SGC Blog 4

Starbow asks: "Have you ever kissed an alien and if so, what was it like?"


S. Carter - I usually don't go into my personal life on such matters and try very hard to keep my emotions separate from work. It is work after all and being an officer in the Air Force, it would be considered unprofessional of me to do so. That said, I did kiss an alien once and he was a host...He died. Man why is it every time I get involved with someone they either turn out to be a stalker or they die? What the hell? What am I? The Black Widow?

D. Jackson - My late wife was considered an alien. She was human. Yes, I've been assaulted sexually by Goa'uld queens who tried to take control of me in more ways than one. I was also assaulted by this black-leather-wearing space private. Ever been kissed and then hit in the head?

Teal'c - I have not dated anyone on your planet yet.

J. O'Neill - Yup, I've been kissed by some nasty things. Usually it's a Goa'uld. They kind have a thing for that. Though, once I had to do mouth-to-mouth on Daniel when he nearly died. Closest thing I've done to nearly kissing a man. Never wanna do that again. Now, if it was...Never mind.

Godiva asks: "What do aliens eat?"

S. Carter - They eat all sorts of food. Many are human or human-like and require similar nutrition to us. The Asgard don't require actual food but a synthetic mixture of nutrition.

D. Jackson - They eat better than I do. They have fresh local food and I get MRE's that taste horrible.

Teal'c - Earth's food is very good. However, the MRE's could use to improvement. I especially like your seafood. Especially a place called Red Lobster.

J. O'Neill - Oh, they eat disgusting stuff. You should see what the Asgard eat. Gross! Of course you see a Jaffa eat. Teal'c just inhales food. I took him to Red Lobster once. That poor lobster never stood a chance.

Bottlecap asks: "What do aliens think of us?"


S. Carter - Well, there are many different aliens who have different opinions of us. The Asgard and Nox see us as a young race with potential. The Goa'uld see us as potential slaves. Some races like us and some do not.

D. Jackson - You mean Earth? The human race or the SGC? In general we have enemies an allies. Some races think highly of us while others do not. Depends on the context.

Teal'c - I enjoy living here very much.

J. O'Neill - The bad guys wanna kick our collective asses. The good guys wanna save our collective asses. The IOA can kiss our collective asses. And I just wanna be able to go off world and not save Daniel's ass again.