Author's note: This is my first time publishing to Fanfiction I hope you all enjoy this twist in which Jack knows Emily's true identity.

"Emily is not her real name"
The words echoed in my head, but it can't be true Nolan was drunk he didn't know what he was talking about. I took him home after he said that told him he'd had enough he didn't like it but I owned the Stoweaway so he didn't have much choice.

I'd woken up with a splitting headache I couldn't remember anything about last night. How had I gotten home I checked the other side of my bed to make sure I hadn't bought anyone home. Thankfully there was no one there, ever since Tyler I hadn't been with anyone else and I didn't intend to. After he turned out to be a psycho I didn't trust many people especially in this town when so many people have secrets. My phone was ringing I looked at it to see who it was "ergh" I moaned it was Emily I couldn't deal with her right now. She probably wanted me to hack into some companies computer but right now I couldn't.

That's weird normally Nolan answers my calls on the first ring he's always so eager to help me. He feels its his duty after my father entrusted him to look out for me. He's a bit like a puppy eager to please and always loyal he is the only one who knows my secret my true identity and the real reason I'm at the Hamptons.

After pondering about what Nolan said I decided I'd have to go and ask him. I checked to see if Declan was up before I left he was still sleeping and it looked as if that Grayson girl Charlotte had spent the night. I smiled to myself thinking back to when I was Declan's age that led me to think about Amanda my childhood sweetheart. Her dad and been jailed for being a terrorist( although I don't believe it) and she disappeared and I've never heard from her since. I sighed thinking I best be off to Nolan's.

A car came up the drive why is it when your hungover everything appears so much louder. I suspected it was Emily coming to yell at me for not answering her call I groaned it was never good to have a conversation with anyone when your hungover especially someone who was willing to do anything to get revenge. I was shocked to see my friend Jack Porter coming through the door. "You look like shit" he joked "A little advice, leave the joke cracking to me. You suck at it." "Dam even with a hangover I could still be witty. "What did you mean last night when you said Emily isn't her real name?" Shit that bought me out of my thoughts had I really said that. I tried to think but all I had was blurry images. All I know was I needed a good story otherwise Emily would kill me.