Title: A long time to die
Author: Shenandoah Risu
Content Flags: hanky warning
Spoilers: Season 2 "Twin Destinies" through "Epilogue"
Characters: Everett Young, Destiny, Tamara Johansen
Word Count: 588
Summary: "I dream of her all the time."
Author's Notes: Written for prompt set #080 at the LJ Comm sgu_challenge. The task was to write a story that would be set in Season 3 or three years after the alternate crew's arrival on Novus. I chose the latter.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
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A long time to die

wake up wake up

wake up

he walks along the dark corridor the floor cold beneath his bare feet gaping openings exposed to space

he reaches for the wall runs his fingers along the ancient metal feels the ship shiver and tremble beneath his gentle touch

wake up

i miss you all so much i am still here i have been through the sun three times now but i am still here i never knew how much you meant to me

it's all right it's all right i am here can you feel me

wake up

don't leave me again please don't leave me

and his chest hurts from unshed tears because there is nothing he can do her loneliness is so overwhelming he can't breathe sinking to his knees

wake up wake up

wake up


"You were having a nightmare," TJ says, her features worried, tears in her eyes.

He gasps for air.

"She's still there," he says. "We abandoned her."

He sits up, buries his face in his hands.

She gently touches his shoulder, glides her palm over his skin.

"Who is?"

"Destiny. She's there, I know it… I could feel her, TJ, I was just there, she got left behind… and we don't leave our people behind…"

She draws him into her arms, runs her hands through his hair, and he pushes his face against her neck.

"It's been three years, Everett," she says. "Destiny is long gone."

He pulls back and looks at her, despair in his eyes. He shakes his head.

"She's still there, still conscious. She's almost gone now, but she's still there."

"What about Rush?"

"He's dead. Long ago. When she fell back into the sun for the first time. But Destiny, she's still there."

TJ takes his hand and kisses his palm.

"You don't believe me."

She smiles, a little sad.

"No, I do. She spent a lot of time in your head. Maybe she found a way to reach out to you."

"I dream of her all the time. Do you ever dream of her?"

TJ nods. "Occasionally, yes. Not so much recently. And hardly at all since Sara was born."

"She's scared."

TJ lies down again. "Come here."

He puts his head on her chest and she gently massages his scalp. "I don't know how it's possible, but after everything we've seen, I wouldn't be surprised. And I wish there was something we could do to help her – something you could do."

"She was a member of my crew, too. The AI part of her."

"I know."

She sighs.

For several minutes they don't speak.

"Three years," he finally says, "is an awfully long time to die."

"Lots of people die for that long… longer, even."

"You would know."

"Yes. My dad."

He turns his head to face her.

"How do you deal with that?"

TJ sighs. "Just be there for them. That's all you can ever do. Go back to sleep, love. If she's still there, be there for her. You can't help her, but you can be there for her. Tell her… tell her she's not alone. That she'll always be there in our hearts. Tell her that something of her will live on. Memories. Shared moments. Dreams, thoughts… Times of sadness, times of joy."

He smiles at her, then moves up and kisses her gently.

"I love you," he says.

Says it to her, and to his old ship.

I love you, too, comes the answer in his heart, twofold.


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