NAME: Periwinkle "Peri" Storm

AGE: 15

LOOKS:: African American and Olympic descent; long, naturally golden blonde hair; chocolate brown eyes

PERSONALITY: fun; crazy; fun loving; random; hilarious; never backs down; super ADHD; almost always smiling; proud; but she can also be serious; strong (physically and emotionally); almost never cries; brave; loyal; never gives up; protective

LIKES: sushi; green tea; noodles; making up words; fighting monsters; adventure; stunts; roller coasters; the circus; jokes; dragons; dancing; sword fights; laughing; the word "badass"; neon colors; music; parties

DISLIKES: ANYONE who hurts her friends or family; when people call her "Periwinkle"; people who underestimate her; being bored; sitting still; uniforms; crying; St. Mary's School for Girls; quitters

RANDOM INFO: Peri speaks fluent Japanese, it was her first language; she considers herself part Japanese, because her adopted grandmother was Japanese; amazing dancer

BIOGRAPHY: Periwinkle never knew either of her parents. All she knows is that they weren't there for her. All she knows is that Gram was the only one there for her. Gram cared for her and raised her like she was her own granddaughter. But Gram was gone now. After her death, it all happened so fast. The next thing she knew, Peri was halfway across the country in an all girls' boarding school in California. At least she won't be there for long...

A/N: This will be the only "chapter" in the third person POV. The rest will be in first person! Please bear with the first few chapters, I warn you that they are long to begin with, but later on things get to more appropriate lengths. Thanks and I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me what you think.

COPYRIGHT: I do not own Leo or any other characters in the Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus series. I owe this story to the genius troll that is Mr. Rick Riordan. Also, this story couldn't have been possible without December's Very Own and her amazing story, Falling For A Stupid Pyro :. Leo Valdez Love Story .: It's amazing, so check it out, kay?