Dr. Cristina Yang wanted a child. When she was a resident, nobody would have thought that was even possible.

It was six years ago that Owen, her ex-husband, had told her in the therapy session that she would maybe, one day, want to have a child and then, it would be too late. She had adamantly said that she would live with whatever regrets she had.

Now the head of cardio at Massachusetts General, she was 38 years old and she knew her fertile time was limited. She had left Mayo when her mentor and friend, Dr Craig Thomas, had died. When he passed, there was nothing left for her. Her relationship with the head of cardio, Dr Parker, had been purely physical. She didn't even know why she slept with him because it certainly wasn't because of his dazzling personality. The man was a total tool. Maybe, it was just to feel a connection with someone or fulfill a physical need. She had hated the way he had tried to oust her friend, Dr. Thomas, out of the hospital. In a way, Dr. Thomas had the last laugh. He died doing what he loved and did best. The day he died was the last day she spent in Minnesota.

She got drunk, got on a plane and headed east. This is how she ended up in Massachusetts General, where the great Dr. Harper Avery was the chief of surgery. He had remembered her as Jackson's friend and as the young upstart resident she was, when he had been admitted to Seattle Grace Mercy West, all those years ago. But it was her skills that made him give her the chance to finish off her fellowship at the hospital.

As she settled down in Boston, she realized that it was time to let Owen go. She initiated divorce proceedings and he did not contest them, as he signed and returned the divorce papers. He had bought out her share of the firehouse and the last communication between the two of them was the check he sent. They didn't really keep in touch after that. Owen knew she was doing extremely well and rising fast. She was publishing a lot and it gave him a special sense of pride whenever he saw one of her articles in the medical journals. Her rise at Mass General was meteoric. After finishing her fellowship, she was made head of cardio, after only four years as an attending.

Cristina found out details about Owen through Meredith. Meredith was now a senior attending in general surgery at Seattle Grace under Dr Bailey, who was now head of general surgery. Dr Webber had since retired. Meredith told her that he had buried himself in work. He only started dating two years after the divorce. The latest word was that he had got himself engaged. Cristina's heart had sunk a little when she heard it. His fiancée was Vanessa Collins and she was a real estate agent. How could he get engaged to a real estate agent, she had thought at the time, when she heard it. That was so pedestrian. In any case, she reminded herself that they were divorced. Her opinions had no bearing in his life.

She thought about him, a lot, now that she had realized that she wanted a child and she had always remembered his prophetic words from that therapy session. Her professional life was perfect. She was considered one of the finest cardio-thoracic surgeons in the world. Yet, her personal life was in shambles. There had been quite a few Dr. Parkers in her life – men she had slept with but she hadn't really cared for any of them. Her life had been feeling empty and so, thoughts of having a child, had been foremost in her mind. She wanted someone to share her life with and if it wasn't going to be with a man, she could share it with a child.

Yes, she had been so against having a baby, all those years ago, but age, time and loneliness had softened her attitude towards it. She had already contacted a sperm bank and had narrowed her options to three possible donors. She was in her office and looking over their folders and it was giving her a real headache. Choosing just one of them was going to be a task.

She knew she was going to have to make a decision, soon. She was thinking about it, when she was interrupted by her colleague and friend, Dr. Jonas Llewellyn, the head of neuro-surgery, who peeked into her office.

"Hey, Cristina, do not forget my class reunion, tonight at Harvard," he said. "I told you about it last week and you said that you would go." She groaned. She did promise him that she would go.

"Stop groaning," he said. "I went with you to that boring conference. So fair is fair. You have to come to my reunion with me. Plus it is 20 years, so everyone is going to be there. I can't show up dateless."

"Oh, gosh, I wish you were still married to Jennifer," Cristina said. "She would have gladly gone with you."

"Well, that is not happening. Jennifer and I are divorced, now," he said. "And you know how terrible our marriage was. So I will pick you up around 8 at your house."

"Yeah, sure. I just have to get a dress," she said. "Will have to do that at lunchtime."

"Get something really hot and sexy," he advised. "Even though we are just friends, I have to prove the guys in class that I still got it, even though I am three times divorced."

"Yeah, yeah," Cristina said, dismissively. "Whatever, Jonas, whatever." Jonas grinned as he left her office. She closed the folders with a sigh. She looked at the clock on her wall. It was close to 12 noon. She had about 45 minutes to get a dress for Jonas' reunion. Why did she ever agree to this? With a quick trip to the mall, she finally found a dress. It was sexy enough but not overtly so. That would have to do, she thought. She was not just going to be there for Jonas to show her off. She hoped that it would have at least good food and drinks.

