A/N: Well, I never thought I would be writing a poem, yet here I am. I think this is the first poem on the archive, so please enjoy! I don't think it's too bad, but that's up to you. By the way, it doesn't rhyme and there is no particular pattern, as I am rubbish at that sort of thing. This is just a break from Bluebird, I WILL write more!

I'll stop talking, so you can read the poem. Please enjoy!

He made me smile,

The red-headed boy

So timid he seemed

But brave he was

A Phantom thief, he is

Disappearing into the night

A bark from his dog

Is the last you'll hear

Everyday I hear about him

The next thing he's done

Easily done,

And danced into the night

They'll never find him,

One thing that is sure

His secrets are safe,

Safe here with me

I'll play his song daily

And think about him again

The Phantom who saved Paris

And stole away my heart

The Last Dance

Dancing together

That's what he said

We will be dancing

She made me smile

The blonde-haired girl

Her beauty is incomparable

An angel, she is

Her music is beautiful

A feat like no other

The greatest music

Flows from her violin

So gentle, so fair,

So brave, so kind

Like the brightest star

She shines with perfection

I think about her always

There in the back of my mind

Halo and wings

Princess of the Moon

From the first moment

The first music played

I knew I loved her

And will love her forevermore

The Last Dance

Dancing together

Those four words

We will be dancing

We are the ones

Paris' saviours

We are the ones

Dancing to the music

We are the ones

Singing in the night

We are the ones

Who listened to the land's rhythm

We are the ones

Unbreakable trust

We are the ones

Who know how to love

We are the ones

Watching life's harmony

We are the ones

Writing our melody

We are the ones

Riding the rhythm

We are the ones

Who will be dancing.

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This poem is littered with references. I did want to include 'The Last Dance' but I don't think song poems quite work…

So I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!