Hey guys. Sorry about how similar the last chapter was to the canon Okami. In this chapter you'll see the kind of stuff I wanted to include in the last chapter.

Btw, I can't be the only one who wants Ammy to be the Capcom character appearing in Smash Bros. 4 rather than Mega Man, can I?

Anyway, to adventure!

On their way down the path to the village, Ammy and Emile heard a scream coming from up near the Konohana tree.

On impulse, Emile yelled, "Sounds like someone's in trouble! Let's go Ammy!" Ammy dashed off towards the source off the scream, forcing Emile to hold on extra tight. As much as he didn't want to think about it, Emile couldn't help but wonder what would happen if he got a 'game over'. Would Ammy just die, leaving him stuck here alone? Would he be sent back to the last 'save point'? Maybe he'd be sent back to the real world.

Arrive at the scene, they found a young girl surrounded by 3 imps. Well, they were green imps but Emile was pretty sure their technical name was just imps. Ammy barked to get the imps' attention. As the demons turned and ran towards them, Emile noticed the barrier of kanji coming up to close them in.

These imps were the imps from the original Okami; white mask with a red 'I' katakana painted on it, long yellow flute tied across their back, green skin, green kimono-like clothing. Emile didn't have to explain how combat worked to Ammy, considering this wasn't actually a videogame so Ammy wouldn't need to know what buttons to press. She charged into battle, flinging her diving instrument at the imps. Emile was forced to hop further up Ammy's neck to avoid the mirror swinging back and knocking him off.

Emile didn't consider joining in the fight for a second, even when he noticed a small sword strapped to his side that he had somehow missed before. Even if he did try to help, he doubted he'd be able to do much, and he'd risk getting stepped on. He decided to just let Ammy do her thing.

One imp was knocked into the air, Ammy finishing him (it?) off with a power slash. As its halves fell to the ground, Emile noticed a blue fang drop from its mouth. 'So they have demon fangs in the sequel,' he thought. 'Nice to see they brought them back.' Meanwhile, Ammy had finished off the other imps and was collecting the items.

As the barrier came down, Ammy padded towards the little girl who had been surrounded, and Emile hopped on top of Ammy head to get a better look. The girl had black hair that went a little below her shoulders, and was wearing a pink kimono that looked to be a little too big for her. She looked to be about 5 years old.

Emile asked, "Hey, are you ok? The demons are gone now. You don't have to be scared."

The girl sniffed. Her voice was still a bit shaky, but she managed to get out, "I-I want m-my mummy."

Emile was about to say something to comfort her, but a voice suddenly echoed through the clearing, "Halt foul beast! Don't take another step towards that girl!" The voiced sounded like some sort of Brooklyn accent, which Emile found strange considering he was supposed to be in ancient Japan.

Ammy looked over to where the voice had come from, allowing Emile to get a look too since he was on her head. Just in time she saw a man with a large wooden sword falling towards them, sword raised in an attacking position. She managed to dodge out of the way as his sword smashed into the ground.

As he stood up to face them, sword still held in both hands, a green parrot flew down and landed on his shoulder. He was wearing a jumpsuit like Susano's, only it was black instead of purple, and a khaki bandana was tied around his head. He had curly black hair and a bushy beard. He had a bit of a bulky build and seemed to be breathing heavily from his landing.

Shouting again, either to reassure himself or to try and scare Ammy of, he said, "Leave, wolf! The great Kunijon, son of Susano, shall not let you hurt this young maiden!"

"Are you dumb or something?" Emile said. "We just saved that girl."

"Ey?" Kunijon mumbled, looking slightly confused, until he noticed Emile sitting atop Ammy's head. "Looks like the wolf's made friends with a bug."

Emile was determined to not get mad. He calmly explained, "I'm not a bug, I'm a Poncle. Anyway, could you please stop pointing that sword at us?"

