Note: 'Benjamin Button Theory' is the concept of a man aging backward.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Noblesse Style

Once again his master has been forced to use his powers and he is still refusing to enter hibernation, even for a short period. To say that Frankenstein was worried about his master's condition would be a big understatement. He was beyond worried. So much so that it has been quite a while since he has slept properly. Granted that sleep wasn't a necessity for a superhuman like him, his body still required at least a little bit of rest to function properly.

The way the nobles aged vastly differs from the way humans do, in the sense that the nobles not only age much slower than humans but after reaching a certain stage, they start aging in reverse! In order to prevent that from happening, the nobles use their powers to maintain their body in its prime condition.

As far as Frankenstein knows, his master had crossed that stage a very long time ago (even by a noble's standard). So if he continues to postpone his hibernation and his body runs low on energy, the result would be disastrous.

According to his calculations, his master would probably revert back to his seventy year old form, the human equivalent of a five year old. Frankenstein wasn't very certain about this calculation though, since he doesn't know how old his master really is. He also had a sneaking suspicion that his master himself doesn't know how long he has lived, though he maintains the physical form of a teen ager.

The sickening sound of a tea cup hitting the floor, rudely brought Frankenstein out of his musings. A memory from that morning came rushing to the front of his mind. He remembered his master's hand shaking slightly as he reached for the tea Frankenstein served him. But since his master seemed like he wasn't up to discussing it at that time, he had decided to approach that subject later and left his master alone to drink his tea in peace. Now he regretted that decision as he rushed towards the living room.

The teacup was on the floor, broken. The porcelain pieces were scattered all around the area and its content was soaking the carpet. At any other time, Frankenstein would have been outraged at such a sight inside his precious house. But now, he was more worried about the pristine white uniform discarded on the floor and lack of its owner anywhere in sight. For that matter, he wondered why his master even discarded his clothes in the living room.

" Daa..."



'That sounded like a toddler's voice. Is it Takeo's new ringtone? That guy is awfully fond of human children and small animals!'


Frankenstein was thinking about checking the other rooms to see if his master was there in one of them when he heard that voice again and he unconsciously followed that voice to its source.

There was a small kid, no older than the human equivalent of a two year old standing in front of him and the child was using the power of noble to create a dress for himself. He felt the faint wisp of that power and there was no mistaking it, it belonged to his master!

Frankenstein's brain shut down itself at the implications of the scene unfolding in front of him. There was only one way to explain it, his master had pushed his body beyond it's limit the last time he used his power and now, his body has reverted itself to the form of a two year old to conserve the energy it takes to maintain the form of a teenager. As soon as the fact sunk in into his mind which was affected by shock induced stupor, Frankenstein felt like someone had mercilessly emptied a bucket of ice cold over his head.

He desperately tried to pull himself together by repeating in his mind, like a mantra, that no matter what happens, he has to remain strong for the sake of his master. He carefully took the few steps it takes to reach his master and kneeled before him, making sure that he did not cut an imposing figure in front of his master because of the height difference. He hoped against all odds that his master would remember him.


It was hard to decipher, but Frankenstein was sure that his master had called his name.

'Master remembers me!'

Frankenstein had been preparing himself mentally, to face the worst possible outcome. He was sure of an impending doom. But now, after hearing his master call his name, the situation didn't seem so hopeless anymore. The knowledge that his master remembers him made everything seem infinitely better. Maybe he could start a preschool, that way, his master could still lead an ordinary life. Though he cannot attend Ye Ran high school any more.

In the meantime, while Frankenstein was lost in a world of his own, Rai was busy reacquainting himself with his own body. His mouth and tongue were tiny and his cheeks were far too chubby, it hindered his speech. His pronunciation was off and the syllables rolling off his small tongue sounded funny.

Frankenstein noticed that his master was moving his small and delicate lips, like he was trying to speak but no sound was coming out. At first he was worried, thinking that the sudden transformation had impaired his master's ability to speak. But then he realized that his master was most probably trying to get used to his new body and also realized that right then, his master looked absolutely adorable. At that moment, Frankenstein decided that he was the luckiest of all the people on Earth.

"Frankenstein!" Said Rai, finally after some effort.

'Ah! His master spoke smoothly and he spoke his name first!'

"Yes, master?" Frankenstein asked in a gentle voice, unable to hide the surge of fierce protectiveness at the sight of his master in such a vulnerable form. Though Frankenstein, of all people, knew very well that his master was far from vulnerable. Even in this form he could easily defeat clan leaders without batting an eye.

"Frankenstein, my tea..." Rai pointed at the brown stains marring the otherwise perfectly clean carpet. He took a few awkward steps forward, obviously still not completely at ease with the recent changes in his body, and reached for Frankenstein's broad shoulders to pat him with his plump hand, as a way of apologizing and comforting his servant who suffers from OCD.

Pat. Pat. Pat...

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