Awoken with a start, I started to sat up but stopped when I hared a soft moan. Looking down at my chest I saw Adriane, my wife. I sighed and laded back down stroking Adriane's long straight black hair. Looking around as I saw Dreamer at Adriane's feet with his mate, and Drake in his bed on my side of the room but his head was on my lap so his nose touching Adriane's hip.
I closed my eyes thinking back to when I first saw Adriane and how if Windy and I hadn't followed her I would or maybe would not have my family. Adriane was pregnant with our first child. We had Drake, Dreamer and Dreamer's mate, Goldenrunner. Also Stormbringer and Windy are paladins. My brother Moonshadow, his mate Dawnrunner, their pups, my mom Silver Eyes, Nakod-Adriane's Gran, Willow-Adriane's mother, and Adriane's dad, an add in the Fletchers- Emily's family, the Davines- Kara's family, Ozzie and his family, Marlin's Merfolk family, and Lorren's Goblin family. Yup, I have one big family with that I sided off to sleep again.
Awoken to Drake's snoring, Dreamer's paws hitting me, Goldenrunner's whimpering in her sleep, and Adriane's nuzzling closer to me, I laid there looking at my inner family. I thought about the day this family most likely need to have had or wouldn't be here. The day I meet my mate, Adriane.