Kunijon lowered his sword a little. "I'm not sure if I trust you yet. That wolf you're riding on looks pretty strange, what with the weird red markings and all."

'Red markings?' Emile thought. "Ammy, he can see your true form." Ammy just rolled her eyes as if to say, "Duh."

Kunijon turned around suddenly, finding the little girl tugging on his clothes. "Please don't hurt the wolf. She saved me from the demons," she pleaded.

"Uh, yeah, yeah. I won't hurt her. Run on home now," Kunijon said, nudging the girl in the direction of the path. The girl ran down to path, as Kunijon turned back to face Ammy and Emile, sword now strapped to his back.

"So you can fight demons then?" he asked, slowly walking towards Ammy. "Perhaps you could help me defeat the beast that lurks within the Moon Cave."

Ammy let out a half-bark and a grumble, meaning, "I think you'd be the one helping." This made Emile laugh a bit.

Obviously Kunijon, being unable to speak wolf, misunderstood what Ammy was saying, and interpreted it was agreeing. He suddenly jumped up onto Ammy's back, shouting, "Together, we shall defeat the wretched beast that troubles out fair village! But first you need a name."

Emile turned himself around on Ammy's head so that he was facing Kunijon, and explained, "She already has a name. It's A-"

He was cut off as Kunijon suddenly said, "When a pet changes owners it's only right that it gets a new name as well. The same thing happened with Jacques over here." He pointed to the parrot on his shoulder as he said this. "I think I'll call you… Whitey," he decided after some deliberation.

Ammy narrowed her eyes at the ground. She was obviously not pleased by the name Kunijon had given her. 'Cheer up Ammy,' Emile thought, 'Some of Chibi's were worse.' He didn't say this out loud, however. Doing so would only warrant the question of how he knew Chibi and the nicknames he had been given.

"Right. So before we head off to the Moon Cave, I was thinking we could go see my friend Arin. Y'know, show off and stuff. He lives over at the Orange residence. You know where that is, right?" Emile couldn't help but find it strange that Kunijon assumed what he believed to be an ordinary wolf would know where a certain house was in the village. Nevertheless, Ammy did infact know where Mr Orange lived, and rushed off towards his house.

Upon arrival, Emile noticed a man about Kunijon's age outside, stretching his arms. He had black hair down to about his shoulders and an orange was perched atop his head. He was wearing a khaki kimono with orange highlights. As the got close, Kunijon called out to him.

"Hey Arin! Check out my new pet," he yelled.

"Woah! A wolf. Awesome," Arin said, running over to pet Ammy. Ammy was obviously enjoying that.

"I know, right? We're gonna go fight the beast of the Moon Cave together."

"Wooooow. You are so lucky. All I get to do today is have my grandad teach me the Konohana shuffle." Emile tried to contain his laughter when Arin said this. "But, uh, how're you gonna get out of the village. Somehow I doubt your dad's gonna let you rush off to fight whatever's out there."

"Oh, the gate. I forgot. C'mon Whitey, we've gotta go find a way to get the keys to the village gate off of my dad." Kunijon nudged Ammy's head in the direction of Susano's house, and off they went.

You know how chuggaaconroy does that thing where he explains when a character is from mythology? Well I'll explain where my characters come from, but for the lols, I'll refer to them as being from Youtube mythology.

So yes, Kunijon and Arin are from Youtube mythology. They are Jon and Arin, aka JonTron and Egoraptor, known together as the Game Grumps. Jon was named Kunijon because I recall Kushi wanting to name her child Kuni if it was a boy. Jon's parrot Jacques has appeared in his videos as some sort of android parrot. If you're wondering why I described Jon's accent as Brooklyn, its because whenever I try to do a JonTron impression, I end up with a Joey-Wheeler style Brooklyn accent.

The little girl being attacked will most likely be explained in the next chapter. We will also be discovering Kunijon's powers. And why Arin wasn't around in the previous games.

Have a good life.