Our Delicate Hearts: Chapter 1

It was probably around sixth grade when Uchiha Sasuke first laid eyes on the young heiress. Yeah.. the opening ceremony.

She was standing on her tip toes, looking at the seating chart. She had squinted slightly as she read the small text. Her eyes then widened when she read the name next to hers. Uchiha Sasuke. The Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke could sense her alarm from the doorway. He walked in and sat in his seat. He knew the young heiress was going to be sitting next to him. A girl. It annoyed him.

Hyuga Hinata timidly made her way over and slid into the seat next to him, fidgeting slightly. She was sitting as far away from Sasuke as possible. Even from that distance, Sasuke could smell her scent. Lilacs? Roses? Carnations? Those sweet smelling flowers were the first to come to his mind. She smelled flowery. She had short indigo hair in the hime-cut hairstyle just above her forehead, with chin length strands framing her round face. Her eyes were large; white..with a lavender tint. And then her trademark blush. Sasuke found that irritating.

And, like the other girls, she was wearing the sailor school uniform. Her skirt was exceedingly long, below her knees. Her shirt seemed baggy too. Sasuke must have been staring, because she looked at him fearfully. "E-Erm.."

Sasuke turned away before she could even say anything. He didn't want to talk to an anti-social nerd. He watched as other kids walked in and found their seats. Some of the girls squealed when they saw him and then gave Hinata dirty looks for sitting next to him. He shrugged it off.

The homeroom teacher, named Umino Iruka, began to introduce himself. Sasuke didn't really pay attention, until Iruka said something that made the Uchiha glance up.

"I would like for you and the person you are sitting next to to get to know each other, for you shall be sitting together for the rest of the school year."

Sasuke glanced at the Hyuga nerd out of the corner of his eye, annoyance pricking at him. She fidgeted and gave him a shy, awkward smile. Sasuke had to restrain himself from rolling his eyes and crushing her self-esteem.

"H-Hi..My name is H-Hyuga Hinata.."


Sasuke gazed at her, making her squirm even more. She's short. Her feet don't touch the ground. And she hunches.

"Y-You're Uchiha Sasuke, r-right?"

Sasuke dismissively nodded. "No point in introducing myself if you already know my name, right?"

The Hyuga's cheeks flushed red. "Ah..y-yes, I suppose.." She smiled awkwardly again and then sank farther into her seat, looking miserable.

Sasuke sighed. He was making this worse for her, and it was irritating him. So he decided to ask her a question. "Why do you hunch? It's bad for you. Your spine gets ruined."

Hinata blushed again and avoiding his stare, she slowly sat up a bit straighter, but Sasuke could immediately tell why she chose to slouch.

Chest complex.

"Forget I asked." He muttered, turning his head to look out of the window. After an awkward pause, Hinata cleared her throat and asked, "W-Why do you slouch?"

Sasuke glanced at her, his eyes expressionless. "I'm tall."

She blinked. "Y-You don't like being tall..?"

"It's not that I don't like it. I get mistaken for a high schooler when I stand straight. If the bus driver thought of me as a high schooler, I wouldn't get a discount for being a kid."

The Hyuga heiress blinked in surprise and then let out a small laugh, before quickly covering her mouth with her hands in embarrassment. Sasuke looked at her quizzically. "That wasn't intended to be funny?"

She blushed even brighter than before. "I-I'm sorry..I wouldn't expect Uchiha-san to slouch for such a random reason." She giggled.

Sasuke was curious about the way she laughed. It wasn't like the way those annoying girls laughed when they were trying to impress him. It wasn't loud and annoying, or disgustingly seductive. It was soft and light. An innocent laugh. He rested his chin on the palm of his hand.

"You don't have to call me 'Uchiha-san.' Just call me Sasuke. After all, we're going to be sitting next to each other for the rest of the year, so might as well get used to each other."

Hinata blinked, her surprise obvious. "O-Oh..then..S-Sasuke..kun? Is that alright..?"

Sasuke hated when girls added the -kun after his name, but when the Hyuga said it, it didn't seem to bother him. He shrugged. "Whatever."

This time, she smiled without any awkward connotation. The Uchiha blinked, inwardly surprised. Her smile was so..different. Her lips were a soft pink and the corners of her mouth pointed slightly upwards. She had dimples; implanted on the lower part of her cheeks. It looked like she wanted to laugh when she smiled. Her eyes shone with an overwhelming brightness that made the Uchiha blink twice.

He turned away when he heard Iruka sensei talking again.

Such a strange girl. He thought to himself, but her way of acting was..different. It only made him more curious.

He quickly dismissed his thoughts. She was a Hyuga, a rival to the Uchiha. He wanted nothing to do with her. He turned his head towards the window again and thought about nothing in particular.

Hinata was afraid of sitting next to Uchiha Sasuke. He was so..intimidating. When she read his name on the seating chart, her heart had sunk. She had prayed for Uzumaki Naruto's name to have been the one next to hers, but it seemed like God must have been angry at something she had done. Maybe it was because she had accidentally added too much sugar to her father's coffee that morning.

But the Uchiha boy surprised her. He wasn't that scary. In fact, he had talked to her about an amusing issue he had to deal with: his height. He didn't like to pay the full fee on the city bus! It was very amusing, indeed. Hinata didn't want to laugh, but the reason he slouched was so random. And Sasuke wasn't angry at her for laughing. He shrugged it off like it was nothing.

Maybe this won't be so bad..

The bell rung, signaling that it was lunch time. It was the first day of school, and the students were supposed to stay in homeroom to learn about the discipline in the school and whatnot. Hinata exited the classroom and found her locker, opening it so she could get out her bento. Not knowing where the cafeteria was at, she followed Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino, two very popular fangirls of Sasuke into the large room.

