I do not own stories or any songs or characters! Unless I posted a made-up character or song or character writing a story inside of these stories, otherwise, it belongs to whoever owns the copyright, such as all Harry Potter's belongs to JK Rowling and all twilight's belong to Stephanie Meyer.

I don't like a whole lot author notes, so I will try to post this disclaimer, with any of the made-up characters/songs and the author notes as the first chapters in all of my fanfictions from now on.

From now on I will try to be on the ball with updating but my life can be crazy at times with all of my family stuff. So please hang in there with me and if you notice spelling mistakes, please let me know my spelling is terrible. Which is why I got a speaking Dragon kit, and for those of you that don't know what is speaking Dragon is it's basically a microphone that I speak into and it types what I'm saying.

While Enjoy my stories. And if you notice I have left one on touch for a while. Let me know about I have so many of them, though not all are posted yet. I started a lot of them at the same time so I can't actually pinpoint my first fan fiction. Please don't get too upset with me. But feel free to correct any mistakes I make like I should point out when people say for the Harry Potter fan fictions that Harry's dad James was a chaser, that's not true he was a seeker like Harry or Harry is like his dad technically.

Again, I don't own the actual stories or characters are songs or poems just whatever twist I've done in the story you're reading or are about too. Enjoy!