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When they got to her apartment, she asked if he wanted something to eat. "Is that a loaded question there?" he grinned. She rolled her eyes. "I am really asking if you wanted anything to eat because we can order something to be delivered."

"Well, I ate on the plane, so I am not hungry for food but I am hungry for something else," he told her with a grin. She chuckled. "Before you indulge, I would just like to say since I came straight from the hospital to pick you up at the airport, I need to take a shower. So you can make yourself comfortable or you could unpack your things. I cleared a drawer for you." She disappeared into her bedroom.

Owen looked around at the apartment. It was a lovely apartment and quite clean, too. That probably meant that Cristina had a cleaning lady. With her schedule and her tendency to be messy, that was the only explanation on why it could be so tidy. He went into the bedroom. Cristina was already in the shower because he could hear the water running in the bathroom. There was a chest of drawers in the room and he opened the top drawer. It was empty so that was probably the drawer she had put aside for him. He liked that he had his own drawer. He opened his carry-on suitcase and unpacked his clothes. He really didn't bring much, just a pair of jeans, t-shirts, pjs and underwear. He figured that they would be spending most of the weekend indoors, anyway.

He kicked off his shoes, took off his tie and jacket and placed them on a chair. He went and lay on the bed, waiting for her to return. He couldn't quite believe he was here. A little more than a month ago, they had met once again at the Harvard Medical School reunion. He was so glad that he decided to attend. If he hadn't, he would not have reconnected with her once again and he probably would have been still engaged to Vanessa. His life had changed so much, since then. Here he was, back with the woman he always loved. Well, if he was being honest with himself, they weren't really back together as a couple. They were trying to make a baby, together. He hoped that the journey together would push them in the direction of becoming a couple and eventually with the baby, a family once again.

His thoughts were interrupted when Cristina emerged from the bathroom in a big, fluffy white robe. "Ah that was so good," she said. "Washing off all of my troubles of the day." She gave him a smile, which made him weak. "If you want to freshen up," she said. "There are fresh towels for you plus I got you your own fluffy white robe and a toothbrush."

"Yes, I would love to have a shower. Not easy leaving work and then, directly jumping on a cross-country flight," he said, as he got up from the bed. As he passed her, he stopped to kiss her. Her mouth tasted minty and clean. "Minty fresh," he said, as he went into the bathroom. He stripped off his clothes and entered the shower. The warm water felt good on his tired muscles. He was tired but the thought of her waiting for him in the bed, energized him. As he toweled off and picked up the robe, he was rather amused to see that the big, white, fluffy robe had his initials monogrammed to the front. He wrapped himself in the robe, before he brushed his teeth. "Minty fresh," he said, again.

He returned to the bedroom to find Cristina snuggled under the covers. She seemed to be naked under there because he could see her smooth, bare shoulders and the top half of her back peeking out from underneath the covers. He took off the robe and crawled in next to her. He pulled down the covers to expose the pale, flawless skin of her back. He started from the top and kissed the entire length of her back. She giggled as she felt her lips on her skin. "That tickles," she said, turning around to face him.

"Thanks for the robe," he said. "The monogram was an extra nice touch."

"You're welcome," she said. "Now kiss me." He smiled, as he whispered, "Your wish is my command." Their lips met and then their tongues. He found himself climbing on top of her, as their kisses became even more ardent. "I have missed you so much," he whispered between kisses. "Me, too," she answered. She could feel herself body responding as the space between her legs was becoming wetter and wetter. She could also feel Owen's member hardening against her. She reached down and stroked it to its ultimate stiffness and she directed him to enter her.

Maybe it was how much their bodies missed each other that there was so little foreplay but she knew that she wanted him, now. There was time for foreplay, later but she wanted to feel him inside of her, at that very moment. As he entered her, she gasped. There was no other man who could make her feel this way. Their bodies moved together in rhythm like if they had never been apart. In the six years they were separated, Owen had been with other women but there was only one woman, who made him feel like they were a single being, when they made love. It was as if his body was made for her and her alone. As her walls pressed tighter against him, he could feel himself ready to explode with her. He wanted her to come before he did, so he increased the rhythm of his thrusts, pounding into her as he willed her to climax. Only when she screamed with pleasure, did he allow himself to come, filling her with his life-creating semen. As he eased himself out of her, she grabbed a pillow and placed it under her hips. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"I am just elevating my hips. I heard it helps," she said. "Can't hurt to try it."

"I guess we should try everything. We are going to be older parents, so the odds are against us a bit," he said. He lay back on his side of the bed. He realized he was on the same side of the bed that he had always slept in, when they were together. He stared at her profile and knew how much he loved her.

"Was it good?" he asked. She looked at him, a little puzzled. "Why do you ask?"