Dr. Owen Hunt stepped off the airplane at Logan. He had enough time to check in at his hotel, get dressed and go to his Harvard reunion. He was only going to be there for one night. Vanessa, his fiancée, was supposed to come with him but she said she couldn't make it because a big real estate deal was coming through and she needed to be there. Besides, he was only going to be in Boston for one night, as he was headed back to Seattle, early next morning.

Whenever he came to Boston, he often thought about Cristina since he knew she was working at Massachusetts General. This time was not any different. He wondered how she was doing. Sometimes, he thought he would pass by the hospital in the hope of seeing her but then, he would change his mind because it was not going to do him any good. It still hurt when he thought about her. He had once told her that he would never love another woman and that she was the love of his life. Now, here he was, engaged to Vanessa. He wondered if she had heard about his engagement. He knew that Meredith and Cristina still kept in touch and it was more than likely that Meredith had told her about it. The last time he had seen Cristina was the day she left Seattle to go to Mayo. That was a long time ago.

He had watched her drive away in her red car from the top floor of the firehouse. It had looked like she and Meredith were having an argument. He had tried, really tried to get her to stay but her mind had been made up. When he heard that her mentor at Mayo had died, he had hoped that maybe, she would change her mind and return to Seattle. He was sorely disappointed to find out that she had gone to Massachusetts, instead.

Then, the divorce papers came. He had signed those papers with tears in his eyes. It was definitely the end for the two of them. He had taken off his wedding ring and put it away. Though they were over, his love for her never went away.

As he checked into his hotel, he didn't know why he had agreed to come to this reunion, especially now, he was going to go alone. He reminded himself that it would be great to catch up with some of his old classmates from medical school. He hadn't seen some of them in many years. Sometimes, he would meet a few of them at medical conferences. But most of them, he had not seen for years. He looked at himself in the mirror, as he dressed. He still looked good, he thought, for a 45-year-old guy.

The reunion was being held at the hotel where he was staying, so all he had to do was to take the elevator down to the ballroom. As he registered and got his name tag at door, he took a deep breath before he stepped inside. He didn't recognize a single person. Had they all changed that much in 20 years?

"Hey, Hunt!" someone yelled out to him. He looked in the direction of the voice. The person, who owned the voice, looked vaguely familiar, except he was bald and fat.

"It's me, Smithson," the guy said, with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh, my God," Owen said. Smithson had been this very thin guy with a huge shock of red hair. In his mind's eye, he could still remember how skinny Smithson was and how red and abundant his hair had been. "How are you doing?"

"Good," Smithson said. He introduced his wife and asked where was Owen's date. Owen told him that Vanessa had a huge deal going on in Seattle and couldn't make it. This conversation was repeated several more times with different people, as he had to keep explaining Vanessa's absence. He went to the bar to get himself a drink. The bar was positioned in such a way that he could get an extremely good view of the door. He ordered a scotch on the rocks and gratefully, took a gulp when the bartender handed it to him. He leaned back on to the bar and took a look around. Everyone just looked so old, he thought. He wondered if he was looking old, too.

He took a glance at the door and then, he saw her. It was no mistaking her. His heart skipped a beat. Those curls were as dark and as glossy as ever. Her skin was flawless and she showed off her neck and shoulders in a beautiful red strapless dress. His mouth suddenly felt very dry as he took another gulp. Who was she with? He peered at the man's face and realized that it was Jonas Llewellyn. Of all people, Jonas Llewellyn, he thought. He had never liked that guy. Jonas was always trying to one-up him back in medical school. He couldn't believe that she was with this guy. He racked his brain trying to think if Meredith had ever mentioned if Cristina was seriously dating anybody. Meredith, he was certain, had never said anything about that.

He contemplated whether he should go and talk to her. He was pretty sure she had not seen him. He could just disappear in the crowd and not let her know that he was there. As he stared at her, all of the feelings he ever had for her came rushing back. Whatever he felt for Vanessa was nothing like what he felt for Cristina.

No matter how hard he tried to fight it, he was drawn to her, as he ever was. He found his feet taking him towards where she stood. She was alone, as Jonas had gone chasing after a waiter, who had been serving wine. She stood just two feet in front of him, her head facing away from him. He could smell her perfume and it made him feel weak. He found himself unable to say anything. He just stood there, like a dumb fool in love. He knew he wasn't going to say anything and was about to go, when Jonas returned with two glasses in his hand.

Jonas noticed him, immediately. "Hunt, is that you?" She turned around and that is when chocolate brown eyes met cerulean blue eyes for the first time in many years.

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