The ending to Skyfall nearly destroyed me. So thanks to fanfiction I can write my own. Pheww. Enjoy xxx

The Events After Skyfall

Bond's pleasure as he threw the knife into Silva's back and saw him fall to the ground didn't last long as he looked straight ahead at M and saw the pain in her face. The small groan that escaped from her lips as she fell in slow motion. Bond just managing to catch her in his arms. The first thing he notice was the blood suddenly covering his own hands and M's pale complextion.

"Why didn't you tell Kincade you were hurt".

"I didn't want to be a bother". She whispered.

"M for god sake. We need to get you to hospital. Kincade. Do you still have that god almighty LandRover of yours".

"Just out the back. Give me a minute son". he replied. Leaving M and Bond alone.

"M. Come on. You need to keep your eyes open".

"It's too late for me Bond. You got him".

"We got him. You're not leaving me. You hear me. You're not giving up. Not after all this".

"I'm so tired". She replied. Tears forming in her eyes.

Bond sat holding her and grazing her cheek with his hand. He didn't know what to say to her. One thing he was certain of was that she wasn't going to give up. He wouldn't let her.

Kincade came rushing back into the small church with some blankets he had found in the LandRover.

"James here's some blankets to wrap around her".


He wrapped them around her and with help from Kincade managed to pick her up and carry her to the car. James sat in the back of the car with M in his lap as Kincade drove them quickly to the nearest hospital. The drive seemed to take forever. Her breathing was becoming more shallow with every breath she took. Kincade could see James in the mirror and noticed the look of worry etched on his face. This woman obviousley meant a great deal to him. With that in mind Kinncade picked up speed.

When he pulled up infront of the hospital. He yelled over to 2 Doctors who were standing outside smoking. Filthy habit Kincade thought to himself. The 2 Doctors ran over to the car and glanced inside the back seat at James holding M protectively.

"Can someone go grab a trolly please quickly". One of the Doctor's yelled to a Nurse.

One of the Doctors moved inside to check M's wound and looked suspiciously at James and Kincade.

"Would one of you mind telling me what the hell happened to her".

"Well what the hell does it look like. She was shot. Just help her. Please". James begged.

The Nurse came running out with the trolly and the 2 Doctors eased M very gently onto it. James got out of the car and stood beside M. His shirt covered in her blood. The young Nurse gave him a warm smile but he was to pre-occupied with M to even notice the young woman.

"Get her into theatre now. GO". One of the Doctor's said. Pushing M inside.

James and Kincade stood in a state of shock as the other Doctor spoke.

"My name's Dr Marshall and that was Dr Hart. I apologise for his attitude back there".

"It's fine. Really. I'm Kincade".

"Do you have a first name".

"Just Kincade".

"Okay and you are". Looking at James.

"Bond. James Bond".

"Well Mr Bond, Kincade. We're just taking her to theatre and we'll get your friend all better. What's her name".

"Her name's M". James replied.

"M what". Dr Marshall asked.

"Just M. That's all you need to know".

"Look Mr Bond. We are trying to help your friend. You could try and be a little more cooperative".

"We work for MI6. Our work is classifed. Her name's M. She's been shot. Please for god sake just save her".

"Very well Mr Bond. You and Kincade can go and wait in the relatives room. We'll let you know how she's dooing soon okay".

"Thank you Dr Marshall".

To Be Continued...