The cafeteria...

It was loud. Students were shouting at each other across the round tables, calling to friends they hadn't seen over summer. She spotted her beloved Naruto trying to sit with Sakura, who hit him with such power in response.

Hinata clutched her bento against her chest, not knowing what to do. She didn't really know anyone that well, and she was afraid of speaking to strangers. Maybe I can go eat in the classroom.. Hinata turned around and quickly walked out. She speed walked down the hall and then turned the corner quickly. However, she slammed into something broad. "O-Oww.." Her bento also smashed into the broad thing, its contents flying out. She opened her squeezed-shut eyes and then she turned to stone.


Sasuke gave her the most terrifying glare she had ever recieved. Hinata sprung back, her face turning beet red. The broad thing turned out to be Sasuke's chest, and his shirt was stained with Hinata's lunch. The dressing she was going to eat with her salad ran down Sasuke's shirt, mingling with the warm tea she was supposed to drink.

Sasuke looked down at his shirt and stared at it for a long time. Then he slowly looked at Hinata and gave her a look of fury.

"Look at what you've done." He said in a low, menacing voice.

What Hinata had thought about the Uchiha earlier vanished completely and turned to fear for her life. "I-I-I...I-m s-s-sorry..." She stuttered more than she usually did and bowed quite a few times. The vein that had appeared near Sasuke's temple grew. He suddenly slammed his fists against the wall, pinning Hinata and cutting off her chances of escape.

"You think sorry is going to change this?"

"N-No..! B-But..I-I can clean it!"

Sasuke leaned in closer, an aura of icyness chilling Hinata to the bone. She flinched away from his eerie voice.

"And how do you suppose you are going to do that?"

If anyone were to be walking down the hall, they would have mistaken the position they were in as an intimate love scene. But Hinata was in a situation of life and death. She was trembling. "I-I...I'm very sorry...h-honestly...I-I'll clean your shirt...a-and..."

Sasuke quickly pulled away when a door opened. A female teacher walked out and then looked in their direction. She was very beautiful, with dark, shoulder length unkempt hair and strange reddish eyes. She wore red lipstick and lavender eyeshadow. She blinked when she saw the two students.

"Aren't you two supposed to be on lunch break?"

Hinata was about to answer that she had wanted to eat in the classroom, but then the teacher noticed Sasuke's dirty shirt. "Oh my. We need to change you out of that, no?"

The teacher beckoned for Sasuke to follow her down the hall. Sasuke shot Hinata a dirty look before walking after the teacher.

"W-Wait!" Hinata shouted out in embarrassment.

The teacher stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Yes?" In humiliation, Hinata explained that it had been her fault that Sasuke's shirt was dirty. The teacher looked amused.

"It was just accident though. It's nothing to be so embarrassed of."

Hinata glanced at Sasuke, who scoffed in return. She turned red and felt tears stinging her eyes. Oh, God no, please..don't make me cry...

"I'm so terribly sorry Sasuke-kun...P-Please let me take your shirt home so I can clean it..and I'll m-make a bento for you tomorrow also..."

Sasuke glared at her. "No."

Hinata winced. "P-Please.." Her voice cracked and she could feel her tears threatening to tumble down her red cheeks.

Sasuke's expression changed to a tired one. He sighed and then turned away. "Fine, whatever." The teacher led them both down the hall and into a room full of school uniforms. She looked at Sasuke and then reached for a clean white shirt. She handed it to him and ushered him into a changing room. When Sasuke's tall figure disappeared into the changing room, Hinata comically turned into a pile of shameful goo. "Uwah..."

The teacher chuckled. "You seem very troubled, dear. But don't worry. It was an innocent accident." Goo-Hinata sighed. "I-I feel horrible..."

"That boy is going to remember this when he's older and shrug it off like it's nothing. I promise."


The teacher nodded. Goo-Hinata transformed back to normal Hinata. "T-Thank you, sensei.."

"My name is Yuhi Kurenai. Are you Hyuga Hinata?"

"Y-yes..nice to meet you.." Hinata bowed respectfully. Kurenai sensei smiled. "I have you for algebra. I look forward to seeing you in class." She looked back when Sasuke stepped out, wearing the clean shirt. "Here." He handed the dirty shirt to Hinata, a look of annoyance on his pale face.

"I'm afraid you still have to pay for that shirt though, son. It's what it says in the guidelines."

A vein appeared near Sasuke's temple. Muttering under his breath, he was about to reach into his pocket to pull out money when Hinata touched his arm hesitantly.

"I-I'll pay for the shirt.."

Sasuke shot a glare at her. "No, you don't-" She gave him a sheepish smile and handed the amount of money needed for the new shirt to Kurenai sensei. She could feel the fury radiating from Sasuke and fearfully wondered what he was going to do to her when Kurenai sensei left.

And like said, when Kurenai sensei dismissed them, Sasuke roughly grabbed Hinata's arm and dug his nails into her skin. His icy fingers sent shivers down Hinata's spine.

"I hate being indebted to people." Sasuke growled.

Hinata flinched. "I-I feel more indebted than you do, Sasuke-kun..." His eyes narrowed. "Are you trying to piss me off even more?" He dug harder.

"S-Sasuke-kun..i-it hurts.."

Sasuke glared at Hinata for a few more seconds before roughly releasing her arm. Hinata rubbed her arm, which only made it hurt more.

"You're annoying. You know, I actually thought you weren't as irritating as all those other girls, but now I realize you're even worse."

Sasuke's words rubbed more salt into Hinata's wound. She lowered her head in shame.

"I-I swear I'll make it up to you..."

The bell rang and Hinata turned around, running away from Sasuke's black, endless glare.

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