"I know it was about the baby-making process but I want to know that you enjoyed it, too. It is not just about the mechanics of it all," he said.

"Owen Hunt, there is no one else who makes me feel the way you do. So yes, it was good. In fact, it was great. To be honest, I am looking forward to much more this weekend," she said.

He reached over and kissed her again. As he kissed, he rested his head next to hers and closed his eyes. He was more tired than he had thought because he drifted off to sleep. Cristina looked at his sleeping face, examining every angle of his face. She loved this face with its lines and the scar on the bridge of his nose. Somehow, it made him seem much more manlier than the McSteamys and the McDreamys of the world. She caressed his cheek. He opened his eyes. "It's okay, Owen, you go to sleep," she said. Soon after, she too fell asleep.

He awoke first the next morning in the same position as he was, when he fell asleep. Cristina's face was right next to him. He stared at her; her face was smooth and unlined. He took his fingers and traced the outline of her lips. She stirred a bit but did not wake up. He got up, pulled on his robe and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked at himself in the mirror. He could already see the difference in himself. It seemed like if years had been lifted from his countenance.

He decided that maybe he would make her breakfast. He went to the kitchen and shook his head, as he looked into a decidedly very empty fridge. All she had in there were a bottle of vodka and a carton of milk. He knew the milk was for the cereal she would undoubtedly have in the cupboard. He opened the cupboard to find five different boxes of cereal. He grinned when he saw them. She had not changed her eating habits over the years. This would not do, he thought. Their first morning back together deserved something better than cold cereal and milk.

He went back to the bedroom and quietly changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He was going to get them something hot. He picked up her car keys which were on the dining table. He drove to the nearest breakfast shop, where he picked up hot, warm buttery croissants filled with ham and eggs and some bagels and cream cheese, along with two cups of hot, steaming coffee. He got back to the apartment, placed everything on the dining table and went back into the bedroom to wake her up.

"Cristina, wake up, I have breakfast," he said and kissed her on her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. "Morning, Owen."

"Morning, lovely lady," he said. She stretched and then she realized she was still naked from last night. "Hand me my robe, please," she said. He gave it her and watched as she got up and tied it on. "I will be out in a minute, as soon as I brush my teeth and wash the sleepiness off my face," she said. He went back out to the main living area and waited for her. She returned, looking definitely much more alive.

She sat down at the table, opened a bag and pulled out a croissant. "Oh, this is just wonderful, Owen," she said. "I usually have cereal in the morning before I go to the hospital. Nice to have something warm for a change." She sipped at her coffee.

"I realized that," he said. "I was going to cook you breakfast and found that all you had in your refrigerator was vodka and milk."

"Both vital to my existence," she said. "Milk for my cereal and vodka for those hard days to unwind after work."

"I was always under the impression that you were more of a tequila girl," he said. "Was I wrong?"

"That was more Meredith. That girl loved a bottle of tequila. We used to be swigging tequila at parties at Meredith's house. Personally, I prefer vodka, though," she said. He also ate a croissant and watched her as she polished off her own. She dug into the next bag and pulled out a bagel and started munching.

"So what are we going to do today?" he asked.

"Besides copious amounts of sex? I thought that was all we were going to do for the weekend," she teased him.

"Well, we do have to eat," he said. "And there is nothing in the fridge."

"A usual occurrence for me. Don't worry about it. We will just order in," she said. As she finished off her bagel and drained her coffee cup, she gave him a mischievous look. "Owen Hunt, would you be interested in taking a shower with me?" she asked.

"A shower?" he asked. "Will there be more activities other than getting clean?"

"Naturally," she said. "And you can wash my hair. You always loved to wash my hair."

"That I did," he said. "Lead the way, milady." So, in addition to getting clean, he washed her hair and they had a little bit of morning sex to start the day. Their weekend together was not just about sex, as it turned out. They had deep conversations, great food and bonding time, together. When Sunday evening came, she dropped him off at the airport and escorted him to the security line.

"If we are lucky, it happened this weekend," she said. "I hope it happened. I want to get this started plus I don't want you messing up your schedule to accommodate my ovulation cycles."

"I wouldn't mind, though. I enjoyed this weekend, very much," he said. "It was like old times." He took her in his arms and hugged her. "I don't really want to go."

She looked up at him. "Can I kiss you?" He laughed, "You don't even have to ask." She reached up and took his face into her small hands. Their lips met, so did their tongues. But it was a gentler kiss than the one they had, when he arrived on Friday night.

"You gotta go," she said. "I know," he replied. "I will call you, as soon as I land." He picked up his carry-on and headed to the back of the line. He handed the guard his ID and his boarding pass for her to check. Cristina waited until she could see him no more. Before he went in, he looked back and blew her a kiss. She waved at him before turning and leaving. Already, her heart ached for him.

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