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Tony was worried. Ziva looked really sick. She sat in the passenger seat of the car and had her eyes closed while he was driving through the storm. They had had orders to take a witness home after a case. Unfortunately the witness had lived a four hour ride away from Washington DC and it had been a little boy who was not able to travel by himself. His mother had been so happy to have him back that she forgot to thank them.

When they had left the home of the boy Ziva had just waved a hand. Tony knew she had not been feeling well for the entire case. Being Ziva, she understood being sick as a weakness she was not supposed to show. But now she was almost lying in that seat. Tony stopped the car and took a closer look. Her eyes were shut, she was asleep, sweating and coughing heavily from time to time. He touched her forehead and realized in shock, that she was burning up. There was no way they could just drive back to Washington DC. No, he decided to just drive into the next city and book a hotel room.


It was a small town and a small but clean hotel. He took Ziva upstairs into their room. She was not even waking up and his worries grew. So he phoned the reception and asked for a doctor.

The NCIS had sent them out on this trip. Now it would also have to pay the bills for the hotel room and the doctor.

The room had only one bed, a king size bed and that reminded him of Paris. They had stayed together in one room and one bed and…

There was a knock on the door and Tony went to open. It took some time until the doctor was finished with his examination. Ziva had woken up and tried to answer his questions. Now the man was injecting a needle into her arm and Tony jumped up from his chair and went over to them.

"What are you doing?"

"I'll give her something against the fever and the cough. It'll also sedate her so that she can sleep tonight. I understand that you don't live here?"

Tony nodded.

"She needs rest. Stay the night here and tomorrow take your wife home and get her those medications I prescribe. Since when has she been that sick? " The doctor said handing Tony a prescription.

Tony wanted to tell him, that Ziva was just his partner but he didn't. "A few day's now."

"And you've been with her the whole time? Then you don't need to worry about getting infected."

Tony nodded again and escorted the man to the door and went over to the bed. Undressing to his shirt and boxers he climbed into the bed. Ziva was lying on her side facing him and opened her eyes weakly.

"Thank you." She whispered and stretched out a hand which came to lie between them.

He smiled softly: "No problem." He said placing his hand over hers.

She closed her eyes, completely exhausted and he took his hand away to turn of the light as he saw a shadow clouding her face. She had seemed calm just seconds ago and now she as if she'd bust out in tears any moment.

He didn't know why. Carefully he caressed her feverish cheek with his hand feeling her lean into his touch as much as possible without lifting her head from the pillow.

"Tony?" she whispered.


Eyes opened just a little: "Would you… would you hold me?"

Something in that question was disturbing. He pulled her towards him and hugged her tightly. "Of course." He said and saw that she smiled a little.

"That's what I loved about Paris… it was the first time…" she breathed speaking very silently.

"First time?"

"That a man held me in my sleep." She said eyes still closed.

Tony's mouth fell slightly open. He remembered the morning as if it was yesterday.

They had gone to sleep in Paris and were careful to stay on their own side of the bed. However he had woken up with her in his arms. She had been smiling in her sleep and when she opened her eyes he had had retuned the smile. Until he had said: "Do you always cuddle up to your partners?" And then… he had seen the hurt in her eyes and she had turned away.

"Surely it was not the first time. Your lovers must have held you before." He said.

"No…" he could barely understand her, she was almost asleep: "They just wanted sex… it was alright… I got from them… what I wanted and… they got what they wanted…"

"But… Rivkin… He must have…"

Ziva shook her head weakly still not opening her eyes and swallowed. "No… he always pushed me away after… you know."

Tony could not believe what she told him and his heart broke for her. With his hand he caressed her shoulder blade, feeling one of the scars she got in Somalia beneath his fingers. She twitched only once when she felt his hand on the scar.

Tony was afraid to ask: "And… Ray?"

Ziva swallowed again, she was tiered and wanted to sleep but he needed an answer.

"Ziva, what about Ray."

"He said… it disgusted him touching me… without having sex… Said he loved me… but those scars… after sex he went… to sleep in another room." Ziva answered. She was way too tired to show any emotion to this.

But Tony's heart broke even more and he held her closer. He heard a thunder from outside.

"It was okay… I loved him… and I'm… I'm…" the sedative worked quickly on her now: "I'm not the person you'd like to hold at night. So… I just loved Paris."

Tony kissed her forehead. She was less feverish now. The medication was doing its work.

"I'd hold you till the end of time if that's what you want, Ziva." He whispered.

She nodded and said: "Yes." Then she fell asleep.

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