Under his breath, Kunijon was muttering, "Not good, not good, very not good."

Kirobara lowered its reptilian head to get a closer look at the three intruders to its lair.

"You dare invade my sanctuary of flowers and attempt to harm my wonderful vines?"

Kunijon was practically hiding behind Ammy at this point. Kirobara was similar in appearance to Orochi's heads, only its entire head and neck were green, similar to the colour of the leaves it sat between. Its head appeared to be encased within a giant yellow rose.

A strange burst of bravery arose within Emile. "You're the one killing the guardian sapling! How could you?"

Speaking up wasn't the smartest idea, for two reasons. First, Kirobara looked really annoyed by the outburst. Second, Kunijon squashed Emile into Ammy's head with his hand in an attempt to keep him quiet.

"Quiet Bugston, you're making him angry," he said in a worried tone.

"HIM!?" Kirobara roared. Kunijon went back to cowering behind Ammy. "CAN YOU NOT TELL FROM MY BEAUTY THAT I AM FEMALE?" Kunijon screamed a string of sorrys, but Kirobara seemed to take no notice. "Your apologies mean nothing to me, mortal. I shall grind your bones into dust and turn you into fertilizer for my lovely plants."

Kirobara lashed out, with Ammy leaping just out of her reach, Kunijon still clinging to her neck like a baby to its blanket. Emile's Let's Player instincts kicked in, and he couldn't help but start commentating in his head. 'And so begins the battle with Kirobara, our first boss of the game. To start this fight, she's going to… uh,' he thought. He didn't know what to say (or more accurately, what to think) as he didn't know what Kirobara would do, or how to counter it.

Ammy started circling Kirobara as she continued to lash out as she did at the beginning of the battle, with Ammy leaping just out of her reach every time. Kunijon was still being useless, scared out of his wits. Emile saw his opportunity to be helpful, and turned to face Kunijon's whimpering face.

"Kunijon," Emile yelled in order to be heard over Kirobara's roaring, "Stop being such a coward and help us!"

"I caaaaaaaaan't," he whined back, "I'm scaaaaaaared." Both times he blurred the border between 'a' and 'e'.

Emile hopped down onto his nose, making him open his eyes to stare at the tiny man standing on his face. "Think about it for a second. If we die now, who's going to defeat the beast in the moon cave? Who's going to protect Kamiki? It sure as hell won't be your father. If you give up now, think of all the people you'll be letting down. Think about your parents. Think about Arin."

Kunijon attempted to look away, but it's kinda hard to do when the person you're trying not to look at is on your nose. He closed his eyes tight again, and Emile thought he's have to try and think of a more inspirational speech. Then all of a sudden, Kunijon's eyes shot open with a determined look, and he sat up straight on top of Ammy, with Emile swiftly hopping back onto Ammy's head so as to not get thrown off.

"Y'know, you're right. How can I defeat whatever's be wreaking havoc on Shinshu if I cower at this dragon-flower thing? I need to defeat this monster in order to prove I am worthy to take on the greater threat." He drew his sword on pointed it directly at Kirobara. "SO DECLARES KUNIJON!"

Kirobara seemed a little annoyed by Kunijon's sudden gain in confidence, and lashed out again. Ammy leapt out of the way again, but before Kirobara could pull her head back, Kunijon struck with his sword, causing a pinging sound.

"Yeah," Emile cheered, "Now we're cooking!"

"Do not make me laugh little insect," Kirobara said smugly, with Emile silently fuming at being called a bug again, "The strike you just inflicted barely compares to a scratch. Your weapons are useless against my scales. You should just give up now."

"NEVER!" Kunijon and Emile yelled in unison. Kirobara lashed out again, only to once again have Kunijon, as well as Ammy, lash out at her face. It still didn't seem to affect her, until Kunijon's sword nicked one of her petals.

She instantly reared back, howling in pain. Kunijon hadn't realised what he did, but Emile did.

"Woah," Kunijon said, "Did I do something right?"

Emile started hopping up and down excitedly, saying, "That's it! We've got to attack the petals!"

Ammy just shook her head. "It's always something with these big sorts of enemies. If she was smart, she'd stop head-smashing us to keep her weak spot safe."

Of course, boss logic didn't allow this, and the pattern continued, with Kirobara attempting to head-smash them, Ammy jumping just out of the way, running back in to allow Kunijon and herself to hit the petals, and Kirobara recoiling in pain.

