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Chapter X

Before Jack had become a Guardian, before he had become immortal become Jack Frost, he had been human. Something that all of the Guardians forgot... Except for Sandy.

The human Jack had had brown hair and brown eyes. He had been a hard worker by day, but by night, he became a dreamer, dreaming to go to far away places and meet people from other places and too become one of Englands best known like he grandfather had been. He had had a younger sister and when he had gone to sleep, Sandy would give him dreams of going to far away places that he would tell his sister when he woke up.

Jack when he had been human, had had a huge belief in the Guardians, always putting his lost tooth under pillow, all of them being pearly white and perfect. He would always spread joy and happiness at Christmas, and he was always a good boy, never getting on the naughty list. He laid carrots out for the Easter Bunny when Easter came around, not caring about the beating he would recieve in return for doing so.

Jacks father was a slave owner, but Jack would sneak down full meals for the slaves and would give them full meals everyday so that they would never starve. When they did die, it was from the beatings Jacks father gave them, or from a disease, but never from starving.

Jack, when he had been a human, had been caring, obedient at times, quiet, kind, and had always treated people with respect, especially his elders. He had manners and would help the elderly and if a woman was carrying a lot, he'd come over and take over half off of her load. While the others thought he was weird for believeing in the Guardians when he was seventeen, Jack didn't care, he would just smile and laugh when they said to stop believeing. Jack had known one thing, and one thing only.

He would never stop believeing in the Guardians.

Pitch sat in his throne, holding his head in a hand. He had known that the shadows had lied when they had said that they would give him back his family if he fed them, but he had just wanted his family back. His beautiful four year old daughter that had had his wifes eyes, but his hair, so she had brown eyes and blonde hair and his beautiful wife who had wonderful brown eyes that shined even when she was sad and her wonderful coal black that fell down her back in waves. Pitch sat up straight and ran both hands over his face.

Jack, in his not there state, was watching Pitch, or 'Papa' as he called him, a small frown of worry on his face as he watched him. Papa had been like this since they had come back and Jack didn't like how he was like this. Creating an ice rose, Jack walked over to his 'Papa' and held out the rose for him, smiling at him with his glazed unblinking eyes.

Pitch took the ice rose and looked into those eyes. Those eyes that were glazed, just like his wife and daughters before they had forgotten him... Pitch wondered if he had gone to far. He had been wanting a family so bad that he had killed thousands and then kidnapped someone who didn't even like him and had forced him to be scared of him and had put darkness in him, making him think of Pitch as his father while his true self was locked away, possibly forgetting everything due to the shadows.

Pitch didn't have another second to think about this as the Guardians entered the room the two were in, weapons pointed at Pitch.

After explaining what had happened to Pitch and his family, what tragedies had fallen upon them, the others had felt horrible. They had thought that Pitch was doing all of this just to spite them, make them hate him, but that wasn't the case at all. He was just a desperate husband and father who wanted his child and wife back, wanted them to remember him and come back to him. But the shadows had made them forget him before swallowing them up, making them into nightmares.

The Guardians had figured out where Pitch and Jack were and had entered the room that they were in. Pitch looked haunted looking into Jacks eyes, though the latter didn't seem to notice. Pitch had then leaned back, looking at the ceiling, which was made of shadows. Pitch closed his eyes, and seemed to be battling back tears.

"Take him." Pitchs voice was rough, and they knew he was trying not to cry. That shocked him, it really did. North walked over to Jack and threw him over his shoulder, but Jack started struggling.

"Jack." They looked at Pitch again, and Jack stopped struggling, instead reaching out for Pitch.

"Papa." Jack whimpered and Pitch got up, walking over to Jack and brushing the bangs out of Jacks out of his face.

"It's alright, Jack. You'll be safe with them." Pitch said and smiled and Jack smiled back and nodded. Pitch then moved back, haunted look still in his eyes and the Guardians left with Jack, equally haunted. Even though they knew it wasn't true, they felt as if they were taking a child from his father. Before he left the room, North turned back to Pitch.

"Kozmotis." North said and Pitch looked at him. North had sadness and apology in his eyes.

"I'm sorry about your family." North said and Pitch nodded, waving him away and turning back to the wall, trying to battle away the tears. North then sighed and left with Jack.

It was only after the Guardians were long gone that Pitch allowed himself to fall to his knees and cry for the first time since his family had been turned into nightmares.

Jack woke up them to talking that seemed to come from everywhere. It was two men, they were talking. Jack got up, scared and looked around. Who were these voices? He felt like he should know them, but he didn't, and that scared him. He continued looking around, tears in his eyes and covered his ears. He just wanted the voices to stop.

Then, a female voice joined in and Jack started sobbing then. He couldn't tell what they were saying, and though they sounded friendly, Jack didn't trust them. Jack only trusted the darkness. The darkness was his friend and his only friend. No one else.

He liked being in this black space. Before, only the darkness could talk to him and help him and play with him when he was bored. It was his friend, and he liked it. It would never leave him.

But now, others were trying to get in. Jack didn't want them in here. Jack was safe and fine without the other voices, so why were trying to get in? Jack didn't like them and wanted them gone. He wanted the other voices gone, they were scaring him.

The darkness fulfilled the wish Jack had then.

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