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It's been two months since Sam went missing. The police didn't find anything, just her phone in an old alley, but I'm going to find her myself. I I love her. I won't give up until I find her. I walk out into the fire escape. I hear something behind me so I turn around. Is that a little girl?

"Hey, are you lost?" I ask her.

Chapter 2: New lives

***4 months later***

Freddie's POV:

I walk down the hallway of my school 'Destiny's High'.

"How was class?" My friend Anna asks me.

"Good, yours?" I ask.

"Good." She says. We walk towards the cafeteria in silence.

"…Tonight will be a new iCarly." She blurs out excitedly.

"Uhhhhh. It's not possible for you to not talk about that web show is it?" I ask annoyed.

"I can't help it. That show is amazing and you never agree to at least try watch it." She says.

"Because I don't want to." I say.

"But you look-"

"So much like the tech producer that used to film it like four months ago before he disappeared." I finish for her. "You've said this like ten thousand times." I say.

"I know. But you two even have the same name. He's Freddie Benson and you're Freddie Grey. That's so amazing." She says. The thing I don't like about Anna is that she's always talking about that web show.

"Anna. I really don't want to watch it." I tell her. "Besides, didn't the tech producer and the co-host disappear?" I ask.

"They did. And it's so weird. First Sam, then Freddie Benson. The main star, Carly Shay, tried looking for them through iCarly, but no luck. Now she does the web show with her friends Wendy and Gibby. But almost in every show they just ask for any information about Sam or Freddie." She says.

"See, there's no reason for me to watch it. The show's dead, they don't even do anything new." I say.

"Don't say that. iCarly is the best show ever." She says.

"Don't you think you're obsessed?" I ask her.

"Me? Obsessed? Of course not." She says. I do feel bad that those people went missing, but I'm really getting sick of Anna always talking about it, and trying to talk me into watching it. But Anna's a really close friend of mine. She was the first friend I made when I came to this school four months ago. I had to change schools, because my mom and I moved to New York from a small town in Canada.

Sam's POV:

"Samantha, did you finish the new song?" My manager, Adam, asks me.

"No, not yet." I answer.

"We need it by Friday, do you think you'll finish it by then?" He asks.

"Yeah, no problem." I answer. Adam really helped me, thanks to him I'm only 17, but I'm already pretty famous. We first met six months ago after I moved here with my mom. Ever since then I'm being home schooled and I focus all of my attention on music. I walk out of the building and out into the street.

"Samantha Mason? Can I get your autograph" A young girls asks me excitedly.

"Sure." I say and sign her book. I get in my car and start the drive home.

Freddie's POV:

School is finally over. Anna and I get into my car and I start the drive to her home. I stop by her house.

"Promise me you'll watch iCarly tonight?" She asks me.

"See you tomorrow." I say avoiding her question. She sighs.

"Bye." She says and gets out of the car. I drive home. I get out of the car and walk up to my house.

"Mom, I'm home." I say.

"Hey Freddie, how was school?" My mom asks me.

"Good." I answer. She has long, black hair and is wearing glasses. I walk upstairs to my room and put my backpack on the ground. Okay, I don't have much homework today, so what to do now? Maybe I should clean out the attic, I've been wanting to clean it out for awhile now, but I've always been too busy with school. I walk upstairs to the attic and see about ten piles of boxes. I start looking through the first box and put the things I don't need in a separate pile. I open another box and look inside. There I see a note. I take the note and see a key laying on the bottom of the box. That's strange, I don't remember it. I wonder what it's for. I remember the note that's still in my hand. I look at it and read the word that's written on it in my handwriting out loud.


Sam's POV:

"Mom, are you here?" I ask closing the door to my house behind me. I guess she's at work. I put the keys to my car on a table and sit down on the couch in my living room. What to do now? I still have a couple of hours before I have to go back to the studio. I take a picture from the table next to me and look at it. It's of me and my mom when I was seven. We're both smiling by the beach. The frame accidentally falls from my hand. I try to catch it, but it smashes on the ground. I kneel down and try to take the picture from the broken frame, but I notice something strange. There's another picture behind the one I was looking at. I pick it up and look at it. No way. That's mom. The same brown hair, the same smile, the same beach. It's exactly like the one I was looking at, but there's one difference. I'm not it. Instead of me you can see the ocean and the sunset. Shocked, I stand up and go to another picture frame. This one is of me and my mom when I was five. I carefully take it out of it's frame and see that there's a second picture behind it too. Just like before, the second picture is almost completely the same, except that I'm not in it.

"Samantha, I'm home." My mom says walking inside the room.

"What is this?" I ask her showing the pictures.

"This… this is just a picture. I wanted to get a picture and after I did I decided that I wanted to get another one with you." She says. I look at the pictures again.

"And at both pictures everything but me looks exactly the same." I say.

"Really? That's interesting." She says.

"It looks like I was edited out… or maybe… edited in." I say looking at her.

"Don't be ridiculous." Mom says.

"Can you really tell me that if I look behind those other pictures I won't see the same thing?" I ask her.

"Samantha, you're making things up. It's just a coincidence." She says.

"Is it?" I ask.

"Yes, of course. What else would it be?" She asks looking at me. I don't say anything.

"Exactly." She says seeing that I can't think of anything. I look at the clock and see that it's time for me to go back to the studio.

"I have to go." I say, put the pictures in my pocket and walk out of the room. I walk outside and sit in my car. As I'm driving I can get the pictures out of mind. Maybe I really am just making things up?

Freddie's POV:

Run? When did I write this? I walk downstairs.

"Mom?" I ask her.

"Yes?" She asks.

"What is this?" I ask showing her the note.

"It's a note that says 'run' on it." She says.

"It's in my handwriting." I tell her.

"I know. So?" She asks.

"When and why didn't I write this? I don't remember writing it." I tell her.

"Maybe you wrote it a long time ago. You wouldn't remember writing every single thing you ever did now would you?" She asks me.

"Well no." I say.

"Well there you have it." She says. I look at the note again. There's just something about it that looks familiar. I put the note in my pocket and walk out of the house. I need to clear my head. So I get in my car and start driving around without any actual direction. It's getting dark, but I just keep on driving. I don't feel like going home yet.

Sam's POV:

It's still about a fifteen minute drive to the studio. I can't get my mind off those pictures. It's weird, I really don't think that mom was telling me the truth about them, but what could they mean? I look down for a second to take the pictures out from my pocket. I look back at the road and see a car coming straight at me and a boy that looks strangely familiar sitting behind the wheel.

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