hey guys! so sorry I haven't uploaded for 5 months i am so sorry! this is the very last chapter and then its done so enjoy it!

( no ones pov)

" well kims dad abuses her and she might be moving back to her mum" Margaret said crying.

Jack, jerry, Eddie and Milton stared at her in shock. Margaret ran out of the dojo and kept running, mean while Kim was packing when she decided she was going to go and say goodbye to her friends before she went to new York.

( kims pov)

my dad was going to prison yay! ok I don't mean it like that it's just my dad is horrible and I wished he wasn't my dad, I think I should keep packing now. I love my mum and miss my mum so much and I'm excited to live with her but I wished she lived here instead I don't want to move to new York. but there's nothing else to do about it so I have to move but I will never forget the nicest friends I ever had and I will never forget them and hope they will never forget me.

I know its short but I wanted to do a dramatic ending! lol anyway thats the very last chapter and i hope you enjoyed these stories and thank you so much for reading them!