Emile sat at his computer smiling. He had just finished editing the bonus video for his Okamiden Let's Play and it was currently uploading. He had genuinely enjoyed this Let's Play. Sure, the Let's Play curse had struck a few times, but hey, his viewers seemed to like that. Now came the hard part; choosing what to play next. Sure, he could take suggestions from his fans, but really, he Let's Played games that he wanted to play, not that his fans wanted him to, although sometimes they coincided, which was to be expected.

He decided that he should at least get a bit of downtime before deciding on what game he should play next. He started brewing a cup of coffee while getting his mail. Amongst it was a package. Strange, he hadn't ordered anything. Still, it was addressed to him.

Sitting inside with his coffee, he began to open the package. Once it was out of the cardboard, he started peeling away the bubble wrap, excitement building as he slowly got closer to discovering what it was. His mind began formulating theories. Had one of his fans sent him a gift? He didn't remember giving out his address on a video. If he had, he was sure at least some of the less considerate fan girls would have shown up by now. Perhaps it was a gift from one of the Runaway Guys? But then, it probably would have been easier for them to give it to him in person if that were the case. He decided to stop coming up with silly ideas and just open it.

When he did, he almost dropped his coffee. Inside was a lavishly decorated cardboard box labelled Okami 3 Beta. Opening the box he found a case with similar artwork to the box, as well as a WiiMote and Nunchuck decorated like Amaterasu and the brush gods. Why would Capcom send HIM this? Perhaps as a gift for popularising the Okami franchise by Let's Playing them? How did they get his address?

For the meantime, curiosity and common sense were pushed aside by excitement, as he rushed to his Wii to try it out. Deciding to really get into it, he even connected the special WiiMote that had come with the game. He was practically shaking with anticipation once he had started loading it from the Wii menu. It loaded to a simple title screen, much like Okami's, only with the title, 'Okami 3 Beta'. Eager to get into the demo, he moved the pointer to 'New Game' and pressed A.

That's when Emile noticed something was up. Instead of heading to the loading screen, it simply showed a black piece of parchment, like what the loading screen would look like if you removed all other elements. From the corner of his eye, he noticed a faint red light. Looking down, he found the red glow was coming from the red markings on the WiiMote and Nunchuck. Startled, he dropped the controller… or, he would have, if it hadn't somehow stuck to his hands. Eventually it all simply became too much for him, and either from shock, or some mystical force, Emile blacked out.

When Emile woke up, he instantly knew something was wrong. Opposed to the fluffy carpet of his room, he woke up face down in grass. He opened his eyes and got up, only to find himself barely taller than the grass itself. Climbing up on a tree root, Emile sat down to get his bearings. Aside from his location and relative size, Emile noticed his clothing had also changed. Instead of the simple t-shirt and jeans he had been wearing previously, he was now wearing something that seemed quite out-dated and would nowadays only be worn to a fancy dress party, along with a helmet that looked strangely similar to a Christmas beetle.

Looking around at the landscape, Emile saw something that worried him more that the physical changes that had occurred to him. The sky was a dark purple, whirlwinds whooshed around, rattling the branches of the tree he was resting on, and the land itself seemed ravaged, and the village downhill seemed to be struggling to survive.

Suddenly, in a burst of petals, a woman in a pink kimono appeared in front of Emile, causing him to jump backwards, his helmet colliding with the tree trunk. She leaned over to get a good look at him, which by the way would have given Emile a great view (if you know what I'm saying) if he wasn't too focused on what was happening at the moment.

After a few moments, the woman spoke. She said, "Why hello there little Poncle. What are you doing this far from Ponc'tan?"

'P-Poncle?' Emile thought. 'Well, that does explain the size and the beetle helmet.' Feeling he should at least give some sort of response to who he assumed to be Sakuya, he said, "Uh, well I was exploring the world a bit and I, uh, got lost. Yeah."

"Well, you certainly picked one of the worst times to go travelling, didn't you?"

Emile wasn't oblivious to the harsh landscape around him, but that didn't explain why this had happened. He was about to ask about it, but Sakuya spoke up again. "Oh, how rude of me. I didn't even introduce myself. I am Sakuya, the wood sprite. And you are?"

"Oh, my name's Emile."

"Ah Imiru, is it? What a lovely name."

Emile would have corrected her if there weren't more pressing matters at hand. "So, what did you mean when you said this was a bad time to go travelling?" he asked.

"You really don't know? Well, it all started long after the defeat of Akuro…"

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