Wrath of Tantibus

Chapter 17

Let's see what else happened.

I know, this definitely is not as good as my last Nightmare stories, I'm sorry.

The still possessed Prince Gumball stared on into the dark cyclone circling the area, the earth had quickly began to wither from the power of the sword.

Without the sword in his hand, PG felt as if he could feel his true conscience trying to claw its way from the dark void that clouded his mind, while at the same time he could feel the unholy darkness trying to drag him back down.

Tantibus, now moving freely outside of Gumball's body, remained close to her puppet, ensuring that he did not break free of her corruptive hold.

Now, Tantibus wished to take her plan to the next step, as she knew or a fact that her father, Miracle King Caelestis was on his way to the Material Plain. The newest Nightmare Queen made herself materialize next to Gumball.

"Why don't we move to a new area while the sword does its job?" Tantibus voiced, "Trust me, it won't be going anywhere."

She transported herself and her puppet to her lair, which she had moved underground. Gumball said nothing, made no noise, he only looked around lifelessly.

"Admittedly," Tantibus said, "in the beginning I doubted that you would be any use to me at all." The devilish lass snaked an arm around the prince's shoulders, "But after seeing just how vulnerable and submissive you are, I knew this would be a snap."

Gumball, trapped somewhere between his true mind and his possessed state, unemotionally responded with, "I...am...vulnerable."

Tantibus could feel her carnal instincts kicking in.

"Just how I like them." she hissed in PG's ear, rubbing his shoulder with her dangerous hand.

Gumball became more alert as he felt Tantibus run her hand down his side and rest it on his hip.

"Now that I think about," Tantibus sighed, "I'm glad I didn't try harder for the Vampire King, sure, he may be the hottest thing living on the Material Plain and he may have power that puts the Lich to shame, but he's so stubborn, too strong-willed, too resistant, I woulda never been able to control him."

"No." Gumball murmured.

Tantibus then turned the possessed prince to face her.

"Why go for a fighter, when I can have one who can't fight back at all," she said ardently, pulling at the prince's shirt collar, "after all, submission is hot!"

Gumball could faintly hear his true conscience in the back of his mind, as if it were trying to talk over the darkness obscuring his mind.

"You know what she's trying to do," his old self told him, "you can't let her, you can't!"

As Tantibus gripped Gumball's shirt collar with both hands, the prince brought up his hands and grabbed her wrists. Tantibus just looked at him dubiously.

"Come on now," Tantibus said coolly, "do you really think there's any going back from here, puppet?"

Gumball slowly tried to pull her hands off of him, but at the same he loosened his grip on them.

As he listened to the opposing voices in his mind, one of the darkness and the other of his former self, he finally decided that there was nothing that he could do for himself. The corrupted prince went down on his knees and grabbed his shirt collar with his own hands.

"I probably should be resisting," Gumball voiced, Tantibus staring at him intently, a prurient grin growing on her lovely, wicked face, "but I just can't!" the prince cried literally tearing his own shirt from his body.

Tantibus then put her hands on Gumball's bare shoulders and carefully pinned him against the cold, hard ground.

"Then don't;" Tantibus laughed, "trust me, I do this for a living."

Gumball put his head back and just closed his eyes, while Tantibus proceeded to...enjoy herself. In his mind, Gumball could hear the darkness laughing proudly, while at the same time he could hear his true self sobbing bitterly. No matter how alert he was, he could not break himself free of Tantibus's power, she was just too strong. She was like a demonic parasite, she would suck you dry of energy and power, and everything she took was replaced with wickedness.

After two hours, Tantibus was done with the prince, feeling satisfied and successful.

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Prince," Tantibus said casually, "now I have a new, even bigger transaction to take care of."

She then left, leaving the tainted prince lying on the frigid floor.

Gumball laid motionless on the ground for several minutes as he felt himself coming back to true consciousness. As his mind began to reset, the remembrance of his actions under Tantibus's control began to sink in.

"Ugh..." he moaned, "what have I done?"

Gumball sat up and looked down at himself, shivering from the lack of a shirt; he found himself covered in scratches and bruises, some fresh some old, what remained of his clothing was dirty and full of tears.

"W-What have I done!?" he gasped.

Come on, someone HAD to have seen this coming, someone had to have.

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