SGC Official Blog

Upon disclosure of the program through Stargate Command, the SGC has been authorized to start a blog to answer questions from the general public. All questions are monitored. Questions addressed to personnel in the SGC and SG-1 will be answered in order of which they are received. Questions addressed to certain people will be approved and monitored. We have addressed the three most popular questions. We look forward to more questions.

Thank you, the SGC.

Question 1:

What's it like going through the gate?


S. Carter - That's a very good question. The gate is programmed to literally break the body down into a molecular level and then re-assemble the body on the other side...I could go into far more detail but that part was omitted from my reply.

D. Jackson - The ancients who built the gate had the foresight to make gate travel as comfortable as possible. It does some getting used too. But it is exciting.

Teal'c - Going through the gate on Earth is akin to going through any gate off world.

J O'Neill - kind of tingly.

Question 2:

What are the Asgards like?

S. Carter - The Asgard are a highly advanced species with a comprehension of physics beyond anything we have on Earth. I would like to add more about their bodies but I was informed that was classified and they omitted that part too.

D. Jackson - A wise and ancient race. The Asgard have been our closest ally. They face a difficult challenge in preserving their race.

Teal'c - Asgard have very advanced weaponry.

J. O'Neill - little gray guys who kick-ass.

Question 3:

How can I join?


S. Carter - Well, depends on what area you wish to go into. If you are looking to become a scientist then you really need college and advanced training. You need to be drug free, I advise against smoking and work very hard to gain that position.

D. Jackson - They will recruit you if they think you are of value and have something to contribute. So, even if your peers laugh at your theories if you are right, you could be employed here.

Teal'c - I do not how one would join. Your planet is confusing at times.

J. O'Neill - Join the military, have a degree, be one of those whacko's who think the pyramids were landing pads for spaceships. Not that hard.