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Alfred gripped the handle of the Harley Quinn's door. In some way he was nervous, he had definitely seen his own share of criminals and villains running around the streets of Gotham. Yet, never in Bruce Wayne's home. Batman and Bruce remained, to him, two very different people and so he stayed very still outside of Quinn's door. For she was now the bridge between Bruce and the Dark Night, the one who had forced him to let Batman above the ground floor and into his mansion.

"Miss Quinn?" he asked slowly, nervously as he finally opened the door. He didn't know what he was expecting, the body that he had worked on and bandaged had been limp and soulless yet the face was twisted in anger and mirrored the same twisted, demented face he had seen in the newspapers.

However, when he did set his eyes upon the Harley Quinn in the double bed he was surprised. Her face was not gentle, nor did it show any sign of a smile but her eyes did widen in slight fear and then flutter back into their blue calm gems when she saw Alfred, and not Batman.

"When did they let penguins in here?" she snapped lightly, that was the first think Alfred thought about Harley Quinn, everything she said was overridden with a joking tone.

"Miss Quinn, I am the butler of this establishment. How are you feeling?" he asked kindly as he remember so vividly the image of her beaten and burned by her Joker's bomb.

"Nah I am alrigh ole' man," she interjected, "though I could use a stick to walk with or something. Ya know so I can try and get out of this freakin bed!"

Alfred frowned, he himself had seen the damage to her legs, their was no way she would be able to walk on it without breaking it to the bone.

"I don't think that is a good idea, Miss Quinn. Though if you do want to get out of the bed, I possible could arrange a wheel chair, with Batman's permission, of course," he said very gentle.

Harley looked up and for the first time, the famous smile crossed her face, "Aw paps, you'd da that for me!"

Alfred sighed at the unexpected nickname but nodded, "of course Miss Quinn. Are you sure you aren't hungry, you haven't eaten for a day?"

Harley laughed, "Na pops, I'm fine!" she said a little too cheerfully for Alfred, but he was right. Harley barely had the ability to wave her hands around for more than a few seconds than to hold food and a fork to her lips.

Alfred left and Harley stayed still in the silk bed. Wondering how long until her body would catch up with the liveliness of her mind.

Two days later.

Harley turned, amazed at how her arms no longer felt like weight dragging her down on the bed but back to their productive selves, if only she could say the same for her legs which were still on the brink of breaking.

The door swung open and she used her regained strength to pull herself up to a sitting position masterly while Batman blocked the open doorway. His dark presence didn't make her recoil this time however, she had seen him enough time in the last few days to know that he wouldn't run at her and cuff her away. No, to her surprise, if she stayed quiet and didn't cause too much noise he was pretty gentle with her.

"I need your help Quinn," he said seriously, far more serious than she had seen him in the past few days.

She bit her lip, still unable to lead the bed, she could feel her sentence back to Arkham brewing like a spitting volcano. She didn't want to go back. Especially if it was alone again, she couldn't take it. No puddin in the rec room to laugh with her, or Ivy to talk to. No, if she was dragged back now she would be alone once more in the cell where all she could do was practice bar gymnastics with only a meter perimeter .

"I'll help Bman!" she chirped forcefully giving a little jump on the bed. "AH!" she squealed clutching her stomach as if it was breaking. Batman frowned at the image of her in pain, even though the bruises were fading the reminder of how brittle she was scared him.

Once her face had untwisted and she sank back into the bed comfortable Batman approached with a blindfold hidden in his fist.

"I want to take you down to the lair, so I am going to put a blind fold on you," he said with his dark tone overriding how gently he was speaking to her.

"Just wait right there Batty! How do I know your not going to take me back to Arkham?" she challenged holding up her hands to his fast approaching arms, as if they would snatch her away.

"Because I would have told you straight up if I was taking you back," Batman said simply and then without waiting for Harley's response he covered her eyes in the black blindfold and tied it carefully behind her head.

'Wait!' Harley's strong voice sounded as she scrambled her hands around the empty air in front of her until she felt Batman's hands soothe her own as he offered her the chance to see through his movement.

"Hold on tight, Quinn," she heard him say and then she felt his arms grasp around her body as he lifted her up softly into his grip.

"WOAH!" she cried throwing her arms around his muscular shoulders and holding on with everything she had, despite the fact that Batman was holding her so firmly she wouldn't fall out if she flailed or jumped around, which he had expected from her.

"Don't drop me Batty!" she screamed and though she would never knew a slight smile appeared on his expressionless face.

He carried her down to the Bat lair, using the blind fold to ensure that she would never, despite her close proximity, know who he really was.

Harley held on to his arms and tried not to let out a moan of pain and Batman softly placed her into a chair. She sighed with relief once light appeared to her eyes, streaming like grey beams onto her as the blindfold fell back into Batman's grasp.

"What's this place?" she said turning around and taking in the dark walls, the scientific computer and finally Robin's bike which left her jaw hanging open and her tounge rolling out.

"AW its so bootiful!" she exclaimed clapping her hands together.

"Once again," Batman said, "don't even think about it, instead he directed her attention towards the super computer in the right hand side of the cave, "This here Quinn is the fastest computer you will ever see and if you think the Joker is anywhere at anytime we can see right into the street cameras feed and check it out. It also has profiles on every criminal who has been in Arkham prison."

Harley's eyes widened, "Even me?" she asked although she already knew the answer.

Batman went over to the computer, typed in her name and once again her page came up, the picture of her before the Joker and after, the pages and pages of analysis by every psychiatrist she has ever had and the list of criminal activities she has been charged with. Batman watched her shocked reaction and her eyes narrow at the info before he went off the page, he didn't want her reading too much into her past now that it was time to look forward.

