blue eyes that peered from the costume except these eyes were clear and sparkling not the frustrated dizzy eyes they saw today and last of all the blonde hair was not in two pony tails but flowing down her back, golden like. Robin took his hand to the screen and stroked the cheek of the girl, "she was beautiful once," he muttered to himself, "and smart," batman added firmly.

"How did that girl end up with the joker?"

Robin turned to Bruce who was looking at him with a caution in his eyes, "Robin that girl is gone, if we do work with Quinn she's a criminal and we have to remember that, costume or not she's not be trusted."

"But can't someone save her?"

"We only save people who want to be saved Robin, not the gymnasts who fall for the wrong guys."

The phone rings with the batman symbol gracing its handle. Batman picks it up answering alertly while Robin steps closer to the picture of Harley. Again he inspects her face as if he could see from the past the torment she would soon embrace with open arms.

"Get your motorbike, Robin, the head of Arkham asylum just called Harley wants to do a deal."

"That was fast thinking," Robin thought out loud.

"Lets just hope Miss Quinn has gotten her act together," Batman noted grimly.

"Is it just me or is this her asking for help?" Robin smirked slyly.

"Get on your motorbike, Robin," Batman said with a tone of defeat that he covered so gracefully with authority.

Batman walked once more through the halls at the Arkham Asylum watching the criminals he himself had put in there, Robin stayed behind him with a smug expression it seemed funny to him they were taking Harley out of this place instead of the other way around.

Batman swung open the door of Harley's cell and this time she was hanging up side down from a pole near the top, her gymnast movements reminding him and Robin of the last time they had nabbed her. Without her costume however her blonde hair stood up and the grey police uniform hung around her body, unlike her costume, which would hug her skinny waist.

"Come down Quinn," Batman ordered as him and robin stood in front of the locked door.

"Of course B-man," she said with her usual light tone, with a flip she landed gracefully on the cell's steel floor. Batman jerked forward toward her and she brought her hands in front of her face, but batman just leaned further toward her wiping her grin away.

"It's your last chance Quinn, you can help us or this door will never open again!" he threatened.

"Aw B-man you just need to lighten up," she stroked her strong shoulder but he leaned further toward her.

"Alright, Alright I'll help but you gotta make sure no one else knows, if anyone found out I was helping you well I'd be powder!"

"No one will know Quinn," he agreed darkly putting his hand out for her to shake.

She looked at it with apprehension but finally took it, "Alright B-man you got a deal!" She tried to take her hand away after the shake but looking down his hand was still firmly holding hers. Robin looked away to the sides of the cells examining the scratches Harley had made as a calendar.

Batman held Harley's hand firm and pulled her towards him, "you'll keep your word Harley, for your sake."

"Yes sir," Harley squealed until finally he let her hand go in replacement with handcuffs.

"Hey!" she shouted backing away, but batman left leaving Robin to escort her to the car.

Robin practically put Harley into the bat mobile before getting back on his motorbike and riding off without a word.

"Quiet bird boy, hey B-man," Harley said watching the motorbike fly from the area, "though that bike is something swell."

"Don't even think about it Quinn," Batman said stringently.

"Aw bats you take the fun out of everything!" Harley exclaimed sliding down further in the seat to put her feet up.

She looked down at the grey prison suit, "hey bats do ya think I could get something else to wear, you don't want me running around the streets looking like a convicted criminal now do ya?"

He ignored this and popped on the screen of the car, "What the trouble commissioner?" he asked.

"Joker is still missing and what's worse is he has done a whole run in with the bank, not a penny left. The whole city's savings were in that place, batman!"

"I'm on it!" Batman said affirmatively.

"ALL THAT DOE AND HE WOULDN'T SPRING ME I'M A KILL THAT PAINTED FACED CLOWN!" Harley screamed thrashing her hands around and around.

"Hey!" Batman shouted over Harley's creams, "you act crazy I send you back! This is your chance to get back at the Joker not hung up on him!"

"I aint hung up on mistah J honest b-man!" Harley exclaimed.

"Where is he then, you must know?"

Harley looked out the window to the racing towers of Gotham the night their only blanket to the day's runnings.

"I can take you to the old hideout?" Harley said cautiously.

Batman nodded, "where?"

"Two streets down, next to the old Halloween club," Harley said sounding quite defeated.

"Did you hear that Robin?" Batman asked to the screen where he appeared suddenly.

"Yeah I heard blondie, you trust her?" Robin asked taking no notice of Harley in the far right of the screen.

"HEY!" Harley shouted. A

"For now," batman said truthfully. Robin nodded and the screen turned black again.

"Well aint he just boy wonder!" Harley said sarcastically, "you ever thought of having a girl sidekick?" Harley joked stroking his shoulder again. Batman stiffened away.

"Like you and the joker? Are you his sidekick or his punching bag?"

"Mistah J loves me he just doesn't know how to show it b-man!"