Wrath of Tantibus

Chapter 1

Here it is, part 4 of the Nightmare Saga.

Everyone has dreams, everyone has nightmares, and of course everyone has memories.

Yes memories, some good, some bad, some you just want so much to forget.

Though while dreams, nightmares, and moments in time com to an end, the memories never go away.

If you are one who never forgets what they see, then you better hope you can forget your worst nightmares.


It was about five in the morning in the Candy Kingdom, and all of the Candy People were still sleeping soundly.

Everyone had been rendered exhausted from the recent events.

At the Candy Castle, Prince Gumball was trying to sleep, and for most of the night he managed to do so quite well.

However, as he slept his mind started to act up as heard a voice inside his head.

"Remember this game..."

It was Tantibus.

"Re-mem-ber?" Gumball murmured in his sleep.

"Remember my place..."

Gumball started to toss in his sleep.

"Remember my name..."

"Tantibus." Gumball said tensely starting to wake up.

"Remember my face!" Tantibus said frimly in his mind.

When he saw her eyes appear in his mind, he immediately woke up.

"I remember!" he gasped, sitting up in his bed, "Huh!?"

He looked around.

"That felt weird," he said inhaling and exhaling deeply, "that felt real, very lucid."

Gumball laid back down, but he did not go back to sleep.

"Something is going to happen," he muttered, "I know it, it's inevitable."

"Aww," Tantibus taunted in his mind, "how smart you are, princey."

Gumball rolled around in his covers until he was wrapped up like a caterpillar in a chrysalis.

"This is not a dream, Bubba," Tantibus told the prince, her voice reverberating in his head, "I am back and you have opened the door for me."

Gumball felt like something was literally crawling around inside his head.

"This time there will be no mistakes, puppet!" Tantibus asserted.

"Oh, Cosmic Owl," Gumball groaned aloud, "when will it ever end?"

Things may get weird.