Eventually, Kirobara seemed to have enough. She glared at them, hissing, "Maybe I have underestimated you. But no more! You shall no longer lay your hands on my lovely petals!" The two outermost layers of petals had already been removed, leaving the inner, more sensitive petals.

Ammy prepared to avoid another head-smash, but none came. Instead, Kirobara opened her mouth and shot seeds at a furious velocity in their direction. Ammy was pelted, not prepared for the attack, before circling Kirobara again to outrun the attack. Kunijon's clothes had a few rips, but his large sword had blocked most of the damage. Emile was glad he had his beetle helmet, as he had used it to deflect any seeds that headed in his direction.

The trio frantically searched for a way to damage Kirobara with its petals high up in the air. Ammy tried Power Slashing them, but Kirobara simply put her scales in the way.

Suddenly, Kunijon exclaimed, "That's it! How could I have been so stupid?"

Emile was interested. "What? What?"

"The answer's been with us the whole time! Jacques! Go get those petals! He loves nibbling on things." Ammy directed Jaques to one of Kirobara's petals.

It didn't really work however. As soon as Jacques was able to get close to Kirobara's petals, she whipped her head around to smack Jacques with her snout. Jacques was sent spiralling towards the wall, to Kunijon's horror, but he was able to recover and flew back over to Kunijon's shoulder.

"There's got to be some way we can distract her to give Jacques an opening," Emile muttered to himself. Kirobara was firing seeds at them again, so Ammy was once again circling her to avoid the seeds.

"That's it Bugio!" Kunijon shouted. "Whitey, CHAAAAARGE!" He pointed his sword towards Kirobara to show Ammy which way to go.

While slowly closing the circle in on Kirobara, Ammy growled, "Imiru, I need you to ride up there with Jacques and direct him. It'd be a little hard trying to distract Kirobara and guide Jacques at the same time."

Emile was just glad he got to do something. "Alright, I'll get right on to it." Emile hopped off Ammy's head and up onto Kunijon's shoulder, then set about mounting Jacques, which proved rather difficult as mounting a bird is not an everyday occurance.

Once he was up, Ammy directed Jacques into the air so all Emile would have to do was guide him. By now, Ammy was pretty much at Kirobara's base, and was swinging her reflector in time with Kunijon swinging his sword.

Hugging Jacques' neck, Emile said, "Alright Jacques, let's go pluck some petals."

In a strangely robotic sounding voice, Jacques chirped back, "Right on."

Swooping in close, Jacques grabbed a hold of one of the petals in his beak as Emile hacked away at the base.

This really upset started screaming, "ARRGH! LET GO!" She whipped her head about frantically in an attempt to get Jacques off of her petal, but she only succeeded in causing Jacques' claws and Emile's sword to collide with more of her petals, and finally ripping off the petal they were holding on to.

Her head began to droop as she panted, exhausted. Almost all of her petals lie wilted, either flat along her body or detached on the ground. Noting how low her head was, Kunijon saw his chance.

"I got this Whitey," he said, leaping of her back, sword raise, shouting a battle cry. He performed a large slash on whatever petals remained, with Ammy reinforcing it with her own Power Slash. With one last roar, Kirobara collapsed, and Emile returned to Ammy's head after hopping off Jacques, who had returned to Kunijon's shoulder.

Kunijon pointed his sword at Kirobara's corpse with a confident look on his face, saying, "How's that for 'loves me, loves me not'?" Ammy already had her victory pose figured out, and let out a great howl.

While rinse and repeat bosses are good for videogames, they aren't so good for writing. I tried to make it like a videogame boss regardless.

Kirobara's original concept came from Mary, a character from the free downloadable game Ib. This is why there were all the thorny vines and she had a yellow rose around her head. She somehow morphed into the dragon. Kirobara's name is short for Kiiro no bara, which means yellow rose. The way you would fight Kirobara if this was a real game is basically the same as how I've described it, except you'd have to direct Jacques yourself while distracting her and you'd have to do it multiple times before finishing with the epic Kunijon/Power Slash combo.

Well that's Kunijon's first boss. Don't worry, his second dungeon leadup to the boss will probably be longer than this one. I just couldn't think of a good thing for Hana Valley. But remember what Emile said about the imp being scared of whatever was in Hana Valley? What do you think's gonna happen now?

Anyway, next chapter we'll actually do some stuff that's not a boss battle, but I just felt that boss battles really deserved their own chapters. Anyway, have a good life.