"Kinda stalkerish, Bman" she said crossing her arms in the chair and he rolled his eyes.

"So, Miss Quinn, do you think you can still help us?"

"Us?" she repeated.

Just as she said it Robin came through the door and smiled at Harley, "sup blondie."

"What's he doing here?" she demanded and Batman looked up to Robin, "he is keeping an eye on you while I have to see to business," he said loosely disguising hunting down the drug gangs on the pier as "business."


Barman rolled his eyes but overall he had a lot of trust in Robin and Harley, well the kid would survive. Especially, as Alfred was alway on call, day or night.

He walked to Robin, looking back to Harley who had crossed her arms and pursed her lips shut in strike, "make sure she doesn't hurt herself," he whispered to him and then left.

Robin peered to Harley Quinn who rolled her eyes at his attempt at eye contact.

"So blondie where do you want to start?" Robin asked, knowing that Batman would be expecting some progress to be done by the time he came back.

Harley thought for a moment and then smiled, "What has he done so far?"

Robin went over to the computer and typed in the Joker's name until the list of his last criminal activities came up.

"The bank robbery I knew about," Harley muttered, "bombed the restaurant, yeah that was swell puddin'" she muttered sourly, "a bomb in the concert hall?" Harley tilted her head to the right, thinking intently.

"Where was the bomb, bird brain?" she demanded.

Robin rolled his eyes, "in the guitar tuner, and my name is ROBIN!" he said. Ugh, being left with a crazy person just wasn't his cup of tea. What was worse was that she was making things harder on him! She was twenty-three just two years younger than him and with her child persona Batman was already treating him like a kid again, leaving him on this babysitting job instead of going out to fight the villains.

"He blew up the concert hall by a bomb in the guitar tuner?" Harley repeated, "A guitar tuner!" she said again.

She narrowed her eyes and then let them sink open, "nope, got nothing," she said sounding defeated. Robin sighed, he had expected more of a show, after all her and the Joker were expected to be insane, surely if sanity thought the same way insanity would at least be on the page with more insanity, but he guessed, even the Joker was insane to Harley Quinn.

She looked around in the chair and then suddenly looked down. Attached to the chair were two wheels. She hadn't even noticed, all this time, she had been sitting in a wheel chair! She owed that penguin guy a thanks! She pushed the chair forward and went closer to the computer, seeing the Joker's face open to her, as if stirring feelings of unbreakable love.

"Aw puddin' I am so sorry," she muttered before sobbing into her hands. Robin remained quite still. What was he meant to do? Batman was always better at handling the crazies, especially the girl crazy ones. That is why he left Catwoman, Ivy and Harley to him.

"He doesn't deserve your apology, you know," Robin said finally.

"What?" Harley snapped.

"He doesn't deserve it, not after trying to blow you up like that. I mean you could get a real nice guy, if you wanted and all." Robin tried not to look at her as he said it. Had he just admitted that she was attractive? He looked at her blonde hair, blue eyes and for once she was in normal clothes rather than that outfit or the prison suit, maybe because he could sometimes mistake her for a normal person he thought that some guy out there could too.

Harley wiped her eyes and looked back at Robin, "He didn't mean to blow me up, you just don't get it, he wants me to escape, killing me is just his joke, do you know what irony is? It means something unexpected, whats more unexpected than trying to blow up the person that is mean to be our half, the thing that makes you whole? But he never really does kill me! Just bangs me around, a little, that's the thing, even though it would be the perfect joke, the perfect ironic ending, he just can't do it, cause he loves me. Her blue eyes widened with visions of their marriage and children, fantasies apon fantasy that would lead her to depression.

"Doesn't seem like much of a love, to me," Robin said firmly.

"Yeah well what do you know, kid!" she said sticking her tounge out at him.

Kid? She though she was older than him, he couldn't blame her really. Though she did act like a kid at some points she did seem so much older, Robin could at least say he had never been blown up before. Or been in love.

Just as he had began thinking about what he was missing out on being Robin and all, Harley began to try and stand. Robin may have been void of any medical training but he did know that her leg was going to break if she walked on it, she had heard Bruce and alfred talk about that enough.

"NO!" he cried going to her, to try and set her back in the chair. But with incredible strength Harley Quinn did not walk on her leg but as she held the sides of the chair she pulled her legs up above her head, so she was doing a hand stand, in a perfect formation.

He marvelled at the beauty of her gymnastic moves, something he could say he had the liberty to see before. She was always this kind of red and black blur flipping around, followed by this laugh and a ditzy Brooklyn accent. Of course she still had the accent but the blonde girl was much more graceful, with the injuries, as every movement she made was careful and concise as she swapped her dominant hands on the handstand and then slowly set herself back down in the chair, flinching slightly as he legs hit the holds.

"How long?" she asked Robin who looked at her with a frown.

"How long what-"

"How long until my leg heals!" she demanded.

He looked to her, afraid to answer, "maybe months Quinn," he said truthfully.

She looked down at her feet, hidden behind her ballet slipper shoes, how they looked so broken, would she even have muscle in them after she had finished? And if not how was she going to take the Joker's tricks, jokes or beatings? She shuddered as suddenly a thought popped into her head that if they didn't catch him and find him soon before he did something to hurt himself, something he seemed prone to doing if it helped the joke, she wondered is she would even get to see him again. She closed her eyes, ignored the Bird Boy and listened to the pang of her heart, as it slowly slit into to pieces.