Glancing around, I ran to the other side of the street, not wanting to be seen. My hair flew out behind me in a silky curtain of blonde/brown. I ran my three, light green fingers through it and sighed.

'Why can't we go out in the day time. Why can't we just be normal?' I lifted the man hole cover up and jumped in, I needed to get home before the guys get worried. If there's one thing worse than getting lectured by Leo, it was getting lectured by all four of them and Splinter. I dropped my skateboard to the ground and hopped on, sewer-skating, best sport in history.

When I got back, Mikey ran and hid behind my shell as Raph came barging in.

"MIKEY!" He yelled, walking up. I half laughed, I could almost see the fire in his eyes, the dangerous glint that meant he was really mad.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! First, before you go and kill Mikey, what did he do?" I asked, putting my hands on Raph's plastron and holding him back. Raph pointed to the nightwatcher's outfit I had made him, it had a titanic hole in the chest, and the helmet and shell was scorched. I nodded grimly and stepped out of the way, my eye twitching.

"You deserve it this time Mike." I said, jumping over the couch and grabbing Raph's now destroyed outfit. I quickly set to work fixing the metal and chains, my fingers flying over the chest, bending the metal back, and re-weaving the chains.

"Hey, sis! A little help!" Mikey screeched, jumping over the couch and almost getting caught by Raph.

"Nope! I told you not to touch his outfit and you did anyway. Besides, I found my sheets you and Klunk destroyed this morning, so let's count it as payback." I said grinning. Donnie walked in with his goggles on. I pressed my lips tightly together, trying not to laugh. His eyes looked like he was half fly, half turtle.

"Hey Lynnie! You're home!" He said brightly, perking up. I watched as he went over to his computer, which was the size of all of our tv's put together, and plugged a chip into it. The screen flashed and his files started downloading onto the computer.

"Another virus?" I asked. He jumped, I had snuck up on him again.

"Yeah, my laptop's runnin' slow," He replied, turning around. I stared. I had never noticed how brown his eyes were.

"EEK!" Mikey screeched, flying into me.

"MIKEY! Really?" I snarled, standing up and brushing my plastron off," Raph, calm down..." I said as Leo and Splinter walked in. Leo looked troubled. My head twisted downward like a dog's and he looked up.

"Lynette, I want to speak with you." Splinter said as wooried thoughts flew through my mind.

"Yes father?" I asked, sitting on a worn pillow.

"I don't know how to say this...I have a man that has asked for your hand in marrage..." Splinter trailed off.

"WHAT! I am NOT getting married!"

"It's a man you know well!" Splinter said urgently.

"Who?" I asked curiously.

"Urishabi..." He whispered, looking down. I jumped to my feet.

"I am NOT getting married to him! He tried KILLING leo!" I screeched, running out. I grabbed a coil of rope and flew out of the lair and into the sewers.

When I got to my destination, I fastened a noose and tied it around my neck. Wrapping it around the pipe, I jumped over the edge and started falling into the sewer whirl pool. The rope jerked me back up and as blackness crept through my head, I took a last breath.