Wolverina: The Fangs of Revenge

Written By: June Gilbert

X-men Next Generation Book 1

Part One: Before My Eyes Opened


The form within the bio tank stirred restlessly in her dreams. Who knew what she dreamed of, waiting to come alive. Waiting for the Awakening, then the Release. Release to kill, to stalk and then annihilate her single target. The object of her dreams and nightmares, he supposed. The others had programmed her to capture only, but he had fixed that. The target could not, WOULD not, escape his vengeance again.

The teenage feminine form within the tank jerked sharply. No matter how deeply she thirsted for blood on her new-made claws, she would not birth from the tank until it was time, dammit. She had been a nearly normal fifteen year old girl, until a truck had paralyzed her from the waist down… Or should have done so, as she realized to her detriment. The townspeople had chased her from her town, screaming and snarling hatefully at her as she ran. Bereft and motherless after the accident, it had been too easy to draw her into Vector's home.

You see, she contained one of the most dangerous X-genes of all time; a healing factor unrivaled by even her target in his prime of life. The deepest cuts healed nearly instantaneously, broken bones took only moments to heal, as well as having nearly unrivaled inhuman strength and speed. That was only the tip of her powers, though.

By dint of torturing a telepath, he had learned she had the potential for power unmatched by any alive today. If her powers came to full bloom, she could summon spirits to gain their powers, animal spirits mostly. And, to boot, her bones were made of a metal unknown by man, an alloy of adamantium and a dark metal far tougher than aforementioned metal, and traces of diamond. He was amazed by its durability, however. When he tested it, it would only crack under an UNBELIEVEABLE amount of force.

There WERE a few drawbacks to be fixed in the girl, however, the man thought sourly.

For one thing, she had claws, but was unable to use them. They were only half-evolved, definitely prominent, but unusable as was. With a little meddling, that would easily be fixed, Vector reflected.

Another drawback, or rather, drawback and blessing was her willpower. It simply exceeded expectations, and was hell to break. She resisted the programming for five months straight, longer than any project in living mortal memory. Also fixed by some meddling. He could and would turn that incredible willpower to the finding and destruction of her target. Vector smirked. Logan had had this coming to him for more than a hundred years...

Her last drawback was that she might fail. Vector shook his head angrily, Victory won't fail me. It's not in her programming to fail, much less her gnetic make up. Genetics are everything in this damnable world... The world Victory would soon conquer for me. Vector smiled, an eerie effect on a human face that hadn't smiled in over a decade. Vector stopped smiling the day his mother was raped.

He wrung his hands together. Soon, he would have the perfect mate to stand by his side as he wreaked his revenge on his Father's murderer. He could almost taste the blood, a salty elixir in his mouth as he delivered the kill bite that would separate head from body.

His Mother, dead two years, would be so very proud.

Watch out, Weapon X.

Weapon V is coming for you.

So, what do you think of my first attempt at a Wolverine storyline? Shalll I continue? Wolverine is one of my favorite charecters, and so are the other pairings that will be coming up in this story. I've got the story written on paper, the problem is typing it up. Please give me only constructive criticism, as I do not appreciate flames.